The Importance of having good plates, platters and essentially, dinnerware sets

When you buy a house, you have to think about a lot of things before being able to settle in. From furnishing, lighting to decor, there are a lot of factors playing before you can make a house into your home. Amongst such stuff, one important thing that adds itself to its list of worries, is the kitchen and dining situation. That means, not only do you need to think about how you are going to dine but also how your guests would dine. In simpler terms, you would need to think about crockery, cutlery,serving trays and dinnerware sets, especially for the times that you receive guests. Having good dining ware and accessories creates a good impression about you and your home. Besides that, you can also flaunt your sophisticated taste for things, by buying the best ever dinnerware sets of the year. Even if you are on a budget, you have nothing to worry about as most homewares and essentials are available online, especially on our website ExclusiveLane, at the most affordable rates. All you need to do is check the list given below and decide which serving trays, dinnerware sets and platters would look the best in your home.

13 elegant and efficient dinnerware sets, plates and Platters to buy in 2021

‘Moroccan Plate’ Family Hand Painted plates in Ceramic: This set of 6 dinner plates is made of ceramic and features a gorgeous hand painted moroccan pattern on the surface. These plates come in three colors- blue, white and yellow. They are perfect for serving dinner to house guests. These plates come in one size, that is, 10 inches with a raised lip of 1.2 inches.

Hut dining’ Handpainted Ceramic Dinner Quarter plates with Katoris: These plates are the perfect option to buy for when you have guests or family coming over. This dinnerware set not only consists of 4 dinner plates, but also 4 quarter plates and 4 katoris. Inspired by picturesque villages of Puducherry, India, this set was hand painted with bright colours featurings huts, trees, birds etc.

‘The HUt Family’ Hand Painted Ceramic Dinner Plates: If you are intrigued by the above listing but are only looking for a set of dinner plates, this would be the perfect choice for you. This set of 6 dinner plates come in the size of 10 inches and hence is ideal for meals like lunch or dinner. This set also features the hand painted huts, trees and birds , inspired from the picturesque villages of Puducherry.

Indigo Chevron Hand Painted Ceramic Dinner Plates: Indigo chevrons is quite a modern print but it is quite exclusive too. You may have come across a garment or two with indigo chevrons. However, we are pretty sure you haven't come across such a dinnerware set featuring an Indigo chevron pattern. Besides the unique shape of the plates, these are microwave safe and great for serving meals to guests.

‘The Banana Leaf’ Serving Platter In Ceramic: Besides dinner sets with plates, quarter plates and Katoris, one necessary aspect of meals or tableware is a Serving Platter. Serving Platters are very useful in serving appetizers, desserts and so on. This ceramic Serving Platter comes in the shape of a banana leaf and is completely handmade by the most skilled artisans of India. This platter is microwave-safe and also dishwasher safe.

Moroccan Dining Handpainted Ceramic Dinner Plates with Katoris: Moroccan patterns are really beautiful and quite unique, since you won't find such hand painted dinner sets in the market. However, ExclusiveLane has brought to you a whole collection of hand painted Moroccan designs, and this ceramic dinner plate set with katoris is one of them. The plates and katoris are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Moroccan Floral Hand Painted Studio Pottery Dinner plates with Quarter Plates and Katoris: We have listed a few dinnerware sets with hand painted Moroccan patterns and this dinner set features that too. However, this dinner set is unique than all the others we have listed because the pattern on these dinner plates and katoris show a floral variation of the Moroccan design. It is one of the best sets you can buy and serve meals in, to your family and guests.

Moroccan Meals Handpainted Ceramic Dinner Plates with katoris: At Exclusive Lane, you will find that every dinner set has something different and is unique even if they are from the same collection. In this dinner set, though you will find the usual hand painted Moroccan pattern, the shape of the plates is so unique, efficient and modern. This set would look great on your dining table and keep compliments flowing from your guests!

‘Earthen Turquoise’ Hand glazed Dinner plates with side quarter plates and katoris: There is just something about hand glazed ceramics that steals our hearts and this set is sure to steal yours! From ExclusiveLane’s exclusive ‘Earthen Turquoise ‘collection, this ceramic dinner set is hand glazed and includes 4 each of Dinner plates, side plates and Katoris.

‘Moroccan Floral’ Hand-painted Studio Pottery Dinner plates with Serving Bowls: Inspired from the blue city of Morocco called Chefchaouen, the Moroccan Floral collection of ExclusiveLane brings to you this beautiful dinner set, depicting hand painted floral Moroccan designs. This set consists of 4 dinner plates, 4 katoris and 2 serving bowls.

‘Earthen Turquoise’ Hand glazed Dinner Plates with Katoris: The ‘Earther Turquoise’ dinner set listed above consists of quarter plates besides dinner plates and katoris. If you do not require the side plates, but only the beautiful hand-glazed ceramic dinner plates and atoris, this set is the one for you.

‘Dawaat-e Taj’ Handcrafted 8-piece Ceramic dinner set with 4 dinner plates and 4 katoris: Inspired by the Taj Mahal as the epitome of true love, this ceramic dinner set features a portrait of Shah with beautiful floral decals surrounding the borders. This set consists of 4 dinner plates and 4 katoris, all of which are microwave and dishwasher safe.

‘Mughal Gardens-2’ hand-painted Ceramic Dinner Plates with dinner Katoris: Inspired by the enchanting Aram Bagh in Agra, these ceramic dinner plates feature exquisite flowers on a berry blue base. In this set, you would get 4 dinner plates and 4 katoris, all of which are microwave and dishwasher safe.


    Thus, here are all the best dinnerware sets, plates and platters of this year. Before choosing any dinnerware for your house, you must consider such factors like intent of use, quality, durability, handles and functionality. Considering all these variables would help you make a sound decision.

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