Handcrafted Jewellery: Every woman must have


For those who believe in adding a unique touch to their personality, jewellery is an essential piece of accessory. It makes them feel unique, completing the look, and making them stand apart from others. Jewellery can also be a way to express yourself when you have a distinct style in mind or need a way to speak your heart. Quirky expressive baubles have been in trend for a long time where the gypsies adored themselves with unique jewels, queens and princesses picked or asked for creating trinkets that are not worn by others and commoners having their share of ornaments that defined their persona.

Among all the popular trinket trends going on these days, handcrafted jewellery is getting all the hype. Inspired by tribes and cultures spread all around the country, these handcrafted baubles give you a personal connection with the roots of these tribes and the ones that created it with their own hands. Adding minute details, bright vibrant colors, and designs that you will never get anywhere as each jewellery piece is one of a kind, these are much more than something you picked up on a shopping spree.

Create your own style with Handcrafted Jewellery

Bohemian style has been picking up lately, getting popular among fashion lovers. Unlike any other fashion trend, this is the one where you do not need to put in too much consideration or too many accessories. All you need is some earthy elements; elegant simplistic jewels and you are done for the day. If you believe in effortless fashion and styling, handmade accessories like drop earrings made with brass or hand-painted with Warli art, brass necklaces with Dhokra art, and cane or wood accessories with an Aztec design will make you fall for them.

Pair brass necklace with brass pendant and wooden beads colored and natural paints with a printed beige colored kurta, cotton taupe pants in a solid color, and kolhapuri chappals for an elegant summer look. Add a little blast of color with a chunky bohemian brass necklace hand painted in the brightest of shades, with a pair of blue jeans and off-shoulder tribal inspired top and a pair of black boots or heels.

Handcrafted accessories are created in such a way that they pair well with western as well as Indian and even the fusion style look perfectly. They are good for someone who wishes to spend on a few but good pieces of jewellery.


Support craftsmen that work hard

When you purchase jewelry or any such accessory from a massive store or a popular online brand, it is difficult to know the backstory those baubles have about them or who is getting your money. However, when you purchase something handmade, there is a connection between you and the artisan. Handmade jewelry is created by tribal women and artisans using locally sourced products. These accessories, whether they are molded or painted are made with a lot of demanding work and thoughtfulness.

They have something special about them that sets these little baubles apart from the mass-produced jewellery available in the market. If you believe in supporting small businesses and helping local artisans, this little piece of fashion can be an effective way to go ahead. You can buy earrings, necklaces, or a complete set that is inspired by the culture and nature these tribal artisans have around them.

Apart from the tribal artisans and craftsmen, several amateurs venture in this field to earn some livelihood showing off their love for creating something different. From sourcing the raw material to creating these baubles, they are putting a lot of work as well as creativity. Moreover, this way you can also ensure that whatever you are buying in the name of fashion is being ethically sourced. Support your sense of fashion while you support an artisan.

Handcrafted Jewellery - Perfect for an everyday look

When you need accessories for everyday look whether it is for office or college, it should be something effortless and toned down. Handcrafted accessories like necklaces and earrings are designed in a way that they bring along your entire look without overpowering it. Hence if you need something easy going, these are perfect for you. You can wear the same necklace to the office, for college, for a party, or for any gathering while looking different in every look.

Handmade baubles are an essential piece to have especially for all the jewellery enthusiasts and beginners who are beginning with collecting diverse kinds of accessories for creating new looks. Get that effortless bohemian look with these artistic accessories created by artisans. Every handmade bauble comes with a sense of individuality that makes it different from the mass produced accessories. Give your personality and style this uniqueness, one of a kind individuality by adding a handmade bauble to your trinket collection



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