Best Jars & Containers For an Alluring & Plastic Free Kitchen

Storing kitchen essentials in specific jars and containers is an all-time tedious and overwhelming job. Finding perfect storage jars for organising your kitchen spaces might be a little tough. If you are someone who experiences lasting satisfaction after organising your messy spaces, Exclusive Lane is here for your aid. We bring you a range of visually alluring jars and containers that will not only allow you to store your condiments, spices, and chocolates but also elevate the aesthetics of your indoor spaces. Most importantly, all our storage containers are completely natured friendly. Many people tend to buy plastic storage containers as they are relatively cheaper and lightweight. Still, in the long run, these plastic items have hazardous impacts on our health and environment. The call for the hour is to avoid plastic and replace it with more eco-friendly handmade items. 

There is a myriad of benefits of ceramic and glass jars. You can use handmade multi-utility jars to decorate and accentuate your dull spaces. Ideal for storing household essentials, these elegant ceramic jars and containers are lifesaving for all the chaotic ones out there. Here are some of our favourite choices of handmade jars and containers that will enhance the overall look of your kitchen, dining rooms and other spaces. 

"Mughal Cylindrical Duo" Floral Hand-painted Multi Utility Storage Jars & Containers In Ceramic (Non-Airtight, Set of 2, 380 ML, 5.2 Inch)

Add a dash of elegance and sophistication to your homes with these multicoloured hand-painted Multi-utility storage jars and containers. Handcrafted with love and care in ceramic, these floral jars can be used for multiple storage purposes. Send thoughtful and beautifully crafted gifts to your loved ones on housewarming or other special occasions and make them feel ecstatic. A trademark product from the Mughal e Zahra collection, these jars are handmade by regal artisans from diverse corners of India. 

'Indigo Chevron' Hand-painted Ceramic Multi-utility Storage Jars & Containers (Airtight, Set of 2, 470 ML, Microwave Safe)

These ceramic storage jars are embellished with intricate designs and complex geometric patterns that add grace and charm to your abode. Highly skilled artisans design ceramic jars with great finesse. Bring home an awesome range of delicately crafted ceramic jars & containers and catch the undivided attention of your guests and visitors. 

Mughal Drum Duo" Floral Hand-painted Multi Utility Storage Jars & Containers In Ceramic (Non-Airtight, Set of 2, 570 ML, 6.1 Inch)

Depicting ancient Mughal art, these magnificent Hand-painted storage jars are ideal for storing your spices, candies and other knick-knacks. Enhance the beauty of your houses with these decorative jars. These are a perfect addition to your indoor corners. With Sheesham wood and ceramic lids, high-quality handmade jars are an amazing replacement for mundane plastic jars. 


"Mughal Cuboidal Pair" Floral Hand-painted Multi Utility Storage Jars & Containers In Ceramic (Airtight, Set of 2, 240 ML, 3.8 Inch)

Add unique pieces of handmade containers to your storage spaces. What makes these hand-painted storage jars unique are their beautiful range of vivid colours. Make the most of your wholesome experience in your lovely abodes with our exquisite range of embellished ceramic jars & containers only from ExclusiveLane. 

'Indigo Chevron' Hand-painted Ceramic Multi-utility Storage Jar & Container (Airtight, 470 ML, Microwave Safe)

These beautiful hand-painted ceramic jars come in a radiant and majestic blue colour that nourishes every corner of your beautiful home. Handmade in ceramic with utmost precision and love, These elegant containers are made by expert artisans of India. The soothing blue colour motifs complement the white base of the multi-utility jars.

"Mughal Cylindrical" Floral Hand-painted Multi-Utility Storage Jar & Container In Ceramic (Non-Airtight, 380 ML, 5.2 Inch)

Inspired by the regal Mogul artistry, these phenomenal handmade Jars will surely leave a long-lasting impression on your guests. This collection has a tint of every colour, including red, white, blue, black that makes it a unique piece of art.

"Mughal Drum" Floral Hand-painted Multi Utility Storage Jar & Container In Ceramic (Non-Airtight, 570 ML, 6.1 Inch)

Exquisitely designed and embroidered with floral patterns, this unique range of Mughal art inspired Ceramic container will heighten any corner of your sweet abode. You can store anything ranging from chocolates, toffees, munchies, jewellery, spices in this multicoloured jar.

'Shatranj Checkered' Hand-painted Multi-Purpose Storage Jars & Containers in Ceramic (Airtight, Set of 2, 500 ML, 5.2 Inch)

Hand-painted in yellow represents unending happiness, positivity and warmth, the chess pattern inspired multi-purpose storage jar is perfect for organising your home. Elevate the aura of your homes with this beautiful handmade decor piece. 

"Mughal Cuboidal" Floral Hand-painted Multi Utility Storage Jar & Container In Ceramic (Airtight, 240 ML, 3.8 Inch)

This unique and remarkable piece of art created by traditional expert artists will add a sense of tranquillity and elegance to your spaces. In addition, exclusive Lane has a wide range of ceramic glass jars & containers that will uplift your moods instantly with its rich, vibrant, playful colours and textures. 

'Magma Echoing' Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Multi-Utility Storage Jars & Containers (940 ML)

The colour black and crimson together create a visually attractive range of ceramic jars. Hand-glazed studio pottery work is immensely popular worldwide for its intricate designs and colours. Expert artisans have handcrafted this amazing range of multi-utility jars to upgrade your indoor spaces.

With the above-mentioned jars and containers, you can reduce your usage of plastic to a great extent. However, there are many disadvantages of plastic jars that you are not even aware of that can cause some severe damage to our environment. At exclusive Lane, you will find a Wonderful collection of handcrafted items that are specially designed to adorn the indoor corners of your abode. Crafted by highly skilled expert craftsmen from hidden corners of the Indian subcontinent, these elegant designs will steal your heart. Apart from a magnificent collection of ceramic jars & containers, we have a huge range of wooden spice boxes, cutlery holder, coasters



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