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If you are an ultimate tea lover, you probably know the importance of perfect teaware for your long evening tea time experiences. What kind of cup it is served in matters greatly to those serious about their daily tea and coffee intake. When your every cup of tea or coffee matters, then everything related to it matters too. Some of the essential features of a teacup are considered before buying and using one. You must already have your favourite teapot and teacup and other cutlery, but if you don’t, you are tired of looking for one. Here are a few tips that will guide you while finding a perfect teaware for your tea sessions:


The Right Teapot Accessory Needed During Chai-Time

Teapot plays an essential role in creating a perfect cup of coffee or tea. Here is where water boils, and tea leaves release their aroma and rich colour. Let’s check out some features that we should look for in a teapot before buying one. 

  • Size

For serving a small group of people, you will probably need a small teapot that could make a small cup of tea for all, but if a large number of guests have come to your house, you will need a big teapot to brew the aromatic tea leaves. 


  • Material

While choosing a teapot, you must consider its heat retaining ability, longevity, etc. Teapots made up of ceramic material are pretty affordable and are known for their sleek designs. Tea lovers choose this kind of ceramic teapot as they require a cup of tea now and then. Glass teapots are not so resistant to heat and might even break on heating too much. Teapots made up of Cast iron material can hold heat for a longer time and have an attractive appearance. As the material is iron, the tea has a slight metallic taste and flavour.

  • Design

A teapot needs to come with a handle to have a good grip and won’t burn your hand. See if the lid is tightly fitted and there is a small hole to let the air pass, and it avoids spilling the tea. 


The perfect cup for the tea that matters

For the individuals who drink chai to forget their worries and satisfy their taste buds, every feature of teacup matters. They have a heart to heart connection for their tea, and they want their tea time to be comforting and satisfying.  Here are a few tips to consider while buying a teacup:

  • Colour

Teaware manufacturers use attractive and vibrant colours to catch the attention of the buyers. People often buy things which are their favourite colour. They prefer a particular style, pattern, texture and colour. Nowadays, there are multiple coloured cups available in the market. Check out the exclusive range of handmade designer cups that comes in various bright colours only at ExclusiveLane.


  • Material

The cup’s interior must be made up of non-porous material to smell the outside’s aroma and flavours. The rich flavours are enhanced and can be tasted only when the cup is made up of non-porous material. People especially prefer ceramic material mugs for a better tea experience.

  • Shape

The teacups are supposed to have a wide opening at the top and a narrow body. But nowadays, some people also prefer their teacups to have a vast body and thin top because they choose their tea served hot and remain hot for a long time.


  • Size

Teacups and coffee mugs are of different sizes. Coffee mugs are usually more giant than a teacup. Some people also like to drink tea in a coffee mug and are generally based on their preference. Some people like that take up to be taller, and some people like it to be a little cup.

  • Cleaning

While buying a teacup, you must judiciously choose the cups that are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. Also, look if they are microwave safe or not. Elegance and style matters as much as the maintenance. A stylish cup that is difficult to maintain has no purpose at all. 


Buy stylish teaware online that are crafted with love and care from artisans across the nation. Check out the wonderful collection of teaware, mugs and tableware only at ExclusiveLane.


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