Top 11 Table Lamps for Home Décor

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Light enhances mood and promotes peace and tranquillity. The right choice of lights can help ease depression and encourage optimism. Table lamps illuminate the interiors and spread radiance all over the house. They can be seen in almost every household, whether in the living rooms or beside the bed. A beautifully crafted table lamp will instantly grab the attention of your guests with its exquisite design and luminous texture. 


Spread the brilliance of warm lights to the corners of your home by decorating your house with table lamps. They can effectively light any dark corner of your house. At the same time, they also leave a lasting impression on your guests. Adding decorative table lamps to your ambiance makes it even more alluring and elegant. Here are the top 11 picks for the best table lamps to lighten up your homes as well as your moods:


''Starlight'' Round Table Lamp In Mango Wood 14 inch

Table lamps can instantly promote calming and soothing vibes all around you. This wooden table lamp will illuminate your ambiance with soft calming light and add a minimalistic yet sophisticated touch to your home décor. The intricate detailing and natural wood finish complement your interiors. Place it on your bedside and brighten up your bedroom with a soothing glow. Check out a wide range of bedside table lamps online. 


Handcrafted Round Pyramid Table Lamp In Sheesham Wood (14 Inch)

Handcrafted table lamps are visually pleasing and add a rustic appearance to your home. The terracotta handmade table lamp is just perfect to add a glow and warmth to your living spaces. The vivid colours that are hand-painted in this exquisite piece are what make this lamp one of a kind. This table lamp reflects the Indian tradition and expert artistry at its best. 



''Volta'' Round Table Lamp In Mango Wood 14 inch

Illuminate the dull spaces of your living room, bedroom, dining room with stylish table lamps. This walnut coloured classic lamp is a perfect addition to your desks, tables, and nightstand. This tiny lamp enhances your peaceful abode with its soft and warm lighting. 


''Moroccan'' Round Table Lamp In Mango Wood 14 inch

Colourful lamps are always visually pleasing as the bright colours instantly uplift your moods and spread happiness. This colourful Moroccan wooden table lamp is a delight to the eyes with its vibrant colours and delicate finishing. This multi-color table lamp will steal hearts with its bright vibrant light.


13 Inch Terracotta Handpainted Warli Matki Lamp Blue

Terracotta table lamps add significant elegance to the aesthetics of your home. The colourful hues painted over this beautiful lamp make it unique and attract the attention of the viewers. The lamp reflects the rich Indian culture and traditional heritage at its best. Enhance your indoors with this magnificent red colored lamp.


'The Jute-Shade Log' Madhubani Hand-Painted Table Lamp In Wood

Add a luminous glow to your surroundings with this delicately handcrafted red table lampshade.  The exquisite designs and patterns of the Madhubani paintings on this lamp are made with great precision. 


14 Inch Pyramid Lamp In Sheesham Wood

Soft and soothing light creates a Calming influence and reduces stress to a great extent. This multi coloured lampshade is perfect to place at the corner of your bed as it  spreads tranquillity and peace in your surroundings

Moroccan Shimmer Hand Etched Iron Table Lamp (12 Inch, White) 

Made from iron, this exclusive table lamp with detailed Moroccan cutwork and delicate floral patterns is a sophisticated addition to your home décor. This unique piece of a handcrafted table lamp will definitely turn the heads of your guests. 


'The Jute-Shade Log' Madhubani Hand-Painted Table Lamp In Wood

If you are looking for a colourful and rustic table lamp to illuminate your interiors, this Madhubani art form-inspired terracotta table lamp is one for you. This lamp depicts the historic Indian folklore in form of miniature hand-painted motifs. The radiant red colour of the table lamp adds an elegant touch to your living room or bedroom. 



10 Inch Modern Frosted Glass Lamp In Sheesham Wood

People, these days are obsessed with rustic handcrafted items to decorate their homes. This beautifully crafted rustic lantern complements your gardens, balconies, and outdoors. Add warm mild lights to your outdoors and feel a touch of serenity during your evening tea times. 


''Faraday'' Round Table Lamp In Mango Wood 13 inch


Handmade table lamps are perfect to lit your dull ambiance and give your home an aesthetic look. This elegantly crafted terracotta table lamp depicting handcrafted art complements your minimalist style of decoration. The soothing light from the lamp promotes optimism and positive energy inside your home and reduces stress and anxiety.


How do lamps and lights accentuate your space?


Exposure to soft and soothing lights is known to have a myriad of positive effects on one’s psychological well-being. Placing table lamps in the dull corners of your home can instantly improve your happiness quotient. Lights not only contribute to your emotional well-being but also enhance the ambiance of your surroundings. Good lighting in a house grabs everyone’s attention almost instantly. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly particular when it comes to having perfect lighting and home décor items. Table lamps are an important element of home décor. Whether for the living room table, coffee table, study table, or bedside table, lamps are seen almost everywhere. People prefer lamps of different shapes and styles to be placed at various corners of their houses. They have started focusing more on mood lighting, i.e. lights at different corners which can create a certain desired mood. Check out our wonderful collection of handcrafted table lamps and improve the aesthetics of your rooms. 


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