Diwali Gifts Under 1499

Celebrate the festival of lights - Diwali, this year with handmade and beautifully crafted gifts....Read More

Celebrate the festival of lights - Diwali, this year with handmade and beautifully crafted gifts. ExclusiveLane brings an amazing collection of handmade gifts for Diwali.Read Less

61 products

    61 products
    14 Inch Pyramid Lamp In Sheesham Wood
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    Mushroom Terracotta Handpainted Set In Red
    Sale price Rs. 1,325 Regular price Rs. 2,615 (49% Off)
    Wooden Plain Name Plate With Warli & Dhokra Art
    Sale price Rs. 1,599 Regular price Rs. 2,675 (40% Off)
    Volta' Round Table Lamp In Mango Wood 14 inch
    Sale price Rs. 1,549 Regular price Rs. 2,799 (45% Off)
    Elegant Salt & Pepper Shaker In Brown
    Sale price Rs. 1,275 Regular price Rs. 1,925 (34% Off)

    Spread a festive feel with Unique affordable Diwali gifts

    Diwali is the time to spread happiness. Giving sweets and little gifts to your loved ones, friends, and family is an age-old tradition. Whether you have known someone for a long time or made a new friend around this festival, we want to get something special for them. However, in a bid to search the unique presents for every person you know, your budget suffers. So instead of letting this happen, why not explore a range of presents that are not unique in every way possible but are available in your budget. Here are some amazing gift ideas under 1500 rupees you can present to your loved ones of all ages.

    Little artifacts for everyone

    Instead of giving boring gifts this Diwali, add a little spark to it by giving lanterns for Diwali or little tea light holders and candle holders. Your loved ones would love to add these beautiful lights and lanterns in their homes. If you have a little one in your family who wants to light up the whole house with beautiful deepam and string lights, gift them candles for Diwali.

    Spread a sense of positivity around during the festival of light by gifting Lord Ganesha. ExclusiveLane has a lovely collection of Ganesha murti online. These handmade artifacts will make it easy to pick gifts for Diwali and other occasions.

    Handcrafted gifts for those who love something special

    There are colour printing blocks crafted by artisans that you can gift to those who love to create something. Handmade Diwali gifts ideas such as these printing blocks, decorative hangings, lanterns, and candles for decoration are good ideas for anyone into home décor. They can use them to decorate their homes and create beautiful fabric patterns and enjoy their work.

    Gift colorful planters to anyone with a green thumb or an aroma diffuser to anyone who loves to meditate and relax. Musical wind chimes made of terracotta will also be perfect for turning their garden into a comforting space. There are so many Diwali gifts under 1499 for everyone on ExclusiveLane. Even you would like to gift some of them to yourself.

    Come to ExclusiveLane for an exciting select of Diwali gifts box

    Whether you are looking for handmade Diwali decoration ideas or something fashionable, ExclusiveLane is the place for you to be. The brand offers a wide range of handmade crafts created by Indian artisans, curated corporate presents, creative gifts for loved ones, and beautiful Diwali gifts for employees under 1500.

    Every present is created with great love and care, offering you something unique. You can never get these artifacts in your local market or any other store at this price. The brand takes pride in allowing craftsmen of India to earn a living while bringing a smile to the buyer’s face. So, go ahead and explore collections of handmade showpieces and wall hangings online for Diwali. Even you can purchase your Diwali gift bulk orders online.


    Kitchen Essentials for this Diwali

    Don’t you think that the festival of lights should also be called the festival of gifting? Or the festival of buying new things? Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali, is when Hindus buy new household things, hoping that this will bring a continuous flow of prosperity in the new year. Buy diwali gift items for the kitchen with Itokri. Here are some great ones: 

    • Sheesham Wood Square Spice Box with Spoon
    • ‘Twelve Blends’- 12-container Spice box
    • ‘Floral Block’ - Hand Carved Sheesham WoodTowel Ring Holder
    • ‘The Hut Coffee Hangouts’ Hand-Painted Ceramic Tea and Coffee Mugs
    • ‘The Hut Couple’ Hand-Painted Ceramic Dinner Plates 
    • ‘Old Fashioned Martaban’ Ceramic Chutney and Pickle Jar Set with Tray 
    • ‘Birds of a Feather’ Cutlery Cum Napkin Holder in Sheesham and Mango Wood 

    You must get kitchen items for diwali gifts under 1499 this year to give your loved ones’ kitchen a homey and artistry look. 

    Home decor diwali gifts under 1500

    Hindus clean their houses spotless during Diwali. This is to get rid of all the evil and darkness. They decorate their houses with beautiful items and new things. Additionally, Indians have about 200 people in their ‘close’ family circle. So, you want to buy gifts that can help decorate the house and are economical and sustainable. Now, to accommodate both of these criteria, you can give your loved ones Diwali home decor gifts under 1499. 

    • The Ceramic Gas Stove Brewing Aroma Diffuser (Studio Pottery) 
    • 10 Inch Modern Frosted Glass Lamp in Sheesham Wood 
    • Glowing Vines- Handcrafted Wall Tea Light Holders

    These three are some examples of the multiple varieties of gifts you can give your loved ones this Diwali to decorate their house. It’s like you’re going to be leaving a mark on their house! 

    Buying home appliances for diwali gifts is also a great idea. You can give your special ones cookers, kettles, and grinders. 

    Hand-painted wooden diwali gifts Under 1499

    Wood is an aesthetic, eco-friendly, durable, and moldable material used by interior designers to give a home a rustic look. That is a deadly combination in the gifting world! Wooden home decor items make the best handmade decoration for diwali. Here are Itokri’s top handmade wooden Diwali gifts: 

    • Hand-painted Fishes Napkin Holder in Sheesham Wood
    • ‘Mughal Drum Duo’ Floral Hand-painted multi-utility storage jars and containers in ceramic 
    • ‘Oasis Serves’ hand-Painted mango wood Serving Tray
    • ‘The Dancing Peacock’ Hand-Carved Sheesham Wood Coasters

    You can also give your special ones handmade diwali gift hampers if you can’t seem to or don’t want to settle on one gift specifically. 

    Decorative lamp for diwali

    What better gift than a handmade lamp for Diwali, the Festival of Lights? If you want to give your family modernist lamps, then here are some examples: 

    • ‘Volta’ Round Table Lamp in Mango Wood 
    • Moroccan Shimmer Hand Etched Iron Table Lamp 

    However, if you’re going for a more rural and authentic selection of lamps, then this is the one for you: 

    • Terracotta Lantern Hand Painted Cream/ Blue 

    Warli Art Home decor diwali gifts

    Warli Art is an ancient tribal art form, originating from the Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra. It portrays narratives of tribals doing daily activities such as farming, fishing, and hunting. No, it looks much prettier than this dull description. 

    Giving your special ones useful diwali gifts under 1499 with warli art will enhance the overall look of their home interiors and give them an artistic look. It might even give the room a much-needed pop. Here are some warli art home decor gift items Exclusive Lane offers: 

    • ‘Warli White Matkis’ Hand-Painted Terracotta Vases
    • ‘Celebration in Sand’ Warli Hand-Painted Tea and Coffee cups in Ceramic 
    • ‘Rejoice in Red-Mud’ Warli Hand-Painted tea and coffee cups in Ceramic 

    You can buy all these diwali gifts online without personally going to the store and picking them out. Save time, energy, and money with Exclusive Lane! 

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