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For the ones who love the taste of fresh herbs and Indian spice history in their food, ExclusiveL...Read More

For the ones who love the taste of fresh herbs and Indian spice history in their food, ExclusiveLane brings mortar and pestles, a must for every kitchen. Convenient to use these mortar pestle also serves as a kitchen decorative accessory.Read Less

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    Mortar and Pestle: Your must kitchen essential

    Well, if you have been wondering what exactly you need to get for your kitchen next, then our suggestion is to buy mortar and pestle online. Why do you ask? Well, because it is the star of your kitchen! How? Let us walk you through to understand.

    What makes a mortar and pestle essential for your kitchen

    The more you cook with fresh ingredients, the better will be the taste, if you love your share of spice, that is to say, then this is something that you need to have. Instead of using ground pepper, how about using some that you can freshly grind from peppercorns? Sounds way better, right? Well for that, you will need your mortar and pestle. From the different variety of spices to other essential items, when it comes to grinding something dry, you will need the best mortar and pestle.

    However, it is not simple to find the right mortar and pestle in India. There are a few things that you will have to remember to get your hands on the right set! Let’s take a look at some things that you need to take note of when you want mortar and pestle buy online:

    1) The first and the most important bit – the material. We suggest that you go for a material that is hard and sturdy. Either opt for wood or stone. The stones will be more expensive and hence if you want to keep it light and breezy in your pocket then we suggest that you make sure you go for a stone mortar and pestle online or wooden mortar and pestle online in India. Pick out the one which you like the most and make it a part of your kitchen! You might get tempted to opt for a handmade mortar and pestle in glass, but try to avoid that if you are thinking of using it daily. Why? They tend to be quite fragile and hence are not meant for too heavy work. If you want to keep it as a symbolic decoration, then glass ones are not bad. While stone ones in marble and granite are traditional ones if you want to go for something which is sustainable then we suggest that you stick to wooden ones.

    2) The next thing to consider is size. The size of the mortar and pestle should be such that the spices do not fall out of it when you are grinding them. Hence going for a small one will not exactly provide for your mortar and pestle needs. So, you keep the size a medium standard one.

    3) Pay particular attention to the bottom when you are shopping for mortar and pestle online shopping in India. A round bottom ensures that you will be able to grind the spices well and hence you should go for one like that. The point is to crush your spices right and hence you will need them around the bottom.

    Mortar and pestle as a part of your kitchen décor

    While you are making your choice, do not forget that you will have to take care of the decorative set that you have for your kitchen. For example, if you are going for a wooden one, then you can also opt for wooden spice boxes to complement it. Sounds beautiful right? 

    You also need to take care of other items in your kitchen like kullads, salt-pepper shakers and kitchen accessories which will blend with your mortar pestle online from the best Indian handicrafts store ExclusiveLane.

    Keeping every factor in mind, we suggest you go with a wooden one because not only will it meet all your basic mortar and pestle uses but it will also blend well with your other kitchen accessories. After all, wooden mortar and pestles have a charm of their own.

    FAQS About Mortar & Pestle

    Is wood a good material for mortar and pestles?

    Yes! Usually, people tend to go for marble/stone mortar and pestle, which are definitely a good option, but they’re pretty expensive. So if you’re looking for something that’s in your budget, and yet as essential as a stone mortar and pestle, then wooden mortar and pestles are the answer. Not only are they hard and sturdy, but also light and perfect for grinding and crushing your spices for a fresh flavour in your everyday food. It is the most sustainable option if you’re looking for mortar and pestles online in India.

    What’s the use of a mortar and pestle?

    A mortar and pestle is a set of two tools that have been used since the Stone Age to prepare ingredients or substances by grinding/crushing them into a fine powder. Characteristically, the mortar is a bowl and the pestle is a blunt, club-shaped object using which the ingredients are destroyed in the bowl. Mortar and pestles online are available in a lot of different types of materials ranging from stones like granite to wood to even glass. Mortars and pestles have also been in use for pharmaceutical purposes.

    What is the best material for a mortar and pestle?

    Mortars and pestles online are available in a lot of different types of materials. Every material has its own value and is used for its own specific purposes. However, if you’re looking for some sustainable and durable options here’s what you can go for - 

     Granite: Granite mortars and pestles are some of the most versatile. With their weight and slightly irregular surface, it becomes quite easy to crush a variety of substances.

     Marble: Marble mortars and pestles are heavy, and thus, are great for crushing spices, pounding garlic and ginger, etc. However, it's super smooth surface doesn’t work well for crushing herbs, nuts and seeds etc, making it a slightly less usable product.

     Wood: This forms one of the best materials for mortars and pestles as it is lightweight and sustainable. However, the only setback is making sure that you use it for the same purpose repeatedly as the flavour of spices tends to linger in the bowl.


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