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Various new items and materials are launched into the market daily. Some of them are pretty useful and can be termed as life saviours, but some are over-hyped. But, we can guarantee you that wooden cutlery falls under the category of valuable and life-changing goods. It is not a discovery. Wooden utensils have been in use since the 14th century. Yes, their popularity decreased in the timeline, but now, it has been established as a great product. 

Talking about the history of wooden cutlery, it first came into use during the rule of the Gajapathi Kings and was later picked up into service by the Vijayanagara emperors. After these emperors, their popularity decreased significantly, but again they were considered by the Nawabs and the Jagirs. This resulted in the rise in favour of wooden cutleries, and the Muslims took cutlery making and selling as an integral occupation. Thus, they visited the forests of Udaygiri to accumulate the woods they needed for the construction of these cutleries. Thus, the Udaygiri town of the Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh became famous for the Udaygiri Cutlery. This is pretty much the summed up history of wooden cutlery. 

These types of cutlery sets are used worldwide now, be it small bakeries or high-end restaurants and pretty street cafes. They look super adorable and aesthetic as well. They give you a gourmet vibe, looks charming. Anybody would love to have pesto with a wooden fork!

A wooden cutlery set includes everything that you practically need in your kitchen, like a cutlery set. This includes wooden spoons in different sizes, wooden spatula, wooden fork and a lot more. But, even after an intriguing history and aesthetic appearance, a question may arise, why choose them? What is their speciality, and what makes them stand out from the standard cutlery sets? Well, wooden cutlery has a lot of advantages in different spheres. There are innumerable benefits of eating food with a wooden spoon. You can find many websites for purchasing cutlery set online, but it is essential to choose the right website, else you can be deprived of the best! Coming back to the benefits of using them, we have a lot to talk about regarding that. The services can be divided into two categories. So, let’s get going with those:

Social and Environmental Benefits:

  • Wooden cutleries are way more eco-friendly than you think them to be. It is known to us all that wooden product is sustainable and can be used for the long run. Thus, they prove beneficial not only for the environment but also for economic, health, and social value.

  • Wooden cutleries are safe to be used, as they don’t have pointed and sharp edges like metal cutleries. Also, organisms, bacterias and viruses are spread through metals. They are contaminated more easily than wooden products.
  • They are tremendously beautiful and aesthetic to the eyes. Anybody will be impressed if you present them food, with wooden cutleries!
  • Wooden cutleries are disposable and, thus, biodegradable. Hence, you can help in a social and environmental cause if you take up wooden cutleries.
  • You can reuse and recycle them or even donate and compost them. This way, there is less wastage, and thus, it benefits the earth through that.

Benefits of using Wooden Cutlery for Cooking:

  • Your pans, cookers and other utensils are not damaged by wooden cutleries, unlike the regular ones which leave a scratch on your cookware.
  • Woods are non-conductors of heat. Hence you can use them with ease.
  • Wooden utensils and cutleries do not react with any chemicals or acids present in the food, thus, not leaving any metallic taste. Hence, it is a better choice.
  • Wooden spoons and wooden spatulas are easy to use, and they give you a better grip.
  • Wooden products have high durability. They are designed for the long run. Hence you don’t need to worry about the duration at all!
  • Wood does not get rusted, and hence it has no chances of getting damaged.

So, we can say that using wooden spoons is way better than ordinary and boring spoons. But, there are many myths related to using wooden cutleries, and it is high time to break those stereotypical thoughts. 

  • Whoever said that washing wooden utensils is way more problematic when compared to steel was wrong! You just need to wash it properly and make sure that no food is stuck to the body of the spoon or spatula, and trust me, it does not take that much effort. It’s just like washing any other utensil.
  • Many people think that the beauty of wooden cutleries fades very soon. The glossy effect is soon gone. Well, wine tastes better as it grows older, and so is the case with wooden cutleries. If you take proper care of it, it will give you outstanding results.
  • Wooden spoons get stained very easily. Well, they won’t if you take proper care and follow the ethical guidelines.
  • Wooden spoons are flammable- A BIG NO. They are non-conductors of heat, but yes, they are good conductors of fire. Just don’t keep it close to the flame. That is it. You don’t have to worry about heated cookware. You can quickly cook with wooden spoons.

So, we can say that it is you who will decide the fate of your cutlery. They need proper care, but if you can handle and use them properly, you will be amazed by the way your cooking game will change! So, don’t think much, just go for wooden cutlery!

You can also visit and check out the fantastic collection of cutlery! Choose wooden cutlery today and make the world a better place. As we know, wooden cutlery is an eco-friendly product, so they benefit you and the whole society, and our mother earth!

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