5 Hand painted Cutlery set designs to flaunt your Indian roots


When you have guests over dinner, you would flaunt your designer cutlery set that is inspired by your Indian roots. Think of how your guests will appreciate your collection and taste for designer cutlery sets

Cutleries are precise but essential components to make a style statement at your dining table. These are precious that you save for those special occasions. So spending a little more money and selecting your cutleries that match your dinner plates and other accessories on the table. 

We have to bring to you 5 hand-painted cutlery set designs that are connected to Indian roots. To add glamour to the cutlery sets all the designs are mostly engraved on stainless steel and ceramic material. To add variation to the texture, you will also find wooden cutleries on this list.

5 hand-painted designer cutlery set inspired by Indian roots

  1. "The Mughal Paich Daar" Hand-Painted Table Spoons In Stainless Steel & Ceramic (Set of 6)- Color blue is long associated with loyal appearance. The set of 6 tablespoons is a must-have for your table. The ceramic handle is hand-painted in blue, yellow, and white to make the colors pop. This is the right choice for your dining table if you have guests over lunch. The shiny ceramic handle is rich in look as well as feel.

  1. "The Mughal Zahri" Hand-Painted Serving Spoon Set In Stainless Steel & Ceramic (Set of 2)- The design of these serving spoons are inspired by the Mughal and Persian style. The green and white miniature hand painting details on the serving spoons make it an attention seeker.

  1. The Mughal Patti" Hand-Painted Serving Fork & Scraper In Stainless Steel & Ceramic (Set of 2)- This is another useful cutlery that you cannot miss to have in your arsenal. The color combination on the ceramic makes this a special piece. This set of two comprises a scrapper and a fork that can be used to serve food to guests. The Mughal inspired design will surely bring you much appreciation.

  1. Cane Handwoven Bar Cutlery Set In Sheesham Wood, Brass Coated Steel & Iron (Set of 4)-If you want to make your own style statement with designer cutlery, then this is a must-have for you. The elegant design and the rich look of the copper coating along with the wooden frame make this piece a distinctive one. Simply place this on the table and use this as a decor as well as for utility.

  1. "The Mughal Zahri" Hand-Painted Cake Server & Bread Knife In Stainless Steel & Ceramic (Set of 2)- Celebrations are incomplete without a cake, and for that, you need designer cutlery set to complement your beautiful cake on the table. Take the opportunity to make your table setup stand out by using these cake servers and bread knives in ceramic handles.

The designer cutlery sets are highly inspired by the Persian and Mughal dynasty. The look and feel of each piece are elegant and rich. Add the elegance of these hand-painted Cutlery set designs and flaunt your Indian roots. 


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