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Can we deny the fact that a beautifully set table adds to our appetite? People go to dine-ins, not just for the food but also because of its ambience factor. But, is it just about the table and chairs? Of course not; tableware does all the magic! A fantastic dish served in an aesthetic white plate alongside special tableware cutlery adds glitter to it! Tableware items add beauty and make everything seem like going in sync. After all, we all know that the saying goes, “People always judge by the appearance in the first place”, so is the case with food as well, so never underestimate the value of a beautiful tableware set!

For those who don’t know, tableware is a collection of plates, cutlery, glasses, serving props, and decorative items like vases, bowls, and different kinds of stuff used to serve on a table. This is the simplified tableware meaning. Tableware items also signify the culture and tradition. Let’s understand this with a simple example: if you go to an Italian restaurant for having pizza or pesto, they will serve you aesthetic white plates and serve the pizzas in a pan. You will see the sprinklers on the table containing oregano, chilli flakes and other dried herbs served with Italian cuisine. Still, you will see bowls of chutney or pickles on the table when you go out for a Mughlai dine-in. They may serve in imitated silver, or gold plated plates that resemble the tradition and culture of the places where the cuisine initially originated. So, apart from decorating and setting the tables, tableware items also indicate and signify the heritage, culture, and tradition of various places as a part of meal prepping. 

Tableware items can be made from ceramic, glass, porcelain, stoneware, plastic, earthenware, and metals like steel, aluminium, and copper. Now, when we classify tableware, they can be divided into four groups or categories, namely: 

  • Serveware 
  • Dinnerware
  • Silverware or Flatware
  • Glassware or Drinkware

These four categories can be further divided into various types. Let’s see which tableware items fall under each category:

  • Serve Ware: Under this category, tableware stuff like bowls of all kinds, namely serving bowls, soup bowls, salad bowls, dessert bowls, platters, dishes, casseroles, soup pots, teapots, serving spoons, and all other serving items are included. This category for the tableware list is long.


  • Dinnerware: All types of plates, including the Chinawares, are added to the list under this category. Simply, the plates which we eat are those termed as the dinnerware items.


  • Silverware or Flatware: All of the cutlery is included in this category. All types of eating spoons, forks and knives are grouped under this category. They are also known as flatware, but they are popularly termed as silverware in the US and London.


  • Glassware or Drinkware: All the items we drink from at the tableware, including glasses, mugs and cups, are added to this category. 

So, we can say that tableware has a lot of items under them. You can check for tableware online from our website. We have the best collection online. We have superior quality tableware items that can add to the aroma and magic of your dinner table!

All the festivals celebrated, maybe a New Year, Christmas or Thanksgiving, are all incomplete without proper dinners. Overages, we have put in efforts to make our dining experience better. Why not, after all the half of what we earn is to keep our stomachs happy! And the famous saying goes by “Good company, good life and good food make a person healthy, happy and wise”. So, to make our dining experiences worth it, we always try to put in efforts to make it better the next day.

 A chef at a restaurant does not only cook the meal but also plate it, serve it and give it a gourmet look, and we pay for all of that. Food immediately gets more attractive and tastes better, if appropriately served on a beautiful set of plates and bowls.

Each tableware item has its significance, like, for example, we don’t have soup out of a glass, instead of a bowl, and we don’t consume spaghetti with a spoon; we do it with a fork. So, it goes this way that makes you feel better and makes your dining experience a great one! Still, if you are spiralling around in a dilemma, here are some points that will bring out the significance of tableware items in your day-to-day life:

  • A beautifully set the table, along with proper tableware, just creates a good first impression. We know that the first impression is always the last; what catches our eyes at the first instance keeps a mark in our mind forever. Like, we always talk about a restaurant with a good ambience and delicious food. Many dine-ins serve delicious food but do not have a good atmosphere. People tend to forget about those or say the food is good, but the place is not. So, setting the right first impression is very important, and tableware is the key to make everything look perfect.

  • Chefs and food professionals always say that half of the customer’s attention lies in the taste of the food and the other half is in a serving manner. If they can make the customers happy with the appearance, half of the success is achieved there! That is what sets in the mood, with the beautiful and aesthetic tableware sets.
  • Proper tableware helps in portion control, even when you are not on a diet. Portion control is an essential factor in maintaining good health. We can’t just go around stuffing in everything in massive quantities regularly. We have to maintain a certain balance, and the proper tableware commodities help out with that.

  • Keeping the food warm is another functional and essential role of tableware commodities.
  • Storing and serving the food in the proper kind of plate or bowl is another essential tableware functionality.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that we can’t do without tableware at our dining tables! 

But, again, choosing the right tableware is another essential factor that can change the game! Selecting the perfect dinnerware can be a challenge for many. But don’t worry, there are some tips that you can follow which would help you in choosing the proper tableware:

  • Match and coordinate - This is important, especially when you are purchasing the items individually. You need to check that everything goes in sync and maintain coordination to make it look good. You can choose colour schemes or monochromatic themes to make it look good.

  • Chalk out what you need - Don’t buy excessively; focus on only the things you need.  A basic set of 6-8 plates and 10-12 bowls would work if you are a beginner, and then you can increase your collection slowly.
  • Know your needs - You have to decide whether you want a casual tableware set or a formal one. If you can’t choose, go for all white or all black, that can never go wrong.
  • Choose your items according to the materials you prefer, maybe like ceramics, porcelain or shiny metals.
  • The items should match your dining room and personality; that does all the magic.

  • Keep in mind the storage spaces where you will keep and hoard the items. If you have a small storage place, big plates and bowls can be a little tough to fit in.
  • Everything should work according to your budget. You just don’t have to stress about the expense, and many beautiful pieces will fit your budget.
  • Always keep extras for guests.
  • Kids always prefer cute and different tablewares like little plates, bowls, and small spoons available.

  • Research the type and pattern that you want.

So, that was all the guidance that one needs to choose for the proper tableware. Different people need unique items and decide them according to their preference and budget. ExclusiveLane has everything that you need. Starting from low budget items to high-end ones, we have everything for everyone. We keep in stock of various items that people may prefer, and you will find a plethora of multiple patterns, colours and a lot more on our website. Make sure to check out the collection online, and we promise you that it will be a good experience. Also, no need to worry about the quality, we ensure our customers with only the best.

So, stop being in turmoil regarding tableware and go for it! We make sure that it is worth it! Don’t think twice, visit us today and you will never regret that!


  • Aashish Sharma

    ‘IKKIS’(https://ikkis.in/) translates from Hindi to mean ‘21’, a number significant and symbolic in matters both physical and spiritual. It’s no coincidence that sequence, modularity, and symmetry informs how we design for 21st-century contemporary living.

  • Aashish Sharma

    ‘IKKIS’(https://ikkis.in/) translates from Hindi to mean ‘21’, a number significant and symbolic in matters both physical and spiritual. It’s no coincidence that sequence, modularity, and symmetry informs how we design for 21st-century contemporary living.

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