7 Ways to Use Moroccan Decor to Amp Up the Look of Your Home

Although many countries around the world are known for their art and culture, Morocco has something about it that sets it apart. The carefree nature of the African country, the bohemian vibes in the air, the cool yellow of the sand, and the comforting blue of the ocean. The beautiful country set along the Mediterranean Sea is filled with beauty for everyone, from fashion lovers to art lovers. 

If you’re also a lover of the Moroccan style, you can make it a part of your home by adding Moroccan décor to your interiors, using just a few knick-knacks. Keep reading for some great Moroccan design interior tips:


Perfect accessories for bathroom

Give your bathroom a comforting feel of the beaches of Morocco by adding beautiful accessories. Choose a set of soap trays, soap dispenser, and tumbler and toothbrush holder made with ceramics. These hand-painted and glazed moroccan decor accessories will add a colorful touch to your bathroom. You can choose the color combination that goes with the décor of your bathroom well. These moroccan style bathroom accessories are perfect for enhancing the beauty of every washbasin countertop.


Enjoy the teatime more

Make your teatime more fun and livelier with the stunning moroccan style tea set having cups and saucers with pastel yellow border and blue geometric patterns all over it. These little additions can enhance the feel of Moroccan home decor. You can make your guests feel welcomed with these. Try kulhads too if you wish to drink tea traditionally with a deep slurping sound. You can also use platters with the same theme for serving snacks along with tea or coffee.


Extravagant dinnerware for a bohemian feel

The perfect way to add a bohemian feel to your dinner table is using a Moroccan dinner set. A complete set with plates and bowls can surely make every meal interesting. Made with ceramic and glazed at a very high temperature, these dinnerware sets can also be used in the microwave if you want to heat a meal. Save  them for a special occasion or make every meal special by adding them to your moroccan style decor.


Flaunt your green thumb with Elegant planters

Enhance the beauty of your Moroccan design interior with these beauties. Everyone loves to have green plants in their homes so why not plant some with elegant planters. Ceramic hand-glazed planters with a feel of Moroccan seashore and sand will make your balcony look vivid. Additionally, you can use these planters in your home if you want to grow some indoor plants. Make sure you put the planters in the right way when putting them in the pots add a plate underneath to protect the floor from staining. If you want to keep fresh plants on your work table or windowsill, these planters are available in the perfect size.


Unconventional tableware for a boho-chic look

Why stick to the usual tableware when you can add a boho-chic vibe to your dinner table with stunning Moroccan inspired serving ware. Glazed and hand-painted serving bowls, Moroccan plate, beer mugs, pickle and chutney jars with a tray, salt and pepper shakers, storage jars, platters, and trays, and many other beautiful tableware ideas are available to explore. You can follow a single theme for every set of tableware or go with some handpicked vibrant moroccan decor pieces to make your guests feel jealous. Go with ceramic dinnerware as it can be used in the microwave easily and keeps the food warm for longer durations. 


Add dramatic details with intricate vases

Each corner of your home deserves to be decked up with elegant Moroccan home accessories. A gorgeous flower vase with various shapes and designs having Moroccan style decor patterns all over it will complete the look of your home interiors. To enhance its beauty, use flowers that complement its design and color. The vases can be used to decorate a large table or to hang over a fireplace to add a focal point to the room.


Rugs and pillows for extra comfort with style

Apart from ceramics, Moroccan themed rugs and pillows are also a great way to enhance the beauty of the house. For creating a dramatic effect, use softer shades on sofa, chair, or curtains, adding vibrant rugs and pillows with geometric shapes inspired by Moroccan art. You can also get creative by using contrast combination shades to make your home look beautiful. Whether it is the living room, bedroom, or even your balcony, these home décor ideas will go perfectly with every setting. You can even play with lights using candle stands, tealight holders, or lamps with this theme.

If you like vibrant décor or something a little more classy and subtle, then the Moroccan theme would be perfect for you. Give your house that mesmerizing, dazzling look by painting it white, then adding bold colors and geometric prints all over to give it the dazzling look. These easy décor ideas will make your entire home the envy of your neighbors and guests. Stores like ExclusiveLane sell these accessories online, sourcing their décor and tableware from Indian artisans. These décor ideas were handcrafted by artisans in the lanes of Uttar Pradesh to add warmth to your home.

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