Raksha Bandhan-  Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Siblings

Siblings share a precious, many a time messy, sometimes sugary sweet bond. This unique bond needs to be cherished at all costs. In India, we get a chance to express love for our siblings on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan. The day falls on the full moon day of the Hindu Lunisolar calendar, i.e Purnima. This year, Rakhi is on the 11th of August. And….It’s pretty near. The best part of celebrating Raksha Bandhan is having lots of sweets and sharing gifts with our loved ones. And what’s better than giving a handcrafted gift to your sibling on this day?


So! Since the bond is so special, the gift should also be special. Our mainstream media puts a lot of effort into promoting very attractive but lifeless products to gift someone. How do we distinguish our gifts from modernistic yet soulless gifts?  Handcrafted gifts are here for your rescue. Now let’s have a look at the reason to choose handmade products as a gift to your sibling on this occasion.

Without any doubt, Handcrafted products are the ringleader of meaningful gifts. Those antique gifts have the old-world charm and diverse history behind their method of production.

Any item coming out of the mill after heavy processing may give temporary happiness, but a handcrafted product has a personalized touch to it. After all, a lot of work is put into its creation.

Moreover, You would be helping the creative artisans in fulfilling their dream of making a livelihood out of their talent. Each appreciation for the craft that comes their way will definitely contribute to more motivated results by them. Don’t forget! You would be supporting the cause “Vocal for Local”.

Why wait? Check out some gift ideas that we can guarantee that your brother or sister will fall in love with.


 1. Bohemian Necklace handcrafted in Dhokra Art Folk Culture 

Inspired by the rich culture of Dhokra tribes from the Indus Valley civilization, Dhokra art is one of the most sustainable art forms of ancient times. Making of jewellery in Brass using this art has long been in practice. These Handcrafted Bohemian Brass Necklaces are a good option to surprise your sister. Having a piece of a unique traditional necklace in her jewelry collection is something she will like a lot.

 2. Folk Culture Inspired Handpainted Decorative Showpiece In Iron-

 These decorative showpieces are a good gifting option for your sibling. These small figures are handcrafted in traditional Rajasthani motifs displaying the musical tradition of the culturally rich Indian state- Rajasthan. These Iron made showpieces would definitely add lively rhythmic ambiance to one’s place.

 3. Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs

    These coffee mugs are handmade and hand-glazed as well at a temperature of 1280 degrees Celsius. Made using studio pottery art, these mugs are perfect to serve Tea, coffee, milk, and other beverages. If your sibling is fond of tea or coffee, then these must be added to their collection of mugs.

     4. Garden Planters

     Plants make the best gift… But what about the planters, their home. Garden planters are the best gift for your sibling if he/she has a deep admiration for everything natural. Simply grow any plant of your choice in these garden planters and get an inch closer to majestic nature. These handpainted planters made in terracotta or metals add beauty to the already beautiful Plant.

    Help your siblings revitalize their lifestyle, because, Why not?.. Plants give us a calming reminder to appreciate small things in life.


    This auspicious day of siblinghood comes once a year. It should be our priority to express our love and affection to our siblings whom we care a lot about. (yeah yeah..those umpteen pointless banters are just a way of expressing that care).

    And when words fail to express, better give them a gift that they would remember for a longg time.

    ExclusiveLane brings you such timeless, authentic and unique handicraft items for gifting to your siblings and loved ones. Ranging from pots, planters and home decor items, to Handmade jewelries and dining items, ExclusiveLane has it all.

    Here you will definitely find something that your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

    Go ahead and choose the best gift ever for your siblings. Happy Shopping !!!



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