Give Corporate Gifting a Personal Touch for this Diwali with Handmade Gifts

Diwali is considered the festival to strengthen relations among friends, families, and even businesses in India. Giving gifts to partners, workers, and associates has become a norm in almost every big or small corporate firm or business. Even the small shopkeepers give little presents and bonuses to their staff and the people beneficial for their trade. Regardless of how big or small the gift is, it is considered a way to thank you for your contribution to your trade and keeping them connected for future endeavours.


Along with sending the present to your business associates, workers, and partners, what kind of gift you are giving can also reflect upon your thoughtfulness. Instead of picking the random stationery presents or the mass-produced printed gifts, why not provide them with something unique this year, like handmade corporate Diwali gifts created by artisans from different parts of the country. Being unique, these gifts have a personal touch that will remind your associates or staff how much you think about them and how important they are for your business. Here are some fantastic ideas that might interest you while seeking some of the best festive season presents.


Give Best Diwali Wishes To Employees in a Traditional Way

On Diwali, we celebrate Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha seeking their blessings for a prosperous career and business. It has been a tradition to gift idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha to friends and family. You can also follow this and bestow blessings for your partners, workers, and associates by gifting them adorable looking idols of the gods of prosperity, wishing luck for them. It is a beautiful gesture and one of the fantastic corporate gifts for Diwali.


Everyone appreciates having people that have best wishes in their hearts for them. You can choose from terracotta Ganesha idols in various styles or go with the miniature brass Ganesha idols. According to the Vastu shastra, Lord Ganesha is considered suitable for business establishments and homes, so gifting according to vastu shastra is an excellent idea. So gifting this to your associates and whoever is connected with your business or work will bring luck and help in generating positive vibes. Not just as a corporate gift, you can also send these to your friends and family members to bring luck on the occasion of Diwali.



Remind Them of you with a Gift of Aroma

If you are looking for a unique gift to send out in a large number on behalf of your business, an aroma diffuser made with terracotta will be a good option. It is a mark of good health, prosperity, positivity, and of course, a scented ambience. Moreover, people expect to get gifts that they can use around them, especially in their office. Hence, aroma diffusers can make Diwali gift ideas for corporates and Diwali wishes for business partners.

They can take it home, place them anywhere they wish, or keep it in the office. Whenever they get a whiff of the aroma from this aroma diffuser given as a gift, it will remind them of you and your association with them. Apart from a reminder, the gentle aroma of essential oils creates a pleasant atmosphere. You can add a personal touch by picking the handmade aroma diffusers with tealights, making them one of the perfect handcrafted corporate Diwali gifts for employees. 



Thoughtful Décor Pieces to Strengthen Business Relations

When you think of Diwali gift ideas for employees, it has to be something thoughtful and useful for everyone. So along with diaries, calendars, and planners, why not give something different to your business associates and workers, such as a handmade décor piece under 1499. Table Lamps, spice boxes, wall decors, hangings, terracotta hangings, diwali lights, brass deepam, candle holders, hand-painted vases, aroma diffusers, and much more are available as gifts. They are so beautiful; anyone would love to make them a part of their office or home interiors.

These artefacts are created and painted by hand by Indian artisans. Henceforth, by choosing them for Diwali gifts for office staff, you are helping a small artist earn a respectable living. Make sure to add a little Diwali message for employees or thank you message with Diwali gift hampers along with the gift while sending them to your corporate partners. This shows your compassion towards building a prosperous tomorrow for your business with them.

You can explore these and many other best Diwali gifts for office staff and almost every festive season for corporate presents at online stores such as ExclusiveLane. This store is known for its amazing handicraft home décor, garden décor, and gifting ideas created by professional artisans from all around the country. If you are looking for Diwali décor ideas for your office or home, you can easily find them here. Choose the right Diwali gifts and diwali gifts under 1999 and build relations this Diwali to grow your business.

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