'Glowing Peacock'Handmade Brass Candle Holder In Dhokra Art
'Glowing Peacock'Handmade Brass Candle Holder In Dhokra Art
'Glowing Peacock'Handmade Brass Candle Holder In Dhokra Art
'Glowing Peacock'Handmade Brass Candle Holder In Dhokra Art
'Glowing Peacock'Handmade Brass Candle Holder In Dhokra Art
'Glowing Peacock'Handmade Brass Candle Holder In Dhokra Art

'Glowing Peacock'Handmade Brass Candle Holder In Dhokra Art

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SKU: EL-008-143
COLOUR: Golden
ART TYPE: Dhokra Art which is 100% handmade using the lost-wax casting technique.


The sun rays shed into a brilliance of mosaics, sweeping through the wisp of the clouds, turning the world of dreamy nights into one of living art. The air was filled with festivity and the atmosphere was thriving with streaks of belongingness. In the ever-smiling village of the East, happiness ran through the cluster of closely built homes like blood pumping through the arteries, giving life to the heart of India; the villages. The man on khatiya was given company by the golden birds as they chirped a tribute to the sleeping the bones of the ancestors, those who became the muse for the craftsmen and musicians at work. The twinkling melody travelled through every soul, connecting them together; Lord Ganesha, the deer, elephants, peacock, the men and women reading; all became part of the hymn that could only be felt in the realms of the paths of mud and in the duvet of greens, in a village that was no less than a fairy-tale from our childhood book, displaying a scenery of a prosperous neighbourhood too beautiful to overlook.

Paying tribute to the Kandha tribute community of the district of Mayurbhanj of the vibrant state of Odisha for carrying the legacy of the Dhokra Art for centuries, 'Echoes of the Village' is a delicacy that is embraced by the exquisite artistry of metal figurines given life through bronze and copper-based alloys using a lost wax casting. The Kandha tribe summon their muse for inspiration and create a core smaller than the desired artefact with clay and provided a wax layer to be dried under the warmth of the ultimate source of heat; the Sun. The core is layered with a thin clay and the alluring details of the structures are carved with the skills that took years to master. The molten metal is poured into the cavity once the wax has dried off and set aside to give the mould a shape that would soon grace your house with their charms. The metal artefact is extracted from the cooled off clay mould like a vivacious butterfly breaking free from her shell, revealing its beauty to the whole world to witness. Patina is applied to the artefacts along with a coat of wax as a protective layer of adornment and care.

Inspired by the Indian tribal life and delicately handmade in Brass, the 'Glowing Peacock' is a candle holder, made with love by our tribal artisans from the interiors of Eastern India.
The artefacts of the tribal life, represent an ancient Indian tribal brass craft known as Dhokra which dates back to 4000 years. This set of figurines, is surely going to bring with itself a fragment of raw Indian tribal culture to your living space.


-Perfect to be put in a living room to create a relaxing atmosphere and an auspicious aura.
-Can be considered as a gift option for your loved ones.
-100% Handmade in brass.
-Depicts Dhokra Art which is 100% handmade using lost-wax casting technique.
-This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.
-Comes in Golden Colour.
-Comes in the following dimensions: 3.9"(L), 2.0"(W), 3.0"(H) Inch in size.
-This is 100% handmade by the local tribes of India.
-The product is lead free.
-This is 100% handmade by the local tribes of India.
-Comes in a raw antique finish.
ART TYPE: Dhokra Art which is 100% handmade using the lost-wax casting technique.
DIMENSIONS: (L * W * H) = (3.9 * 2.0 * 3.0) Inch
COLOR: Golden


-Does not come with the candle.
-As this product is completely handmade there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.
-The weight of the candle holder is 195 grams.
-Comes in a raw antique finish.
-Wipe off with a dry cloth and do not use abrasive material for cleaning.
1 Candle Holder
Wipe with a dry cloth.
Lost-wax casting technique is still used for non-ferrous metal casting in Dhokra Art.
Solid casting and hollow casting are the two different ways in which lost wax casting can be done. Solid casting is predominantly done in Southern India and uses solid piece of wax to create mould while, in hollow casting clay core is used which is more traditional and it is more common in Central and Eastern India.

Before Any Artisan Sits To Make The Figure, He Prays For Guidance From Tristram (son Of Lord Vishwakarma), Said To Be An Expert In Metal Alloys. In the dawn of the day, the artisans wakes up to form the clay core which is roughly the shape of the final cast image. This process defines what our product will be. The Artisans with all of his concentration while sitting in the Eastern part of India forms it. Next step is covering the clay core with layer of wax which is composed of ingredients which are very difficult to find in forests of village, these are pure beeswax, resin from the tree Damara orientalis, and nut oil.
When the wax solidifies, in the dawn of the day artisans starts with shaping and carving the mould in all of its finer details of design and decorations. Then again, a layer of clay is applied on it which takes negative form of the wax. Drain ducts are left for the wax, which melts away when the clay is cooked this shows the impeccable design and process of dhokra art.
The wax is then replaced with Brass; it hardens between the core and the inner surface of mould. The metal takes the same shape as the wax. Here the manufacturing process doesn’t stops, then the artisans give his/her finer touches and polish it as desired.