Types of Coasters to enhance the aesthetic value of your dining table

Coasters, as a small but alluring accessory, add subtle features to your dining table. They are optional, but their presence enhances the aesthetic value of your furniture. The use of coasters also protects your aesthetic table from unwanted scratches and stains that are caused by water droplets formed on the surface of the cups.

While serving its purpose, well-designed, uniquely printed coasters attract people’s attention. They’re made up of wood, bamboo, marbles, or glass. Nowadays, people are also attracted towards hand-carved, hand- painted and regional art printed coasters. Many handcrafted collections are inspired by the ancient India artwork depicting some old majestic designs. 

Being a good piece of decor, that is both aesthetic and functional, there are varieties of coasters available made from different kind of materials:


  1. Wooden coasters

‘Tree of Life’ Coasters In Mango Wood (Set of 4, Rustic Finish)

The classic appearance of wooden coasters complements a wide variety of decorative styles for your furniture. For an eye-catching addition to your dining table, coasters made of Chibil wood, Mango wood, Teak wood, and Sheesham wood are the best.

Wooden coasters are usually handcrafted to give you an exquisite feel. Inspired by the rich and beautiful heritage of birds and animals in our country, painted wooden coasters are available in unique designs and gradients to ensure a peaceful connection between you and our heritage. You may buy wooden coasters bulk or wooden table coasters wholesale

The engravings are beautifully designed by skilled craftsmen and are sometimes polished or kept raw for a beautiful finish on these coasters and are best coasters for wood table. A wooden tea coaster set is eco-friendly and offers exceptional value for money, and hence you can opt for it.



  1. Marble coasters

‘White Squared’ Coasters In Marble (Set of 4)

Handcrafted Marble coasters have a wonderful texture, come in different natural patterns and streaks, and are ideal for resting your drinkware. It can be an excellent addition to your tableware and are perfect as a coaster as they are a bit heavy.

A marble coaster with a unique appearance is also a good choice. Our ancient legacy of the Mughal period can be seen when these ornaments are beautifully carved into floral patterns. Additionally, faux marble coasters are ideal for glam and modern design styles.


  1. Ceramic coasters

“Mughal Rounds” Floral Hand-painted Trivets In Ceramic (Set of 2)

Ceramic coasters with traditional prints and precise engravings bring out a detailed and accurate design that will enhance the look of your dining table. The free-flowing, diversely styled, handcrafted ceramic coasters designs will bring out a lavish look after it is glazed. These ceramic coasters are ideal for homes with traditional or deviant designs.


  1. Glass coasters

Glass coasters look lavish and are shiny and transparent, which gives them an impressive look. These coasters elevate your decor by its detailing, cuts, and impressions. You can use glass coasters for, and fancy occasions and will bring you a lot of compliments. These beautiful coasters are perfect for modern interior design styles.


  1. Terracotta coasters

"Mughal Disks" Floral Hand-painted Coasters (Set of 4)

You can opt for handmade terracotta cup coasters as they are durable and sturdy. They are a clay-based, unglazed ceramic material that usually has an orange or brown tone that enhances your table style. Handcrafted coasters with beautiful floral patterns and with a natural unglazed finish are ideal for your drinkware. They are also hand-painted with eco-friendly and water-resistant colors that add a value of mystery and elegance too, to make your tableware perfect.


  1. Concrete coasters

'The Curvy White' Handcrafted Terrazzo Trivet In Concrete (Set Of 2)

Handmade circular coasters with minimalist design are perfect for beverages and a unique and durable decor item; it brings interest to any dining table. These coasters are corked on the bottom to protect the surface of your table.

Basic in style and function, it gives a modern touch to any space. They are also painted in different hues or are monochromatically themed to bring out a gradient effect or an extravagant pattern.


  1. Resin coasters

'Lightning Squares' Coasters In Resin & Mango Wood (Set of 4, Rustic Finish)

Resin coasters are fancy drink coasters that look gorgeous and unique and are available in different exciting patterns, making your table look perfect and match your glasses. Since resin can be molded into any shape, floral and leaf-shaped coasters will be a fantastic choice.

Handcrafted resin coasters with beautiful patterns and the glossy or matte finish will be an attention seeker accessory on your table.

You must have an idea of which material you should opt for and which coasters to buy for your space, and the available options that are trending and budget-friendly. Adding any of these coaster dining sets will enhance the beauty of your table and your home decor.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best coaster dining furniture needs.


  • FAQs

Why are coasters necessary?
-It protects the surface of a table or any other surface where the user might place a cup of any hot or cold drink. You would never want your table to be full of scratches and dried marks of drink so it is necessary for you to use a coaster.

Why are coasters called so?

-“Coaster” is another word for “beer mats”. “Bottle-coaster” is the word from which “coaster” came. It was a round, wheeled tray that was originally used to hold vessels. Drink coasters originated in Germany and were used as a promotional item for over a hundred years.

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