Perfect Guide to Choose a Tissue Roll Holder

There are many things to consider when choosing a toilet roll holder use for your bathroom, ensuite, or cloakroom, even though it may seem like one of the least important decisions you'll ever make. Toilet paper holders, also known as toilet paper dispensers, are essential bathroom accessories in every home. Organizing your space is easier when they keep your tissues in easy reach, make it easy to disperse and make sure they are easily accessible. There are, however, some holders that are better than others. 

In this guide, we'll cover all the key considerations and features to look for when shopping and help you pick the perfect one. 

Types of Tissue Paper Holder 

Toilet paper holders come in three different types: freestanding, wall-mounted, and tank-mounted. Toilet paper holders that are freestanding are easy to install and don't require any installation. A couple of steps are needed to assemble them if they arrive preassembled, but mounting is not required. A little floor space will be taken up by a toilet paper stand, which may be an issue in small bathrooms. Typically, mounted holders are mounted on a wall, the side of a vanity, or any other surface. They are popular because they are compact, stylish, and convenient, even though they require additional installation steps. Holders attached to toilet tanks allow toiletry items to be kept tucked away and conveniently accessible. These toilet tank holders are easy to install; they hook over the tank's top. It is difficult for you to reach the toilet paper roll while using the toilet because it is behind you. 


We offer a variety of toilet paper holders that will suit any bathroom set style. Metals, wood, and ceramic are among the materials available. Plastics are also available. Durability and aesthetics can be achieved by combining different materials. There is a wide variety of colours and finishes offered, including basic solid colours, brass and chrome finishes, and rustic natural wood finishes. Among the things you need to consider when choosing a toilet paper roll holder are durability and how long it will last until you are ready for an upgrade. Make sure your holders come from reputable brands or are constructed from materials that are suited to damp bathrooms. You should keep in mind that plastic has the least durability, and some low-quality plastic materials can break easily. Bathrooms were designed to use materials such as wood and metal that are long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. 

Capacity and size

Tissue paper holders can typically hold a toilet paper roll with a diameter of 4 to 4.5 inches in most cases. There are a wide variety of roll holders available, ranging from wall-mounted for small bathrooms to freestanding models that hold multiple rolls. Roll holders that stand alone are often the biggest and take up the most floor space since they aren't mounted. 

Freestanding holders can cause clutter in small bathrooms if maintenance items such as brushes and plungers are still stored nearby. It may take a wider design or a simple rod design to fit any size roll, while others are compatible with a standard roll. Holders that are wall-mounted or tank-mounted tend to be small and compact, especially when used to store toilet paper. Their mounting to a surface means they don't require much floor space. 

Although many have recessed or compact designs, they can still have a capacity limit. The majority of them hold standard-sized toilet paper rolls, but larger models can hold jumbo rolls.


Various convenient features can be found on toilet paper roll holders to make them easier to use and load. The most important feature of a holder is accessibility; you won't want to be left bending and squinting to reach your rolls. You should choose a location in which the holder is easy to reach, suitable in height, and suitable in size.

Think about loading mechanisms, which can include spring-loaded posts, pivoting posts, or simple slides. Instead of a typical spring-loaded post, a holder with a slide-on or pivoting post can make changing the roll easier. In addition, organizing bathroom features like phone trays and toiletry caddies are more accessible with holders that also serve as storage.


As a notable bathroom fixture, even though your toilet paper holder doesn't have the most glamorous job, you should pick a style that suits your tastes. Since there is a toilet paper holder to fit nearly any decor style, there is a choice of materials, colours, and finishes.

A modern bathroom would benefit from sleek, neutral-toned metal holders, while a rustic home might prefer wood holders with a warm tone. Consider matching the style or colour of the holder with other bathroom fixtures like towel holders, racks and cabinet hardware for a seamless appearance. If you prefer, you can use the holder as an accent to make your bathroom unique; a colourful or patterned holder can add some charm.

Benefits of Tissue Roll Holders

  • A domestic alternative cannot hold as many sheets and larger rolls of paper.
  • They protect the tissue, keep it dry and prevent contamination because they encase it.
  • Control of tissue dispensing mechanisms reduces waste and costs by regulating how much tissue is dispensed.
  • These prevent pilferage of the roll and its inconvenience and cost.
  • Your visitors will appreciate seeing a clean and well-maintained washroom. It is unhygienic to have loose toilet rolls lying around on ledges and sanitary bins without toilet roll holders. The toilet roll might fall to the ground, which is even worse.
  • User experience is improved. Choosing the right toilet paper holder that can hold an appropriate amount of paper will ensure that you never run out of paper, one of the most common complaints about washrooms.

A toilet tissue paper holder is unquestionably crucial in a washroom. Don't give the impression to your guests that you haven't paid attention to the smallest details. 

We hope this guide helps you select the best tissue roll holder for your bathroom and kitchens. 

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