Unveiling the enchanting peacock art and craft

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Unveiling the enchanting peacock art and craft

The peacock is perhaps the most well-known bird in the animal kingdom. This stunning creature is known for its unique and stunning appearance, which includes a train of feathers growing from its tail. The train of feathers is actually a complex system of feathers called a fan. This magnificent animal has been a symbol of beauty, vanity, and excess for centuries. The bird is famous for its elaborate mating dance, in which it spreads its tail and exposes its iridescent blue and green feathers. 

The peacock is known for its extravagant plumage and ever-changing colors. So it is no surprise that the peacock is one of the most well-known and decorated birds in the animal kingdom. The peacock is also well-known for its intricate and ornate peacock art and craft and peacock home decor items. In today's post, we'll look at a variety of Exquisite Peacock-Inspired Home Decor that will just add beauty to your home. The look can be achieved in a wide variety of ways through the use of decorative elements such as paintings, sculptures, curtains, pillows, carpets, and all sorts of other accessories. The colors of a peacock make the home visually appealing and intoxicating. Its bold and stunning colors create a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere that result in captivating peacock home decor accessories 

8 Best Peacock Art & Crafts Collection Available on ExclusiveLane

Peacocks are celebrated for their grace and love and our collection called 'The Dancing Peacock' expresses this before joyous rains fall on earth. Peacocks sway to the music of nature as they unfurl their majestic feathers in an enchanting forest, and it is a blissful experience to watch their graceful movements. These hand-carved pieces, which have been handcrafted by Indian artisans, represent grandeur with their intricate wood-carvings and oil-based natural finishes as if capturing this extraordinary moment perfectly. A dancing peacock's graceful movements and delicate feathers symbolize eternal spiritual balance and good fortune just as the soft textures of Sheesham Wood create a romance of opulence and aesthetics.

At ExclusiveLane you will find a variety of unique peacock collections that will mesmerize your mind. Handmade with utmost love and natural products these dancing peacock home decor items are a must-have addition to any furniture in your place. We have a variety of product types such as:

'The Dancing Peacock' Hand Carved Towel Ring Holder in Sheesham Wood: The dancing peacock collection is all about elegance and glory. This wooden towel ring holder carving depicting a peacock definitely adds style to your bathroom as well. It has an oil-based natural brown color finish and is handmade by Indian artisans which makes it ideal for hanging towels. There are two holes on the back to attach it to the wall and has a ring where you can hang your towel.

'The Dancing Peacock' Hand Carved Table Organiser in Sheesham Wood: Handcrafted in Sheesham wood by Indian artisans the table organizer is perfect for making your place look clean and neat. You can now easily store your stationery, knick-knacks, and trinkets in it. You can also view a beautiful dancing peacock carved on it that adds to its aesthetics.

'The Dancing Peacock' Hand Carved Cutlery & Stationery Holder in Sheesham Wood: This is a two in one product that can be used to store cutlery, tissues, salt, and pepper shakers, toothpicks, and also to put in your other items such as stationery items like pen, pencils, etc. It comes with one cutlery holder. Its beautiful appearance also makes it a good housewarming or festival gifting option.  

'The Dancing Peacock' Hand Carved Wall Tea Light Holder in Sheesham Wood: There are two slots on the inside for tea light candles, and two holes on the back so that they can be hung on the wall. Light up your favorite spaces like the living room, bedroom, or office with this dancing peacock-based lamp. It can also be used as a peacock home decor item or gifting option for your friends and families. 

'The Dancing Peacock' Hand Carved Key Holder in Sheesham Wood (4 Hooks): An Indian artisan has hand-carved this intricate design, which is finished in an oil-based natural finish. There are four key hooks on the back of the key holder, as well as two holes in the back so you can hang them on the wall. Keeping keys organized and secure in one place is easy with this key holder. 

An illustration of a peacock flight in the forest inspired the "Peacock Boulevard" collection. Imagine yourself walking on a path in the wilderness, the earth still moist from the previous nights' rains, a cool breeze caressing your face as you step into it. Imagine seeing a peacock strutting in all its glory as you walk! This majestic bird displays its bewildering feathers in a beautiful display of integrity, truth, honor, and self-love. This collection is all about a rich combination of caramel brown and sea green colors that perfectly captures the warm earthen tones of the moist soil while abstract peacock feathers evoke good fortune and longevity.

Check out these inspiring peacock themed home decor ideas by ExclusiveLane:

'Peacock Boulevard' Hand-Engraved Ceramic Side/Quarter Plates (Set of 4, Microwave Safe): This collection of side/quarter plates is inspired by mystical peacock feathers. It is ideal for presenting chapatis, pieces of bread, appetizers, fruits, salads, desserts, etc. The plates are made from clay ground for 24 hours and then it is thrown onto a wheel and shaped. 

'Peacock Boulevard' Hand-Engraved Ceramic Coffee & Tea Mugs (Set of 2, 300 ML, Microwave Safe): These beautiful mugs are ideal for having a calm morning tea or coffee. It presents abstract feathers and is microwave and dishwasher safe. A mixture of sea green and brown color these mugs are also an ideal gifting option. 

'Peacock Boulevard' Hand-Engraved Ceramic Serving Bowls (Set of 2, 480 ML, Microwave Safe): Make your food time more delicious yet gorgeous with these serving bowls. Now serve your favorite food item such as rice, curry, curd, snacks, etc in these hand engraved and handmade serving bowls.

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