'Mughal Gardens-2' Hand-painted Ceramic Dinner Plates With Dinner Katoris (8 Pieces, Serving for 4, Microwave Safe)

SKU: EL-005-985

'Mughal Gardens-2' Hand-painted Ceramic Dinner Plates With Dinner Katoris (8 Pieces, Serving for 4, Microwave Safe)

SKU: EL-005-985
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  • COLOUR: Berry Blue with multi-coloured hand-painting
  • MATERIAL: Ceramic
  • ART FORM: Hand-Painted
  • Made in India
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Hand-painted depiciting flowers in the Mughal Garden


DINNER PLATES: (L * W * H) = (10.2 * 10.2 * 1.3), KATORIS: (L * W * H) = (4.0 * 4.0 * 1.8) Inch

Berry Blue with multi-coloured hand-painting

3700 grams

4 Dinner Plates, 4 Katoris

- This is not a Bone China product.
- The hand-painting on the ceramic will not wear away.
- Since the product is handpainted, there might be a slight variation in the design and colour of the product. Also, there could be a slight variation in the glazing/color/finish on the product, as the glazing is done inside the furnace fired at 1155 degree Celsius to make the product sturdy and due to the natural property of the studio glazing it is impossible to predict the color of the glazing/finish which will eventually come on the product after the firing process.


‘Mughal Gardens-2’ is a collection inspired by the Aram Bagh in Agra which is the first Mughal garden of India. The Aram Bagh was built by Babur in 1528, recreating where he loved to be the most – the great outdoors replete with gardens, fruit-laden trees and fragrant flowers. It is believed that Akbar planted the first pineapples in Aram Bagh and his son Jahangir and queen Nur Jahan spent numerous evenings pottering around, planting new varieties of lilies and roses, jasmine and dahlias. So did Jahangir’s son Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. In this collection, delicate hand-painted flowers magnificently capture the true Mughal essence that Babur imagined.

‘Mughal Gardens-2’ is a collection of vases and tableware that includes cups, mugs, kettle, serving bowls, handi, plates and katoris. Delicate flowers have been hand-painted by skilled artisans of India with much care and precision on a berry blue base which makes this collection perfect for invoking opulent Mughal vibes.

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The dinner plates with katoris from the collection 'Mughal Gardens-2' are handcrafted in ceramic inspired by the enchanting Aram Bagh
- The oldest Mughal Garden in India. Ideal for serving meals for 4 people, the dinner plates are ideal for serving main course and the katoris for serving curries, dal, vegetables, curd, dessert, etc. The products are made by grinding clay for 24 hours after which it is thrown onto a wheel & shaped. They are then hand-painted & finally they are glazed at 1155 degree Celcius in a kiln.

- Handmade in India by artisans.
- Inspired by the enchanting Aram Bagh
- The first Mughal Garden in India.
- Beautiful & delicate flowers have been hand-painted on a Berry Blue base.
- These dinner plates with katoris are ideal for serving meals to your family & guests.
- Ideal for serving meal to 4 people.
- Comes with 4 dinner plates & 4 katoris.
- The dinner plates & katoris are microwave & dishwasher safe.
- The dinner plates & katoris are 100% lead free.
- Ideal to be used as a gifting option for housewarming parties or festive seasons.
- The dinner plates & katoris are handcrafted in ceramic.
- Hand-painted depicting floral pattern with hand-glazing done at a firing of 1155 degree Celsius.
- Comes in the following dimensions: DINNER PLATES: 10.2" (L), 10.2" (W), 1.3" (H), KATORIS: 4.0" (L), 4.0" (W), 1.8" (H) Inch in size.
- The volume of each dinner katori is 160 ML.
- The dinner plates & katoris are a part of the collection 'Mughal Gardens-2'.
- The weight of the dinner plates & katoris is 3700 grams.


1. Use Mild Detergent.
2. Avoid using Abrasive material for cleaning.

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