How to Level Up Your Gardening Space with Handmade Decor Items

Having a garden in front of the house is a dream most of us harbor. We have elaborate plans to plant organic vegetables, or flowers that are exotic and fragrant, making our house look simply charming. However, when the time comes to actually do it, finding the right garden décor ideas can be time-consuming. If you are someone who is looking for interesting ideas to make your garden or balcony look alluring and captivating, here are some fabulous ideas that you can explore. These ideas for decorating your garden area are perfect for any space, whether you have a garden in front of the house, a balcony area of any size, or neither of these. Use these ideas, be creative and your garden will be the envy of all.


Choose planters of all shapes and styles

Instead of sticking to one size fits all style of planters, why not add a quirky touch to it. If you love a vibrant and colorful garden, make your garden stand out using colorful planters. For balcony gardens, wall mounted planters and hanging planters that can be installed on the balcony are the best option. They can be installed in the balcony railing of your home and are ready to add a fresh green touch to it. You can choose between iron, terracotta, ceramic, or copper planters while picking out the right one in the desired shape.

If you have a smaller space for a garden in your home, you can use the hanging planters and wall-mounted planters as well. They do not take up a lot of space and require the least maintenance. For the houses that do not have any garden area outside, or balcony space enough to add planters, you can go with the smaller planters meant for indoor plants. They will instantly add a positive vibe to your home. Choose planters that come with trays underneath or a leakage-proof structure to prevent damaging your floor or causing any leakage indoors.


Create a haven for the birds

Another ideal way to make your garden look fabulous is by hanging little birdhouses. These iconic décor ideas will not only make your garden look welcoming for the birds but will also add a comforting touch to it. You can choose creative handmade birdhouses made with terracotta or wood. These adorable garden accessories are a must when you have kids in your home.

Apart from these, you can also install little birdbaths or water sources for the birds giving them a haven during the summer months. You can also use wire mesh décor pieces designed in the shape of a bird’s nest and little bird figurines for decorating your garden. Even if you do not get any birds in the garden or balcony, it will make your garden look pleasing.


Transform your garden into the sacred relaxing spot

A garden needs much more than just planters to make it stand out. If you wish to give a new life to your garden space, why not make it a sacred relaxing spot for you and your entire family. Calculate the space available and decide what kind of look you wish to give it. If you want to add a positive vibe look, go for warm colors in furniture, décor, and planters. Include aroma diffusers with small tealights in them, or a ceramic incense cone stand that is shaped like a figurine.

You can also use smaller fountain structures for creating a calming feel to the garden. Hang musical wind-chimes wherever possible for a comforting melodious atmosphere. Use planters that can be handed on the ceiling as well as on the walls, if you do not have a lot of space on the floor. This will create a green look without making your little garden look cluttered.


Shop for handmade garden décor for a personal touch

A mass-produced décor item may seem flawless, but it is devoid of any personality. When you want your house or garden to look beautiful with a touch of soul to it, handmade garden accessories are the best thing. They are unique as well as have a personal touch of the artist who crafted it using his imagination. You can use these décor accessories according to the ideas mentioned above for transforming your garden.

No matter how big or small your garden space is, whether it is outside on land or your balcony on the 10th floor, you can get creative with landscaping using these ideas. Stores like ExclusiveLane are providing handcrafted planters in various shapes and sizes, hanging planters, aroma diffusers, furniture, birdhouses, wind chimes, terracotta or ceramic figurines, and much more for adding life to your garden. Be creative thinking out of the box and give your garden a makeover with these ideas and décor accessories.

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