Facts You Need to Know About Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood is one of the most popular wood materials used to make furniture and home decor items. Another name for Sheesham wood is Dalbergia Sissoo. It grows along the vast expanse of the sub-Himalayan region and is very popular in India. India and Pakistan are the largest producers of Sheesham. It is popular in crafting furniture because of its durability, lustre and price. It is usually dark brown or chestnut in colour with steaks that are a bit darker than its shade and add a very vibrant yet elegant appeal to it. Sheesham wood material is of premium quality and is sturdy which prevents the products from getting damaged very easily. Indian Sheesham wood is very popular in the furnishing market since it pairs well with any machinery and its appealing characteristics has made it one of the most wanted options out there.


Facts about Sheesham wood

It has several names depending on the region such as sissoo, sisu, sisau and biradi which are the terms commonly used in India, tahli in Punjabi and seeso in Uttar Pradesh and western Bihar. In Pakistan, it is called shisham, in Afghanistan, it is known as shewa and in Persian as jag.

Sheesham wood grows on the river banks at about 900m below elevation and 200m above and can range up to 1300 m to 1400m. It grows well in temperatures that range from about 10- 40 degrees Celsius. They grow in soils that are a little saline in nature and have the potential to endure rainfall that up to 2000mm and even droughts for about three to four months.

Sheesham wood is dried first before using in the manufacturing process which is also called seasoning. Natural drying takes up to six months whereas artificially it can be dried in a week to a fortnight. Apart from being used as timber for manufacturing furniture, it is also used as a fuel as the wood makes a great source for charcoal used in heating as well as cooking. The twigs are used as toothbrushes and the wood has medicinal properties utilised in the Siddha medicine system for skin disorders and stomach issues. The extract of its fruits is used in pesticides and the juice of its plant is used in the mixture for wall plaster in constructions.


Six Great Benefits of Sheesham wood to consider


1] Since this wood is very durable, it is immune to the accumulation of wood termites.

2] Forever shining – It retains a great shine on its surface after being polished.

3] It does not warp and/or split so it is the perfect option if you are looking for something that will last you a while. Its properties make it easier to carve and engrave it. It can be polished and waxed in different shades which is what gives it that smooth and gorgeous finish.

4] it’s a great investment – Sheesham is an affordable and cheaper alternative for teakwood but holds characteristics far better than its comrade. It is more beautiful with its dark streaks and different brown and red hues.

5] Brings in fortune - Sheesham is said to bring in better fortune and in India especially is associated with peace and wealth.

6] It is very easy to maintain. Unlike other wooden products, Sheesham is considerably low maintenance, requires no specific cleaning equipment to keep it looking glossy all the time. The older antique pieces just need a layer of Danish oil to protect it and that is about it. However, newer pieces usually come with a protective coat so you won’t have much to worry about.  

How to take care of Sheesham products?

  • The items should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Do not keep them in direct contact with sunlight or close to any fireplace.
  • Wipe off any accumulation of dust frequently.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean it or a slightly moistened cloth. Avoid using an excess of water.
  • Give it a polish once every six months with a silicone free polish.


Why choose Sheesham wood items for your home décor?

No doubt we have seen the benefits of Sheesham wood. They make the perfect materials for your furniture as well as home décor. They add the right amount of elegance and can fit any aesthetic you seek to match them to. They amp up your décor game by making it look lusher and more magnificent. An added benefit as we saw, it does not require a lot of maintenance and lasts long which makes it an ideal option for your home décor. Sheesham wooden home decor products at ExclusiveLane assure your home vibes emanate comfort yet beauty all day and keep you on par with the latest trends always. Explore our Sheesham handicrafts

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