How To Choose Wall Lamps: Expert Tips, Ideas & Buying Guide

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Do you need some light in your home? Something that doesn’t just light up the room, but also something that looks good. No, great. Something that looks great. You’ve come to the right place to find that something special.

A lot of wall lamps are simply there to light up a room and be your guide at night. There is nothing wrong with that. Wall lamps like those are perfectly functional and function is truly the most important factor in choosing the right wall lamps. But what if you’re told that function doesn’t have to be the only factor? What if you’re told that function is just a part of finding, choosing, and buying the perfect wall lamps?

Well, it is. Function, as you’ve established, is the number one factor in finding, choosing, and buying wall lamps for your home, or rooms in your home. But what’s even better is style; the design of the wall lamp you want to get. Yes, the style and design of the wall lamps you’re thinking of buying is another important factor. Maybe not as important as function but definitely something you would not regret adding to your list of ‘what to look for while getting a wall lamp’.

The design and style of a wall lamp don’t just add personality to your home but can be used as home decor when it is no longer functional. So, the style/design of your wall lamp should go hand-in-hand with functionality while searching and choosing the right wall lamp for your room, or your home. Functionality and Design are key to finding the perfect wall lamp for your home.

You’re probably wondering where you’re going to find such a lamp. Well, the one place you can browse/scour for the perfect wall lamps for your home, as well as buy these lamps from is ExclusiveLane.

Want to find out more about that? Read on.

Guide To Choosing Wall Lamps

Here are some tips for not just buying but also choosing the perfect and the right wall lamps/lights for your home. Ask yourself the following questions to figure out what lamps to go for.

  1. Why do you need a wall lamp?

A. Ambient:

This lighting is a room’s main source of light. That is, if this light is turned off, you can’t really see much. It can be anything from recessed lights to overhead fixtures.

B. Task:

This type of lighting is used for certain tasks and isn’t the main source of light in a room. It can be lights you use while reading a book or for your vanity. It doesn’t brighten an entire room, just a small portion/area of a room.

C. Accent:

This lighting is more of a decorative fixture in a room. It is mostly used as a home decor than it is used for its functionality. It is the source of the least lighting in a room and is mostly used to bring to your attention something in the room like a shelf, picture or painting, etc.

  1. Where do you need the wall lamp?

Another question to ask yourself. Do you need the wall lamp/light for the main rooms like your living room, kitchen, or dining room? Or do you need extra lighting in other places like an entryway, bathroom, and bedroom?

Other tips on how to choose lamps/lights for your home include:

  1. How many wall lamps/lights do you need?

Do you need one main source of light like a chandelier or extras like sconces, pendant lights, or lamps? And how many do you need for that room?

  1. Do you want to coordinate this wall lamp/light with the rest of the room?

Are you considering a wall lamp that matches the rest of your decor? Or are you looking for something original that stands out from the rest of your home decor?

If you have your answers to these questions, then you’re ready to begin your search at ExclusiveLane.

Get your lamps from ExclusiveLane

Now that you have a ‘Lamp Buying Guide’, you can find incredible designs of wall lamps available at ExclusiveLane that are right for you and your home. The collection of home lighting like the wall lamps at ExclusiveLane is vast with completely unique designs that would not just light up a room, but also add a touch of personality to that room. The table lamps are made in different art types like Dhokra art, Warli art, Madhubani art, and others are hand-painted, hand-carved, hand-woven, and hand-crafted.

The Tea-Lights and Aroma Diffusers from the tea-lights and diffusers collection are all made with quality materials like brass, ceramic, iron, wood (Sheesham wood, mango wood, babool wood, teak wood), glass, white marble, terracotta, soapstone, etc.

The pendant lamps are in the same collection of lamps as the wall lamps and table lamps collection. They are made with one-of-a-kind unique patterns that reflect onto the walls of your home, brightening up an area of your room with said pattern. These pendant lamps are glamorous and can be used to add decor to your room/home.

Check out the wide range of lamps/lights at ExclusiveLane handicraft store, all at affordable prices.


Q. What is the difference between a sconce and a wall lamp?

A: Sconces are always mounted on a wall and are often bought in pairs. They are mostly used as Accent Lighting. Wall Lamps are more times than none used as Task Lighting.

Q. How do I choose a wall sconce?

A:  You can use a wall sconce as an accent light. A good wall sconce should be shaded so it diffuses light. A wall sconce with a dimmer is great for walkways and hallways.

Q. Where should wall lights be placed in the living room?

A: As a general rule of thumb, they should be placed around 152cm to 170cm above the floor level, and 250cm to 300cm away from each other (That is 5 feet to 5.5 feet from floor level, and 8 feet to 10 feet apart from other wall lights).

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