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Serving platters made of wood are elegant and everlasting. Wooden serving trays are a traditional...Read More

Serving platters made of wood are elegant and everlasting. Wooden serving trays are a traditional serving element because of their understated form and chic carved handles. They enrich the cultural landscape of the current era. Unexpectedly, the matte surface and chic appearance remain in style for a very long time. Indian households have used wooden trays for ages and adore them. A large selection of hardwood trays from ExclusiveLane are available to enhance your hospitality while also adding beauty and elegance. Read Less

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    19 products


    Durable and Effortless Wooden Trays

    There are a few possibilities when it comes to selecting cutlery and kitchen utensils. They can be made of plastic, stainless steel, or aluminium. Unfortunately, plastic is used for most kitchen items in modern homes, including serving trays and cutting boards. But it's undeniably the worst material because it's so harmful to the environment and your health. Therefore, why not select a wooden serving tray if you are looking to purchase a new one? You'll undoubtedly come across a handful of the greatest wood serving trays currently on the market. Sheesham and wooden wood are used to make the majority of the greatest serving trays you can get that are worth your money. Unlike trays made of plastic, these wooden trays can tolerate heat and are difficult to break. Numerous studies have shown that wood, particularly Sheesham wood, are less likely to harbour microorganisms that cause illness. The majority of research indicates that using cooking utensils and accessories made of wood is safer since wood naturally has "germ-killing" qualities that keep disease-causing bacteria out of complicated, hard-to-clean spaces. 

     Now that you are aware of how a wooden tray will undoubtedly complete your kitchen's necessities, order the greatest wooden trays online from ExclusiveLane!

    Get Wooden Serving Trays only from ExclusiveLane

    Trays are one of the most crucial kitchen tools and have a significant impact. A tray is required for everything, including serving food to guests, transporting kitchen equipment from the kitchen to the dining room, and keeping the utensils organised on the dining table. Since trays provide us with so many advantages, it is crucial that we select the best trays for our homes. Speaking of the greatest trays, our specialists at ExclusiveLane conducted research and came to the conclusion that wooden serving trays are the best trays.

    We have many different types of wooden trays available at ExclusiveLane. Our wooden trays are exquisitely made from materials such as Sheesham wood, Mango wood, steam beach wood, the combination of Sheesham and Mango wood, Mango wood and iron, acrylic and brass, and Sheesham wood and cane. Our wooden serving trays are well-designed and well-constructed, with sturdy and strong arms that are easy to grab and hold. This makes them easier to use because of their non-slip grips. In that regard, it greatly facilitates and expedites serving. They are ideal for everyday use and make for an interesting gift choice.

    The natural appearance of our wood serving trays is one of the biggest benefits of purchasing them. Natural woods have a clean, regal, and timeless aesthetic. Our wooden tray's imaginative and artistic design provides the kitchen with a really lovely appearance. We have wooden trays with many art forms, including Warli art, Madhubani art, Cane Hand Weaving, Hand-Carved, Hand-Etched, Hand-Painted, and Handcrafted.

    In addition, we provide square wooden trays, round wooden trays, cheese boards, wooden serving platters, tray tables, wooden tea trays, and wooden tray sets made of high-quality, long-lasting materials that are very simple to maintain.

    Are you considering purchasing a lovely wooden tray for your home already? It's a fantastic idea! Why are you holding out? Buy some beautiful wooden trays for your kitchen right now to make it even more lovely than before.

    Why ExclusiveLane?

    India, unquestionably one of the most beautiful nations, is frequently remembered for preserving its historical traditions and culture as they were practised in the past. This country, which is rich in culture, is home to a variety of historic artists and their handicrafts, many of whom have managed to conceal their true identities and get access to markets both domestic and beyond.

    As a result, ExclusiveLane was created out of a passion for handcrafted products. The firm aspires to handpick only handcrafted products from rural Indian craftsmen in order to help them uncover their abilities via their exquisite handicraft creations. We want to provide authentic, inexpensive products that showcase variety, heritage, and traditional art to urban consumers. ExclusiveLane has enjoyed entering the market for handcrafted products on both the domestic and global levels. The only mission of the company is to provide for the economic advancement of the artisans who are engaged in safeguarding the history of India's handicrafts sector.

    We also provide high-quality Console Tables, Coffee Table Sets, Coffee Tables, wooden furniture, Plates & Platters, Dinner Sets, Trays, Bowls, Kadhai & Handis, Chapati Boxes, and a variety of other products in addition to wooden trays.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What wood is used for trays?

    Usually, woods like Sheesham wood, mango wood and hardwood is used to make trays.

    How thick should a serving tray be?

    Overall, your serving tray ought to be half the size of your table or ottoman.

    How do you decorate a wooden serving tray?

    You can decorate a wooden serving tray by painting it using fabric colours, and ribbons, or keeping small coasters on the tray. It will make it look fancy!

    How do you protect wooden trays?

    You can protect wooden trays by cleaning them with a damped cloth after every use and using rubbing a lemon slice over the entire surface to remove any smell.

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