Uplift Your Bathing Experience with Decorative Bathroom Accessories

When your day begins with the bathroom, it becomes imperative for it to be filled with good vibes. If your bathroom is boring and dull, it can impact your mood affecting your entire day. From the colors on the walls to the accessories you keep in the bathroom, everything can have an impact on your personality. Since changing the room color is not that easy, why not perk up the room with the most vivacious decorative bathroom accessories sets and décor pieces you can ever find?

Instead of randomly picking up the accessories you find and keeping them all in the bathroom, try to follow a theme. This way, you can change the look of your entire bathroom by replacing them with other accessories every once in a while. Whether it is a color theme, any design theme, or prints, there are many ways to uplift your bathing experience. To help you with finding the best look and accessories for your washroom, here are some ideas that you might find interesting.


Turn your bathroom into a spa

It is the place where you spend quite some time of your day so why not make it the best time of your day. Sit back and relax in your bathroom, enjoying every single trip you make it there by turning this little space of your house into your spa room. Start by adding colorful planters with indoor plants in them. These will cheer up the bathroom space and also help in purifying the air. You can choose whichever plant you deem fit but make sure the planters are cute.

Place a stylish wooden towel holder, keeping a bunch of hand towels and body towels, folded neatly, just the way they do in the spa. You can choose a towel holder of any style going with the overall theme of the washroom space. To get the true spa experience, add an aroma diffuser with a tealight holder in your bathroom. You can keep it near the washbasin, in the corner on a table, or the racks in the washroom.

Keep changing the aromatic essential oils according to your mood and see how they keep you upbeat. You can also put cute containers filled with bathing salts in the bathroom, using them to relax at the end of the day or when you wish to pamper yourself.



Add A Character with Quirky Bathroom Accessories

Most of the bathroom accessories available in the market are quite bland and they do not reflect your personality. So, instead of these try to go for the handmade wooden, terracotta, or ceramic bathroom accessories. You can pick the colorful one or the one with a design or pattern on it, whichever you feel best for your bathroom. If you are someone who loves Indian culture and handicraft, go with the ones inspired by it in design and color like owl or camel shaped towel hangers, holders, and wall décor pieces.

Add a classy touch to your bathroom space by switching to ceramic accessories with minimalist design. You can choose from the toothbrush holder, hand wash or body wash dispenser, and soap dish along with towel holders in this set. Match them with the planters to accentuate your bathroom. If you prefer a rather bubbly washroom, look for pop up colors while picking up accessories. Do not stop at just accessories, use flowers and towels of similar colors to match the mood in the bathroom. You will want to spend all day in this little space in your house, relaxing and forgetting the whole world.



Handmade goodness adding life to your bathroom

A house with unique accessories is loved by all and envied by many. If you wish to have a similar feel about your bathroom space, it is better to stick to the handmade bathroom accessories online. Being handmade, they have a unique feel and character about them. It can be due to the design which sets them apart or the feel of being hand painted by an artisan just for you. You can find some of the best and unique accessories and décor ideas for your bathroom space at Exclusive Lane, a one-stop-shop for everything handmade.

Colorful handmade planters, aroma diffusers, accessories for washbasin space, bathroom décor, wall décor, and even stunning towel holders, they have everything to make your bathroom full of life. Not just for the bathroom, if you are looking for exciting and unique gifts for weddings, housewarming, anniversary, Diwali or just to add something new to your home, home décor and accessories at ExclusiveLane are worthwhile to look at. Every product over here comes from an artisan working hard in creating unique accessories, and your home is worthy of such one of a kind handmade goodness.


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