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Have you ever been to a family or friend’s home and thought it smelled so inviting? You also probably wondered what it was that had their home smelling so good. It could be a number of things, but of all of those things, Aroma Diffusers are the best.

Aroma Diffusers work wonders for your home, not just as a way to add the most incredible fragrance to your home, but also to relax your senses. Aroma Diffusers are known to have therapeutic effects and are sometimes called Aromatherapy Diffusers because of those effects. It works by emitting essential oils into the air and filling the space with the most wonderful scents. These scented oils are made with the sole purpose of relation in mind.

So, after a long and stressful day, come back home to this relaxing and wondrous scent emitting from your aroma diffuser from Exclusive Lane.

Benefits of Aroma Diffusers

The Aroma Diffusers from ExclusiveLane have a lot of benefits which are:

  1. Relaxation:

The essential oils which are put into these aroma diffusers help with relaxation. The soothing smell and effects of these oils dispersed by the aroma diffusers help you to de-stress and relax after a long, hectic day. You can do this while taking a warm bath, when getting into your yoga routine, or reading a book and sipping a cup of tea. Use it when you feel it works best for you.

  1. Better focus and clarity:

These Aromatherapy diffusers that emit scents from essential oils that help calm and relax you are good to clear your mind. Aromatherapy is not only good for you mentally, but also physically as well. When picking out your scents, pick something citrusy to give you a boost of alertness that will help you concentrate.

  1. Improve your mood:

A few minutes of aromatherapy every day or any other self-care will help you improve your mood. Aroma Diffusers disperse scents of essential oils into the air, and that not only relaxes you and calms you, it improves your mood, making you feel positive and happy.

  1. Achiness and Pain:

Aromatherapy helps relieve aching joints and soothe the skin. It improves your mood and well-being, as well as relieves joint pain. This helps reduce the pain psychologically and can even stimulate sleep. It helps stop your racing mind and promotes a night of better sleep.

  1. Healthy Digestive System:

Certain essential oils offer relief from issues like stomach pain from a full stomach to a queasy one. These essential oils make processing food easy so it doesn’t cause any issues for you. These essential oils also encourage healthy eating habits. Because smell is a factor in feeling hungry and/or satisfied, these oils manage your cravings and help you cut back on your calorie intake.

  1. Healthy skin and better circulation:

Quick healing, and recovery, are other hidden benefits of using oil diffusers. It encourages healthier skin, and lessens skin irritations like a mild rash, redness, and helps with anti-ageing by relaxing your face and keeping you calm and relaxed. It reduces swelling and promotes blood circulation. This improves the appearance of your skin making you look and feel healthy.

What is an Oil Diffuser and how does it work?

An oil diffuser breaks down essential oils into small molecules and then disperses them into your environment for a calming and relaxing effect.

There are various types of oil diffusers and they all work differently.

  1. Ultrasonic Diffusers or Humidifiers disperse essential oils in the form of a mist which is broken down by vibrations and dispensed into the air.
  2. Heat Diffusers or Electric Diffusers use heat, commonly electric, to disperse the oils by evaporating them silently into the air. The heat changes the chemical composition of the essential oils which makes it more/less intense.
  3. Evaporative Diffusers disperse oils with the use of a fan which turns the oil into gas. Although, during the evaporation process, the oil loses its potency.
  4. Nebuliser/Nebulising Diffusers dispense a mist of the purest form of oil by the means of pressurised air.

7 Art-Types of Aroma Oil Diffusers at ExclusiveLane

ExclusiveLane has 7 different unique art types of Aroma Oil Diffusers you can choose from all handcrafted just for you.

  • The studio pottery are sleek ceramic diffusers with unique designs available in various forms, shapes, and colours like the one-of-a-kind tea light holders. 
  • The handmade and hand-painted aroma diffusers are made with different materials like clay-based terracotta, the pure and clean hand-painted ones made with mango wood, etc. 
  • The Hand Hammered diffusers made with sheet metal among other materials are various colour shades of iron with a perforated top to dispense the essential oils. 
  • The Hand Glazed aroma diffusers are made with various materials like ceramic, they are available in different styles and designs. 
  • The Hand carved diffusers are made with soapstone among other materials. 
  • The Hand-etched in Moroccan pattern is made in different unique designs that doubles as a home/room decor.

ExclusiveLane has other lighting decors like their wax candles and candle holders. All of these lighting items are made individually, with patience and utmost care. ExclusiveLane has other home decors, kitchenware, garden decor, and furniture to check out. Their wide range of these collections are made with various materials available in different price ranges.

Shop the different types of Oil Diffusers available at ExclusiveLane handicraft store.

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