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Bihar is the land of long and rich illustrious history. It has been the focus of historians' interest from ancient times to the present. In the rich cultural heritage of Bihar, powerful dynasties such as the Magadha Majanapadas, the Mauryan Empire, and the Gupta Empire thrived. Some notable names in Indian history, such as Ashok, Chandragupta Mauryan, and Gautam Buddha, the emblem of peace and nonviolence, have their origins in Bihar. Some of the world's biggest faiths, like Buddhism and Jainism, were birthed on this land. 

As a result, the History of Arts & Crafts of Bihar is naturally rich in many ways. The rich tradition of art and crafts has been passed down from generation to generation, with minor alterations owing to the entrance of contemporary technology. 

Its distinguishing traits are the innate beauty and extraordinary ingenuity of Bihar's Trending Arts & Crafts. These artistic marvels have been preserved in various forms, including ancient stone, timber constructions, grasscloth, lacquerware, and metal crafts. Bihar's artisans have succeeded in producing artistic objects that are in high demand in both domestic and international markets. 

Famous Artforms of Bihar

  1. Madhubani Paintings 

The Mithila area of Bihar is where the Madhubani painting, as the name implies, is commonly used, especially by women artists of Bihar. The Ramayana is when the Madhubani paintings first appeared. The hand-painted art of Bihar was first created on canvas, handmade paper, and fabric. Madhubani paintings mostly include natural elements like the sun and moon and Hindu religious characters as Trending Arts & Crafts of Bihar

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  1. Rock Paintings 

Rock paintings are one type of artwork found on the walls and ceilings of prehistoric people's cave homes. These artworks reflected their social, cultural, religious, and economic lives. They drew primarily natural subjects, including the sun, moon, stars, animals, birds, plants, trees, rivers, etc. In addition, they frequently drew mundane activities like jogging, dancing, and walking. With the use of sharp items, such as rock or metal pieces, these mural arts of Bihar were carved on the walls and ceilings of the rock shelters. 

     2.  Wooden Work 

Famous art forms of Bihar have a long tradition of wooden crafts, including toys and furniture. From the beginning of Mauryan history, and especially since the reign of Ashok, it has maintained a top ranking in terms of aesthetic splendour, originality, toughness, and affordability. During Ashok's reign, Bihari woodworkers made beautiful royal thrones, gates or doors, and temple panels. 

Due to the enormous demand for woodwork in the Indian and global markets, this long-standing and rich heritage has given way to significant enterprises. The city of Patna is well-known for producing wooden toys.

   3. Wood Carvings 

During the Mauryan era, wood carving was a widely popular craft representing the art culture of Bihar. During that time, dwellings were fashioned of wood by carving. The artisans of Bihar, one of the few regions where wood carving is still done, have not only conserved this old craft but also turned it into a source of income. Bihar is one of the rare areas where wood carving and inlay work are still performed. Here, wall plaques, table tops, pens, and paper cutters are all made of wood and inlaid with various materials, including metal, ivory, stag horn, and wood chips. Currently, Patna is renowned for producing carved doors and windows. 

    4. Pottery 

The history of clay pottery making in Bihar is extensive. The practice of this craft dates back to the Mauryan and Gupta eras in Bihar. Archaeological digs verified the existence of this creative technique in Bihar at sites like Nalanda and Rajgir. Bihar's potters produce exquisite clay kitchenware and tiles. They possess the talent and ability to paint exquisitely creative designs on earthenware. For this kind of job, Patna is well known. The creation of earthen statues of different gods and goddesses is another Patna speciality. 

   5. Bamboo Arts 

Bamboo craftsmanship has been a craft of Bihar's culture over the millennia. Forest-dwelling people have been skilled in bamboo and cane handicrafts since prehistoric times. They manufactured baskets, household crafts, woven mats, furniture, and cane products such as cane furniture and other ornamental artefacts. By applying their expertise and abilities, they converted these dead bamboo and cane into objects of enormous worth in everyday life.

  1. Sikki Work 

"Sikki", a type of grass, is common along most of the riverbank. Through the art of sikki work, artisans transformed this once-useless riverbed weed into lovely ornamental items. Women artisans in Bihar primarily perform this technique. This grass is a famous art form of Bihar used to make lovely toys and goods. After gathering and drying the grass, the artisans sew these grasses into various shapes, such as elephants, birds, snakes, and tortoises. They later paint these toys in various brilliant hues to make them look more appealing. 

  1. Kasida Embroidery 

Handicrafts of Bihar, Kasida's works with geometrical motifs are quite popular. Patna is a well-known centre for this sort of Kasida embroidery. Kasida embroideries, the famous handicrafts of Bihar, are an extremely old kind of art. Kasida embroidery is done on satin or velvet with gold and silver metallic threads, beads, silk, and sequins with patterns of birds, plants, and many more.

  1. Textile Printing 

Printing on textiles is as old as other art and craft forms in Bihar. Particularly well known in Patna is the method of making chunris with images of birds, peacocks, elephants, mangoes, conches, fish, and other deities. These crafts of Bihar are artistic disciplines with a rich history and significant cultural worth. As women are mostly represented in these paintings, it may also be seen as a way to empower female artists. 


The History of Arts & Crafts of Bihar is bountiful, with the state's heritage replete with agriculture, education, and spiritual advancements. As a state with a long history, Bihar is currently developing with justice and prosperity rooted in peace. The almost sixteen per cent growth rate is only a quantitative measure of how far this state has come. The people of Bihar have seen a substantial difference in their feelings of safety and well-being. The populace's cultural renaissance and general upbeatness have silently but steadily made changes visible to all. 

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