Ethnic Indian Art Styles making their way into modern homes


The revolution in interior designing and style choices has shifted the spotlight on Ethnic Indian Home Decor Ideas. Considering the culturally rich heritage of India, it's needless to say that there are diversified categories of Indian art forms available for home decor. There are a plethora of elements through which you can seize the essence of ethnic Indian art styles.

These art forms come down to us from generations of culture and heritage.


Let’s look at some of India’s prominent and extravagantly ethnic paintings to bring a dash of traditional Indian home decorating ideas.

  • Dhokra Art:

This art form emerged from the technique of metal casting using the lost-wax casting techniques. Holding its history back since the time of Mohenjo Daro, the Dhokra artifacts have massive demand in India and a foreign market because of their simplicity, strong force driven forms and enchanting classic depictions.



  • Warli Art:

The rudimentary Warli art paintings integrate basic geometric shapes like triangles, squares, and rectangles that symbolize nature’s different elements. Warli Art has its deep connection with mother nature and primitively revolves around converting messages based on nature depiction.

Warli art is now extensively used in home decor on various products, ranging from a wall hanging, massive wall painting, and even the most straightforward kitchen jars. The detailed and intricate designs of warli paintings add a simply beautiful vibe to any space.



  • Madhubani Art:

This ethnic Indian art has been passed down for centuries and is significantly known for preserving its originality throughout this time even in the modern world. Madhubani art generally revolves around depicting people, their relationship with mother nature and deities. In Madhubani art, paintings are scopic ranging from the simplest natural forms like sun, moon, mountains to the intriguing royal courts, temples, social and historic events.



These three types of Indian art forms have survived the test of time with sheer grace and originality, which makes them the best choice for your home decor. There, are classic Indian art forms like, Mughal Painting, Kalamkari, Pattachirta, etc.


Here are some easy to go and authentic ways of Indian Home Decor Ideas


Name Plates & Key Holders

          First impressions matter and so why not make it as beautiful as possible. There are a variety of name plates available at ExclusiveLane in different combinations of styles, colours, sizes available to suit your choices.

The name plates and key holders designed in vibrant colors and styles of Warli and Madhubani give out a pleasant and welcoming vibe.



Vases & Pots

          Vases are one of the best decorative elements you can add to your home, regardless of which part of the house you’re trying to decorate, may it be the garden area or your living room. There is an abundance of options available, in different sizes, and shapes, there are sets of decorative vases available in the market to help you decorate homes collectively.



Heritage driven Paintings

          India’s rich art forms and heritage cannot be conveyed more perfectly than through paintings. Paintings depict India’s rich culture, natural sceneries, and sometimes even significant historic events. It’s an elegant way of adding some ethnic touch to your interiors.


State it with the Statues

          The beautiful and ethical statues created in the Dhokra art form are an excellent choice of home decor. The statues are available in various metals, clay, and terracotta. These statues can be as small as to be used as beautiful table pieces, paper weights or sufficiently big enough to be an entrance piece or living room main decor element. Beautiful statues of Lord Ganesha or Buddha are extensively a popular choice.



Wall Pieces

          There are plenty of spaces on the wall which need to be decorated in any home. Coming to walls, many decorative items can be used to add a traditional Indian vibe. The walls can be beautifully decorated with wall clocks, mirror, photo frames, lamps, complete wall painting, etc.


Starting with the small elements

Even the smallest element in a room can catch someone’s attention and collectively add to the decor. Many items like magazine stands, multi-utility boxes, doormats, cushion covers, book ends, candle holders, etc. are available in beautiful Indian folk styles and designs. These little things have hundreds of variety in them and easily gain attention in a room.


Accessorize the Kitchen

          There are various cutlery sets, coasters, spice boxes, serving bowls, coffee mugs, table mats, jars and bottles available in the traditional artistic designs which have a vibrant, rich yet chic look and add substance to the kitchen decor.


Besides these, many Indian art decors are available to accessorize your homes into beautifully artistic and warm spaces. These varieties of Indian art forms have gracefully made their way into modern homes through these decor elements. We totally appreciate and promote this trendy way of decorating homes with our culturally rich Indian art forms, make homes one of a kind and welcome the warmth of style and heritage!


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