Wind Chimes: A decorative musical accessory

Homes are the sacred places where one finds solace in everything. We wish to be home as soon as possible to change into comfortable clothes and relax while enjoying good food and the company of our loved ones. We try to make our homes as comfortable and relaxing as possible by looking for gorgeous accessories. Houses can say a lot about the people who live in them from the way they are built to the way they are furnished. In addition to décor pieces, certain elements can not only create a tranquil environment in our homes, but also spread positive energy.

One such accessory is the wind chime, a decorative musical accessory born in ancient Rome and South Asian countries. Wind chimes are believed to ward off evil spirits and bring luck with their musical chime sound in the surrounding area. The Indian equivalent of wind chimes is the bells or temple bells considered having a similar effect: we ring the bell while entering the temple and even while praying in our homes. If you wish to add a refreshing touch to your house, this is the perfect décor piece with musical notes.


How to choose wind chimes and Where to hang wind chimes in house

 In the market online as well as offline, there are several types of wind chimes available. Some are small and intricate, while others are elaborate designs, being the centerpiece in the room. However, a special particular emphasis is laid on the material of the wind chimes to get the best benefits from it. If you are looking for aesthetic purposes, there are different types of wind chimes you can get any material, whether wood, terracotta, brass, or iron.

If you are getting feng shui wind chimes, it is crucial to choose the material carefully. Metal chimes are best suited if you need something for areas in the north, west, or northwest. For the east, south, and southeast areas, wood or bamboo is perfect. For your garden area, Terracotta wind chime bells are ideal if you look for a musical alternative to perk up the place.

Apart from the material, the structure of the wind chimes also plays an essential role in influencing energy. If you want to spread positive energy in the area, hollow chimes are the best as they light up the surrounding with musical sounds. To suppress any energy flow in any area, you will need chimes with solid rods. Take help from a Vaastu or feng shui expert to know the best place and material to balance the energy flow in your home. Handmade wind chimes of terracotta or earth elements are always best for your home.


The secret of numbers and symbols in Wind Chimes

You must have seen wind chimes in a certain number of chime rods or bells, having different symbols on them. According to feng shui, these symbols and numerals play an essential role in creating energy around you in your house. A pair of hearts shaped wind chime is ideal for love and marriage. These are called love wind chimes. The gift can be given to newlyweds as a way to wish them well. The chimes with an image of Buddha in a meditating position are ideal for transmitting spiritual energy. The number 6 or 8 is appropriate for rods or bells when you want to increase the flow of positive energy, and the number 5 is appropriate for suppressing negative or harmful energy.


Dos and Dont's of placing Wind Chimes in house

“Where to hang wind chimes in house”, “How to hang wind chimes” is one common question by most people. Here are some solutions which may help. Never hang wind chimes over a door as they can bring negative energy. Hanging them on trees, windows, or corners is best advised. Always hang wooden wind chimes on trees instead of the metal ones as it goes with the energy flow. Wooden wind chimes sound effect would be too soothing and relaxed when you are on balconies. Avoid sitting or sleeping directly under the wind chimes or hanging them in such places. It can disturb the energy flow around you.

For businesses, put a bell chime on the corner of the door in such a way that whenever the door is opened, the bell makes a tinkling sound. It promotes good energy and invites more customers. Choose the correct number of bells or rods for balancing the energy flow in your house.

You can purchase handmade wind chimes made of brass, wood, and terracotta online on stores like Exclusive Lane. These are perfect as a gift for newlyweds, marriage anniversaries, or weddings. Gift it to a friend who has just bought a new house as a lovely housewarming gift. It can also make a stunning birthday gift if you want to wish good luck and positive energy to someone loved. Wind chimes sound can spread a sense of positivity and relaxation if you choose them correctly.


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