Plastic vs. Ceramic: Why Ceramic Tablewares are Better?


What is Tableware?

When one talks about “Tableware”, they refer to the dishes or dishware that is used for setting a table, serving the food, and dining. It includes all the cutlery, serving dishes, glassware, and all other items that are used for practical and decorative purposes.

Tableware plays a very important role at every dinner table. Just like the food being served, the tableware used is equally important at any dinner party because it binds the whole table together. It makes the food look more appealing and adds to the divine dining experience. Explore the impressive collection of Ceramic Tableware items by ExclusiveLane and bring a piece of true craftsmanship to your dinner table.

What is Plastic?

Plastics are semi-synthetic or synthetic materials that are curated by using polymers as the main ingredient of the product. They are a popular choice of material preference, ever since their invention, because the plasticity while production makes it moldable, and can be pressed into solid objects of various shapes and sizes. This makes them an adaptable material for various uses, hence, adding to their popularity. 

Plastic Tableware is a popular choice these days because of its reliability and cheap prices, but still, people are drastically deviating towards ceramic tableware now.

What is Ceramic?

Ceramic is any of the various kinds of hard, brittle, corrosion-resistant, and heat-resistant material that is by shaping and then firing a non-metallic mineral, like clay, at a very high temperature. A very common example of Ceramic is earthenware, brick, and porcelain.

Ceramic is a very popular kind of material used to curate various day-to-day products. It’s eco-friendly and aesthetic in nature, which adds to its beauty and usage. Ceramic tableware is a very common sight these days and one can see a very clear shift of market from conventional plastic tableware to ceramic tableware.


What kind of Tableware is Better: Plastic or Ceramic?

While the significant change of trend, from Plastic tableware to Ceramic tableware, is quite evident to everyone, the biggest question stands- “which is better: Ceramic Tableware or Plastic Tableware?”

The clear-cut answer to this million dollar question is - Ceramic Tableware is much better than the Plastic Tableware available in the market. 

Now you may be wondering, “why is that so?”. Well, here are a few reasons that will convince you that Ceramic Tablewares are better:

1. Health Benefits

Due to the recent discoveries and increased awareness people are rushing towards organic food products to hold a firm grip on a healthy lifestyle. Our body is a temple and it is of utmost importance to any person that he/she caters the best products to their body in order to maintain a healthy body. You work day and night to fill your tableware and bowls with healthy organic food that will benefit your body but one of the biggest disadvantages of plastic kitchenware in your kitchen is that the chemicals end up disrupting the purity of your healthy food. This ruins your genuine attempts to keep your kitchen chemicals free and adds an unnecessary hurdle in achieving a healthy diet too. 

Ceramic tableware does not compromise the sanctity of your carefully prepared food and gives you a chance to keep your kitchen chemical free, just like you wish.

2. Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

One of the biggest benefits of using ceramic kitchenware is that it is totally safe to use these products in a microwave and a dishwasher. Even though ceramic may be a bit more expensive than plastic on various occasions, but the best part about ceramic is that it does not leak any kind of chemical when exposed to high heat inside a microwave, or in any kind of traditional oven, broilers, or a plate warmer. There is no health hazard involved when food is piping hot food is served in ceramic tableware, unlike plastic in which food can be placed only after it cools down.

3. Beautiful to look at

While looking for tableware, after their efficiency and the quantity they can hold, the next thing one tries to look for is its design. The food served on the dinner table is definitely the key ingredient in a dinner party, but after that, it is the tableware used that plays an important role in making the party a success. If the food is served in beautiful tableware, it makes the food look more appealing!

Of course, there are a number of designs available when it comes to plastic tableware, but they are all monotonous in nature. Ceramic tableware is much more creative and makes the table look even more aesthetic. Check out the beautiful collection of Ceramic tableware by ExclusiveLane and get yourself unique tableware!

4. They are superior in nature

In today’s world, everyone is looking to achieve a more aesthetic and sophisticated decor for their home. Many believe that only the rich can afford that kind of look at their home, but believe it or not, anyone can get that kind of decor goal with ceramic tableware. 

Plastic tableware spells out a not so sophisticated look that does not look very appealing to anyone. On the other hand, ceramic tableware is far superior in nature because of its looks, designs, and healthy eating option. 

 You can buy Ceramic tableware from ExclusiveLane and bring home that piece of superiority in your life.

5. They are eco-friendly in nature

The biggest concern of every human being today is the increasing rate of global warming and a solution that can help reduce it. It is the need of the hour to adapt eco-friendly alternatives to help save the environment. While plastic is totally non-biodegradable in nature, this leaves a negative effect on the environment. On the other hand, Ceramic Tableware is totally biodegradable in nature! This gives you a chance to play your part in saving the environment while maintaining a healthy lifestyle too.

Buy Ceramic Tableware from ExclusiveLane and become a part of the revolution!


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