Tips To Decorate Your Place with Beautiful Vases

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A vase symbolizes positivity; a vase has the ability to sustain the material being put in it and keep it intact., It also serves as a means of aesthetics to the onlooker. As such, vases are one of the best ways to elevate your décor and they come in different forms. They could be handmade vases or handcrafted vases. Such items can be used in a couple of ways to enhance your décor by using them as flower pots or simply having a decorative vase as a showpiece. Depending upon the size of your room, the vase could be big or small, or even medium-sized. To help you make the right decision, we have listed some informative points.


Vases can come in different forms and are made of different materials such as wood, glass, ceramic, or even terracotta clay. Some of them are discussed below:

GLASS - Glass vases are the most common vases available and their utility and aesthetic appearance speak for themselves. A glass vase kept at the center table with some flowers can immediately uplift the room, giving it a warm and homely feel. 

WOOD - Wood, as a material has been used since ancient days. A wooden vase is definitely a go-to vase if you are someone who appreciates the earthy look. The wood can vary from sal, Teak, Sheesham, or even pine.

CERAMIC - Ceramic, which is simply a mixture of clay, water, some powdered elements, and earthen materials is one of the most common materials found in vases. Due to their simple and practical yet aesthetic appeal, such vases will instantly elevate your home. Based on your taste, it can be shaped as per your vase decor ideas. A ceramic vase is often used as a decorative vase, however, it can also be used as flower pots to enhance your decor.

TERRACOTTA - Terracotta vases are one of the best choices in the area of handmade vases. Terracotta is clay that has been baked and dried and is also very durable. If you are a history enthusiast, you will be happy to learn that terracotta clay was widely used in the Indus valley civilization. Terracotta vases can either be handmade vases or handicraft vases. Our artisans are experts in their field and these vases are painted and can be modified as per your taste. 

MARBLE - Marble vases are unique, simple, and versatile. Such vases are often the center of attention in any household due to their beauty and their ability to hold either flowers or even decorative items.


To decorate your home with vases, the ExclusiveLane has a variety of options for you. If you prefer a modern look, we would suggest a glass vase or a neutral coloured ceramic vase so that the vases can blend easily in your room and serve as a wonderful decor idea. You can also choose a vase with an unconventional shape, drifting from the conventional hourglass vase shape.  Marbled vases are also a good option to enhance your decor

If you are a minimalist and prefer little to more, we suggest going for a simple but beautiful terracotta vase or a ceramic vase, or even a metallic decorative vases. This will give your home a signature minimalistic look without compromising on aesthetics. For the boho-chic home, we would recommend terracotta vases that are not painted. These unpainted terracotta vases will give your home that earthly feel while enhancing your boho-chic home.

If your home decor is the traditional Indian home, painted ceramic vases are the vases for you. Since these vases can be incorporated with different themes and colours, they will be a perfect fit for your home. Painted terracotta vases are also a good option as they can also be incorporated with different colours and themes to suit your decor.



A modern office is a place where one not only slaves to make ends meet but is a place where one learns and grows while making a good income. The modern office reflects the beliefs and principles of both the employer and employee. As such, the decor of the office needs to be enhanced and be a true reflection of what the organization stands for. The vase decor ideas for a modern office can range from glass vases to ceramic vases or even terracotta vases. A decorative vase with some beautiful fresh flowers on the table of a conference room will definitely brighten the mood of the meeting. 

A three or four feet tall vase kept in the corner of the common area will uplift the room and enhance the beauty of the office.


Listed below are some of the best vases that you can purchase to suit your home decor:

  • Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots 
  • 'Tribal Rustic Pot-Faces' Terracotta pots with Jute Detailing
  • "Madhubani Jet Black Matkis" Hand-Painted Vases
  • 'Peacock Boulevard' Hand-Engraved Ceramic Vases
  • Warli  terracotta Handpainted Pots
  • 'Tribal Melodies' TerracottaWarli  Vases that are round
  • In n'Urn & Tapered'  Terracotta Vases With Intricate Madhubani Painting 



Here at ExclusiveLane, we work with the most talented artisans in the country to deliver the most authentic Indian vases. We specialize in handcrafted vases, handmade vases, and various other decorative vases. Choosing us is choosing authenticity. We stove to showcase the true Indian heritage and seek to honor our artisans by promoting their work and helping them to be truly Atma Nirbhar 


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