7 Best wooden hand carved home decor items

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Wooden Home Decor items have been incredibly popular for interior designing purposes worldwide for their aesthetic appearance and intricate designs. They enhance the look of your homes and give it a rustic look. A well carved and detailed wooden home décor can immediately grab the attention of the people. Many such wooden handicrafts depict rich Indian culture and tradition with their engraved figurines and designs. They are generally made by local artisans belonging to different parts of the nation. Some home decor wooden items have the usual wooden colour while some are painted in bright and radiant colours. People nowadays decorate their living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen with hand printed designer home décor items made up of wood. We have enlisted 7 wooden items for home decoration.:


1.    "Alluring Owl" Hand-Carved Block Wall Hook & Towel Holder In Sheesham Wood

Wooden Accessories for Home have their own aesthetic look and can change the overall look of your house. This brown coloured towel holder has an elegant look and allows the wooden blocks to flaunt their natural colour. These traditional designs preserve our legacy and promote our Indian culture and tradition. They are small in size and can be put anywhere to add a minimalistic yet sophisticated touch to your house.



2.    The Imperial Camels' Hand Carved & Hand Painted Blue Pottery Showpiece In Eucalyptus Wood

  Wooden home decors add a significant grace and elegance to the aesthetics of your homes. Made up of eucalyptus wood, The Imperial Camels celebrate the tradition and culture of Rajasthan. The colourful hues and exquisite designs carved over the showpiece depict the ancient folklores of India. These fascinating designs are eye-catching and eco friendly. Simply royal and charming pieces will add a pleasant touch to your living rooms.



3.    Multicoloured Wooden Parrot Table Organiser

How cool and convenient is it to decorate and organize your tables at the same time? These beautifully handcrafted wooden table organisers will help you arrange all your stationery items. With its multicoloured designs, it serves its decorating purposes. It has a pleasing appearance and is also extremely useful in the households.



4.    Magnetic Om Pair' Hand-Painted Fridge Magnets In Chilbil Wood (Set of 2)

Made up of Cilbil wood, these beautiful fridge magnets celebrate our traditional artisans’ handwork and artistic abilities.. Apart from serving its aesthetic purposes, this set of fridge magnets have a spiritual touch to it. With vibrant colours and intricate designs, they are perfect for your interiors. They enhance the beauty of your kitchen or dining rooms and instantly attracts the attention of our guests. The Om being a symbol of peace and tranquillity is known to spread positive energy throughout your home.



5.    Mandala Pair' Hand Carved Block Wall Décor In Sheesham Wood (Set of 2)

The wooden art home decorations look ravishing on the walls of the houses. This beautiful pair of Mandala art wall décor symbolizes the tradition of art forms in India and gives a colourful and elegant look to your rooms. These can be placed anywhere, be it your living rooms, dining rooms, balcony or garden. The bright yellow colour is refreshing and graceful for your interiors.



6.    Teak Wood Bird Of Aromas Spice Box (9 Compartments)

An integral part of home décor is a proper organisation with style. Handcrafted in teak wood, this rectangular shaped spice box allows you to store different rich Indian aromatic spices in its nine separate compartments. It enhances the look of your kitchen and prevents unnecessary clutter. The beautiful brown colour of the teak and colourful carved bird on the lid simply captures the attention



7.    Sunset Orange & Ocean Blue Handpainted Warli & Dhokra Wooden Tray

The fusion of India’s.two most beautiful art forms, namely Dhokra and Warli, make this wooden tray one of a kind. With its exquisite designs painted on the tray and its handle, these make your tea times both aesthetic and elegant at the same time



If you want affordable and beautiful wooden accessories for your home we have got a wide range of wooden carved home décor items that will enhance the beauty of your interiors.

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