5 Beautifully Crafted Tea Cups That Will Enhance The Taste Of Your Tea


We all love our share of teacups, don't we? From dainty sets to the ones that remind us of the earthen flavour – one can never have enough teacups, can they? If you love hosting your guests to a nice range of teacups or if you often browse for tea cups online wishing, you could have this or that – then, it is time you got the teacups that you want for yourself! However, for teacups, there are so many choices. Which one will I go for is an eternal question that every teacup lover has faced! How to resolve the issue then?


We have a specially curated list of 5 types of teacups that would add the real spark to your kitchenware and accessories! Let's take a look:


Hand Painted Ceramic Cups

If you have been looking for tea cups online, then you must have come across these. You probably do not know them by their nomenclature, but those teacups which you see with beautiful crude handprints are the ones that we are talking about. They come in different colour combinations – you can either opt for pastel shades, nudes or even go for the ones that pop out. One of the most preferred colours is grey and a combination of yellow and blue. So far as motifs are concerned, leaves and florals are something which is trending. Warli painting human figures also make for a good design. If you want to keep it indie and popping, then these are the cups that we recommend you to go for.

Ideal for: Those winter afternoon teas that you share with your loved ones; even perfect for friends when they come over for tea.



Semi Curves cups

Another very popular design that has gained a lot of traction these days are the semi-cups. These are basically smaller teacups and they have an extremely dainty feel to them if you check out these tea cups online. They come in floral designs and in solid colours as well. If you are opting for a set like this, then our suggestion is that you go for the ones that come with saucers because they complement the semi curve look much better. So, if you are hosting a dainty tea party, then this would make for the ideal go-to choice!

Ideal for: Tea parties and get together are the occasions in which they work best.



Dual Glazed Ceramic Cups

Okay so here’s another design which has won the hearts of those who love to minimalize. No fancy colours, just simple experiments with cream and brown – that’s what the dual glazed ceramic cups are all about. These tea cups online are something that you have to purchase for yourself if you want to keep it simple and elegant. You can either go with the semi curves cup and saucer sets, or you can opt for the tumbler shapes that they come in as well. Whatever the shape, dual glazed ceramic cups have a charm of their own.

Ideal for: tea or coffee that you want to sip quietly at home.



Tea Glasses

Are you a fan of keeping it absolutely desi? Well, then when you are looking for tea cups online look for tea glasses in holders. Yes, we are talking about re-creating the cutting chai feel at home. How can you do that? A kettle of milk tea and of course, these cutting chai tea glasses. Simple and yet with a charm of their own, they will surely work really well for your guests. Plus, they help in adding a charm to your kitchen décor, not to mention, creating a long-lasting impression!

Ideal for: An evening tea shared with friends over a game of Jenga!



Earthen cups

And last but not the least, let us come to the favourite of all tea cups online – the earthen cups or also known as kullads. They are simple and help to create the feel of having tea in nature. Earthen cups have a charm of their own which can rarely be surpassed. So if you are fond of keeping everything organic and simple, then this is the one that you should be opting for. Your suggestion is that you go for a set, instead of just one.

Ideal for: A quiet tea on your own or even one shared with friends and family.



So, these are 5 types of teacup designs which will add just the right bling to your tea time. There are many more as well as terracotta teacups or even mugs that you can also check out when looking for tea cups online. Just make sure that when you are selecting a set, you have its utility and need in mind!


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