This Diwali gift Handmade Products to bring a smile to rural artisans’ faces

Indian culture has forever revolved around nature and the environment. From celebrating festivals according to the changes in season and particular astronomical events to worshipping elements from nature making them an essential part of our everyday life, nature is everywhere. Indian art, especially handmade products, paintings, and crafts are also created by drawing inspiration from these little elements of nature by hard working artisans. Artists make colors using natural elements like flowers, plants, and other such sources, getting ideas for their vibrant creations.

Since Diwali is the time when we buy gifts for our loved ones, friends, relatives, employees, and every person in our life, why not take this opportunity to bring a smile on the face of rural artisans? They work hard every single day crafting little works of art so that it brings delight to someone’s heart. Take the opportunity of festive moods to help these artisans earn a respectful living by purchasing their work.


Support the rural artisans by purchasing local

 The best way to support an artisan is to buy their art. Whether you get a small thing from them or give a large order, it all depends on you. Every little thing matters during the festival time as this is the time when they hope to earn for the entire year. You can get some of the best Diwali gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones, handcrafted with love by expert craftsmen from different parts of the country.

Decorate your home using beautiful and vibrant diyas instead of putting up lights. These will help in bringing a sense of warmth to your lovely home. Welcome the goddess of wealth into your home by adorning the puja room with a brass wall hanging with candle holders, brass diyas, and deities crafted with precision. Gift someone loved this warm feeling by presenting them with wooden candle holders, brass deepam, and aroma diffusers with tealights. Not just your friends and family but craft workers in India will appreciate it too.



Shop handmade gifts online to stay safe this Diwali

If you are seeking handmade Diwali gifts that are unique and special, no need to step out of the house looking for them in the market. All you have to do is, go online. Stores like ExclusiveLane are bringing the world of crafts and artwork into the virtual realm so that you have complete access to it without any hassle. During the pandemic, it is already exceedingly difficult for artisans and buyers all at the same time.

Buying online, you are providing a decent earning to the artisans of India while keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from the infection. ExclusiveLane has a collection of tableware, figurines, wall hangings, décor, and many other handmade products made from wood, ceramics, terracotta, brass, and fabric. You can easily find presents for your loved ones in your budget delivered right at your doorstep. To ensure that you are safe, every product is sanitized before packing and delivered with no-contact methods.


Your little efforts go big with small businesses in India

Small businesses, especially craft workers, wait an entire year for the festive season so that they can sell their products. However, during the covid pandemic, their business has taken a big hit. Help them in making a respectful living by purchasing locally. ExclusiveLane brings the products crafted by our rural artisans directly at your doorsteps. You can get gifts for your employees, business associates, and corporate partners giving small businesses large orders. Buy presents for your loved ones, friends, family, and neighbors, whether small or big from craft workers. Even your little efforts are enough to put food on the table for so many diligent artists. 



Gift a smile this festive season with handmade presents

Whether it is a small thing or big, artisans in India pay a lot of attention to little details, hand-painting, and carving each with great care. Gifting these to your loved ones will not only make them feel special but will fill their heart with the warmth of festivities. Stores like ExclusiveLane are providing a huge range of gifting options ranging with the cost. If you need something lavish, go for the table lamp crafted out of wood and metal chandelier that is simply extravagant.


Need something under 999, brass figurines, candle holder sets, and wall hangings will be perfect. For Diwali gifts under 599, there are small terracotta vases, deepam, aroma diffusers and figurines are available for you. The options are unlimited and utterly unique, all you have to do is explore them to find the best presents for your loved ones while supporting a local business. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from enjoying Diwali the way you are used to. With the help of the online stores, you can send as well as receive presents anywhere in India.

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