11 Best Ideas for decorating your house with Brass items

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We all have very busy lives where we hustle day in and day out to not only fulfil all our needs but also the occasional luxuries as well. In our daily lives, we get quite a little time to relax and give for self-care and sometimes, we just wish that we could throw ourselves on the bed or on the couch and catch a few moments of peace. But to do this, we also must ensure that the ambience of our houses feels peaceful, like a home. We need to make sure that when we do relax in our leisure time we get the most positive impact out of it. Nowadays, it is quite easy to adjust the functionality and ambience of homes with just a few adjustments to the lighting, furniture or decor. One of the best items with which you can decorate your home is brass items. 

Brass is a composite alloy of zinc and copper. Both of these elements are vital for our body to function in a healthy manner. Brass has been in use to make decorative items and also in kitchens and for storing food, for ages. There are innumerable benefits of incorporating brass items in our daily lives.

Why should you incorporate brass items in your household?

  • Brass is an essential element for our body and it helps with the production of hormones and enzymes production. It also helps correct your digestive system and it has antioxidant properties.
  • On the psychological front, brass helps us to be calm and vigilant.
  • Brass has preservative properties and food cooked in brass vessels retains its flavour and texture. This is why you would see brass vessels in kitchens of older houses.
  • Brass decor shows off our rich culture and heritage and as more people are recognizing this, they are also finding out how functional brass items can be.

11 Brass items from ExclusiveLane that you can decorate your house with

Handcrafted Spice box in brass: A spice box falls in the category of one of the most essential items in the kitchen. Firstly, Indian cuisine is all about the spices and their goodness. Each different spice has its own benefits and your body needs them daily even if in small amounts. AT ExclusiveLane, you can get a beautiful spice box that has been handcrafted with brass featuring intricate motifs and unique designs.

Handcrafted Chapati Box in Brass: Yet another important item in the kitchen or dining table is a chapati box. It comes in very handy when you have guests over and need something to serve your chapatis in. This handcrafted chapati box made of brass is bound to leave your guests spellbound!

Brass Pooja Bell: In most Indian homes, you will find a temple in the house where we offer puja not only on the days of occasions but on regular days as well. To offer puja, you would of course need some basic essentials such as a pooja thali, diyas and also a bell. You could consider buying a brass puja bell for your temple as they would look great but also are sturdy and last long.

Handmade Brass Figurine: Speaking of brass home decor items, we generally look for small, portable figurines or showpieces that are easy to handle and clean. You could check out the brass figurines that we house in our brass home decor collections which would look super cool in your living room and add to the positive vibes in your home.

“Golden Fish” Brass Pen stands in Dhokra Art: We really cannot function without decent pen stands on our study tables or desks. To spruce up the look of your room, you could get yourself a unique brass home decor like a pen stand. At ExclusiveLane, you could get a handcrafted brass pen stand that is aptly named or curated as the “Golden Fish” and would look extraordinary on your desk.

Handmade Brass Keyholder in Dhokra Art: Keyholders are something that is present in every house and comes in a lot of use, but who said they need to be boring? This handmade brass key holder from ExclusiveLane gives whole new dimensions to key holders. One of the brass items for home decor that features intricate Dhokra art and would go fabulously with almost any aesthetic of any house.


Handmade Brass Decorative Wall Hanging: When we are speaking of antique brass decorative items, you cannot afford to forget about wall hangings. Besides filling up empty spaces on our walls, they too add to the overall look and feel of your home and it is important that you choose the right wall hanging for your rooms. Check out beautiful brass wall hangings from ExclusiveLane where you can get handmade ones as well at quite affordable rates.


Cake Server and Bread Knife in Brass: We have already spoken about kitchenware like spice boxes and chapati boxes but have you considered knives or spoons for occasions when guests come over like at a birthday party? For those occasions, you could get fancy brass cake servers and bread knives and leave your guests gawking at your sophisticated tastes.

Brass Wall Cloth and Towel Hanger: Home decor won’t make you think about towel or cloth hangers immediately but they too are an important part of furnishing and decorating your home. Show off your elegant tastes with cloth and towel hangers made of brass, the best of which you can find at ExclusiveLane.

Handmade Brass Wall Pillar and Candleholder: A great piece to add to your home decor is a candle holder. Not only does the brass wall decor look unique and sophisticated, but it is also quite an aesthetic piece too. At ExclusiveLane, we offer handmade brass wall pillars and candle holders, which have intricate designs that would blow your mind.

Handmade brass Multiutility Jewellery Box: Lastly, a jewellery box is an item that ladies can’t function without. Not only does a jewellery box function as storage for expensive things, but it can also double as a great showpiece as well. Get a multiutility jewellery box today at ExcluisveLane, handmade completely of brass.

Get your favourites now!

Now that you know the benefits of brass items in the household and have also checked out the above listings, let us tell you more about the ExclusiveLane handicraft store. It is a lifestyle brand that not only takes care of your daily essentials but also for your sophisticated taste. Pick out your favourite brass items from our wide range of collections and buy them before they run out! 

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    Oh, these brass items are, at first glance, absolutely beautiful! They seem like little and essential pieces of art to make my home feel more…homey. The spice box and pen stand are definitely something I’d love to get.

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