Light Up your House this Diwali with Lanterns and Candles

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The festive season is when we pick up the best outfits and look for various ways to decorate our home abodes. Since Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and there will be many guests coming to your house, it is essential to pick the right décor pieces, especially the lights. For example, using candles for decoration, hanging LED lights on the front of the house and balcony in different patterns, and lighting lamps, placing them all over the staircase and on the rangoli you made.

To make it unique, something handmade and intricate like a Diwali lighting design for home can be a good option for Diwali decoration. So if you are looking for such different yet beautiful home décor ideas that can brighten up your living space with a touch of glow and positivity, here are some for you.  From aroma diffusers to chandeliers handcrafted by expert artisans, you would want to have a place for all of them in your beautiful home abode.


Spread Aroma with a Glow

Nothing is better than the décor piece which can be used in over one way. Aroma diffusers that can be used for light and enjoy an aromatic moment in the house double their importance, making it a must-have décor piece. Since the season of festivals is about to begin and you will be receiving many guests in your house, entertaining them for Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali, why not get something that turns your house into a warm fragrant abode of comfort?

Enhancing the area by making Diwali light decoration ideas is one of the best times we have been working with! Several options are available in this category, especially the handmade versions. In addition, you can get ceramic oil burners or aroma diffusers using the essential oils of your choice, spreading a gentle aroma all over the house. These aromatic lighting options make the house seem pleasant and warm and help you feel relaxed. Not just for the festive season, these perfumed lights are a must for around the year décor. You can place them in your sitting room, bedroom, or where you work and enjoy all the aromatic benefits that come along.



Perfect Decor Piece to Light Up a Puja Room

Who does not love a beautiful puja room in their homes? It is where you pray for the whole family, asking the gods to fulfil your wishes and spread happiness in the family. We all take extraordinary measures to decorate this place, especially to celebrate the festival of lights. Add a glowing beam of joy to your temple in the house by adding traditional brass deepam or lamp to worship gods and goddesses. It can be the centrepiece of decoration in the room, bringing the whole place together.

If you need more glow, add a beautifully carved wall tea light holder in the room. You can place little tea lights and diwali lights in these holders to make them bright and beautiful. Wall candle holders with bells and other embellishments can also help you add a very comforting, optimistic vibe to the little temple. Light candles for Diwali in the puja room by placing them on these holders and looking beautiful. You can even add these décor pieces to the entrance of the temple room one on either side of the door. An aesthetically pleasant puja room can help spread positive vibes all over the house, so light decoration ideas will work well.



Illuminate The Balcony For Romantic Evenings

A well-lit balcony or porch can not only make your house look cosy and comfortable, but it also leads to some of the most romantic moments you spend with your loved one. Add lanterns for Diwali to this corner of your home created by artisans in various designs and patterns. The terracotta hanging tea light holder is just perfect for adding a warm feeling. In contrast, a colourful chandelier with the brightest shades adds the right amount of brilliance to the Diwali festival.

Add cute looking handcrafted tea light holders to the corners and centre table for that glimmering shine. There are many options for chandelier hangings, wall hangings, and tea light holders and candle holders. All you have to do is select the one that goes well with your home décor. For example, you can choose the minimalist handcrafted iron holder or the lavish tribal-inspired multi light chandelier; all of them will add an extra bit of oomph to your Diwali decoration.


Selecting the right options for lights and candle holders can help you in enhancing the beauty of your home abode. Illuminate your house with a bit of creativity using all these options and many others available for online décor stores like Exclusive Lane. You can find many amazing lightning options not just for Diwali or festival season but for all around the year. From your bedroom corner to the garden, add a bit of luminance everywhere.

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