Why earthen clay cookware and serveware are essential in every kitchen?


There has been a constant and ongoing debate and discussion for the last few years about the utensils we use in our kitchen – particularly the utensils we used to cook. Why? Well, as we become more and more health conscious we are trying to cut down on the materials that might harm us and what better way to start than to question the ones we used to cook our meals. Not only is it the trend, but it is also beneficial for us if we shift to earthen cookware. Why?

That is something that we will look into in this article.


Coming back to the moot question – do you need earthen cookware in your kitchen? Yes, you do! We will try to look at some reasons why they are necessary and understand how we can go about the entire process of this makeover of your kitchen:

Reason 1

Well, it is healthier than stainless steel or Teflon. It means when you cook in earthenware vessels, then there is zero chemical present and on top of that, you get a boost of minerals. So, if you want to eat healthily, you will also have to take care that you cook it healthy. A meal laced with chemicals will not give you the health benefits that you want would it? So a complete switch over to earthen cookware does not seem like a bad option. Of course, there are a lot of other factors which might come into play over here – like the cooking flame and how sustainable they are, but they can be managed with careful and proper planning.

Reason 2

Earthen vessels are porous. Are you wondering how that is good? Well, to begin with, it helps in cooking the food slowly and adds on to a different aroma of it. In fact, it helps in retaining more moisture in the food. And it is this porous nature of earthen handis that gives the food a different flavour. Suppose you are cooking khichdi in stainless steel and you are cooking it in a clay pot – the taste of the two will be different. The temple 'bhog' (food offering to the Gods) of Puri’s Jagannath temple in Odisha is cooked in clay pots and they have a taste of their own because of the vessels they are cooked in.


Reason 3

The mineral content of earthen cookware along with the fact that is alkaline is also another bonus. How? Well, experts suggest that for the alkaline nature of the elements in earthen pots, it helps in balancing the general acidity of the food being cooked and because of which you end up with food that not only tastes better but is also much better for your health!

Reason 4

When we are talking about earthen cookware in our kitchen, we also need to remember that we might have earthen pots for water storage. In fact, instead of using plastic water bottles, use earthen water jugs to store water. They help in keeping the water cool, which is a blessing during the summer months. This is a practice that is followed in many households till date and it is something that can be continued.


Reason 5

These earthen dishes while cooking tend to build on the flavour and the aroma of the food. There is an earthy feel to earthen cookware which renders itself to the food that you are cooking and for those who have not tasted it, believe it when we say it – it is something absolutely out of this world! Again, for the porous nature of the vessels, they help in keeping the aroma inside which adds to the flavour as well, since it is a fact that the aroma plays a great role in determining the taste of the food.

Reason 6

For those of you who are trying to cut back on oil, we suggest that you switch to earthen cookware since it will help in reducing your problems. How? Well, when you cook in earthen vessels, as we have mentioned before, the moisture content is higher since it stays within the vessel. Now, when that happens your food does not become dry, nor do you need to add extra oil; in fact, you can use a lesser amount of oil and still get the perfect flavour.


So, if you take a look at it, earthen cookware is something that we all need. Apart from the fact that it provides us with healthier, tastier and more aromatic food, it is also true that they are biodegradable which makes them environmentally friendly. Thus, if you are thinking of switching over a healthier and greener mode of living, you can incorporate earthen cookware in your home kitchen!


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