If you live in urban areas and love gardening but are restrained by the stereotypical thoughts that gardening is only for the people residing in rural areas, you are wrong! Urban gardening is your one-stop solution to that problem! Living in big cities and practising gardening is not an impossible job anymore! In simple words, Urban Gardening is the practice of growing plants in an urban environment. You are simply unaware that a lot of people around you are already into this. Those hanging pots you see through the balconies of an apartment, or the lush green rooftops, the grassy green small yard, everything falls under this. Now, urban gardening has a lot of subdivisions as well. A lot of various eco-friendly ideas are encompassed in the method. Let’s know them:

  • Container gardening
  • Backyard gardens
  • Forest gardening
  • Greenhouse
  • Street landscaping
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Vertical farms
  • Green walls

There are many options to choose from, and you can look around according to your preferences. If you are still in a dilemma, don’t be. Just go for it! You can quickly start from the comfort of your home. If you are worried about the space, you probably have no idea that you already have what you require! Seems hard to believe? Well, trust me on this, you have it! You can quickly go for terrace gardens or balcony gardens. Those are the most direct way outs for a newbie. Once you have known the process, you can go for other options. To start, you certainly need to follow some urban gardening tips that will help you out with the process. Don’t worry. We won’t give you a book for that! Instead, we have brought ten easy and precise tips that will help you throughout the process! Let’s get going with those:

1- Choosing the perfect plant or herbs for your gardening is the most important tip of all! You can’t get away by choosing anything and everything! You have to consider the nature and characteristics of the plant or the saplings, the favourable climate, the amount of space the full-grown version of it will require and other such things. Some of the easiest and low-maintenance plants include peppers, peas, root vegetables, tomatoes, green onions, beans, salad greens, yucca, coneflowers, zinnia, daylily, petunia, etc. 

2- For a fresher, container gardening is just the best urban gardening idea. Even for the people with a lot of space, like a full-grown yard, they may not have enough space to set up the garden there. In that case, you can quickly go for container gardening as well. It helps a lot. You can check out the planters for urban gardening from our website. We ensure to provide you with the best.

3- If you have annoying railings or a dull wall on your balcony, you can turn them into a beautiful gardening area! Worry not. It is not as hard as it sounds. Vertical gardening can help you out in this process. Also, decorating your small garden gives it a better look and provides you with intense aesthetic pleasure. All highly cherish garden decor ideas!

4- Make sections for your garden, like you may want to grow flowers and vegetables or herbs together. In that case, you need to make sections for those. Messing them up altogether will not result in something perfect and beautiful.

5- The potting and planting process is quite simple, and you don't need to worry much about it. Place some pebbles at the bottom of your pot. This helps with the drainage and then place the soil and tamp it properly, leaving a space of one inch at the top of the pot. This is an essential step as it helps in watering. Place your plant and tamp the soil, and water it properly. That’s it. You are done!

6- Make sure that your plants get the right amount of sunlight. It is essential in determining the fate of your plants. You can go for portable containers if you are unsure about the right spot where your plants will get the perfect amount of sunlight.

7- Water your plants properly. Know the right amount of water they need. This is a variable factor that is subjected to different plants, their nature and the season. For example, one plant may require watering only once in the winters, rarely when it's raining and twice in the summers. Similarly, some plants require minimal amounts of water to live, and overwatering them can cause their death, so you have to be very careful with that and get your research work done.

8- The soil you use should be of good quality. Many urban gardeners make this mistake. They just use any ground and harbour a misconception that any soil is good. Well, it is not. Soil filled with pesticides can be harmful to the saplings. Always go for the organic soil that enhances the chances of better growth of your plants.

9- You should always leave some room for your plants to grow up. They will not remain in the same size forever. If you plant ten tomato seedlings at once, you will see that most of them won’t grow up healthy and may die. It is better to plant one or two at a time instead of a dozen and make them grow into healthy plants and then go for the next pair, after analysing the space, once again.

10- Make sure that you have fun while doing this. Nothing seems dull and boring if you do it in a fun way! You can listen to some refreshing music, which will lift your mood and prove beneficial for the plants, as statistics prove that happy people tend to do things with greater attention.

So, if you are still in doubt about this, don’t be. You can start today and achieve a better tomorrow. Urban gardening is excellent as a hobby and sets a positive impact on the environment, food chain, and security. Amidst the big and fast lives of the people in the urban areas, you are doing something that ensures better air and hence better quality of oxygen to breathe in. After all, a greener world is a better world! ExclusiveLane brings you a fantastic range of garden pots and planter.

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