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Your kitchen is not only the place to experiment with food, creating some delicious and lip-smacking dishes, but it is a place that speaks about your personality. How your kitchen looks, especially your entire family is together or when the guests are over at your home, it can show them a lot about you and your choices. Make your kitchen the envy of all by introducing some of the most creative looking dining ware. These are not just designer artistic dining table accessories but something that makes your kitchen look traditional and full of warmth.

Handcrafted kitchenware made with wood, terracotta, and ceramic is a thing of today, bringing something from yesterday to your kitchen table. These are colorful, have a bit of personality, and a lot more character which of course is going to perk up your dining experience. Spark up a conversation with the perfect ceramic dining set you are serving on the table or maybe give the best gift your friend has never expected. With colorful bohemian chic, earthy terracotta’s, hand-painted ceramics, and well-crafted woods, there is something for everyone in this collection.


A touch of warmth for your lovely home

Everyone wants to add a touch of personality in the interiors of their home, but often the kitchen is neglected especially when it comes to the dishes you eat in and the serving ware. Add a touch of warmth and comfort not just to the food prepared in there but also the dishes, serving ware, and even the decorative accessories in your kitchen. Trays made with Sheesham wood, handmade adding little details in carving a piece of wood, Coasters with hand-painted warli designs, and tissue come toothpick holders will add a rich earthy vibe to your table.

Capture the attention of the visitors with a colorful wooden serving pot set or the warli hand-painted Dhaba style terracotta matkis in the shape of a salt and pepper shaker or a toothpick holder. Hand-glazed studio pottery ceramic plates in vibrant colors and prints can make any meal full of life and fun. You can either follow a theme recreating your entire kitchen with beautiful vibrant dishes and table accessories or handpick each one of them for their unique character. It is your kitchen and it should reflect who you are in every form, even if it is the little pieces of salt and pepper shakers.



Make your kitchen lively with boho-chic style

The kitchen is the heart of any house. What cooks in there can impact every single person of that household. Instead of keeping those boring melamine or steel kitchenware, why not perk up your kitchen space with something lively and stylish. Boho chic style inspired and tribal theme inspired kitchenware will simply bring a perfect dose of color to your little home abode. Whether you are a single person with an artistic temperament or a houseful of crazy souls, ExclusiveLane has an amazing selection of tableware and utensils that will bring out the life in your kitchen.

Colorful ceramic pots, cups and mugs, terracotta salt and pepper shaker set, wooden coasters, trays, bowls, serving bowls, spoons, and even cutlery holders made of Sheesham wood, hand-painted by expert artisans will make your kitchen look earthy, calm, and welcoming. If you want to make your kitchen or house look slightly traditional with unique artisanal craftwork, these handmade bowls, cups, and serving ware will help you in doing so. Explore the amazing collection of handmade dining tableware and accessories created by Indian artisans on ExclusiveLane to make your kitchen the envy of your guests.



Perfect gift for Diwali and house-warming

The celebration of light, Diwali is a time when you shower good wishes and gifts on your friends and families. If you are getting bored with those gifts that are usually passed on from one person to another every Diwali, this is the time to change. Celebrate Diwali with your loved ones with handmade Diwali gifts, buy luxury dining table accessories and handcrafted kitchenware. For those who love to indulge in good cooking and explore various Indian spices, a traditional wooden spice box makes for a great gift. You can fill it with exotic spices to add a personal touch.

For the avid coffee drinker, there are mugs with hand-painted tribal art making them a delight to watch and sip tea or coffee from. If you have a friend who enjoys beer like anything, gift him or her a set of huge hand-painted beer mugs inspired from Moroccan style. In case you are looking for some unique handmade Diwali gifts, these, and many others available at ExclusiveLane will keep you mesmerized. You can give these gifts as a housewarming present or even for the anniversary and wedding of your favorite couple.


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