Perfect For A Country Home: 7 Bedroom Decor Tips and Ideas For Indian Households

Because the lack of modest tips shouldn't cramp your style.


A bedroom is certainly about those who live there - it’s your personal getaway, a sanctuary, which generously oozes your favourite colours, feelings, and collections. Even though it’s the one area of your house that your guests will probably never see, it still deserves a great deal of attention. Agreed? And being deeply rooted in the country’s culture and history, Indian bedroom wall decor designs exclusively revolve around a healthy mix of rich textiles and furniture, often using showpieces, wall mirrors, wall hooks Indian handicrafts. So, how do up the ante of your bedroom interior design?


At first, glance, resetting your bedroom décor may seem like a very daunting task. But Whether you're outfitting a cosy attic bedroom or a cocoon-like master bedroom, your space calls for an excellent design that speaks of textures, induces creativity and showcases brilliant furniture choices. To give you some food for thought, we have compiled 7 game-changing tips and ideas that can turn your bedroom decoration into the room of your dreams.


Whether you have a small bedroom or large, these easy upgrades can work in any size and space. So, dig in to nail your aesthetic room decor.

 1.Wall-to-Wall Pattern


Decorating your walls is an essential and foremost step of the interior design process. After all, no one wants to wake up in a plain white box. You can opt for a pattern that has a neutral colour-way and when in need, can also seem overwhelming when used in abundance. The best of the lot is to pick up patterns that are subtle and have a refined appearance, be it a floral wallpaper with a soothing sage floor or a moody velvet wall which brings a smokey yet rich allure. use beautiful wall hangings to give aesthetic look to your beautiful room. You will need no other artwork with these walls, promise!

 2. Indulge in Luxurious Linens


Next addition to outfitting your bedroom should be to cover them in beautiful and luxurious fabrics. Luxurious linens are one such home decor products that add comfort while also adding a sensual feel to your overall setting. Make it work well with layers and layers of plush materials, tons of throw pillows, and neutral colour palette and choose sensual feeling fabrics through the bedroom decoration like doormats candle holders, with a soft cashmere or mohair throw on the arm of your reading chair. You can also cover the walls with silk or hang silk draperies, maintain a collection of textured wall coverings, prepare a silk bed canopy, or add plush floor coverings to complement your linens.

 3. Fill with Greenery


Believe it or not, adding plants to your living room is one of the best home decor ideas and also the easiest of the lot. Adding some vibrant greens to your room acts as artwork and enhances the ambience by many folds while also purifying the air of the space. You can add some lights to highlight them, and your room will look balanced like never before.

 4. Add a few Ottomans


From providing occasional seating to functioning as a stool to hold on to some Indian handicraft accents and decorative vases, ottomans are a great addition to any room as they are not only functional but decorative as well. You can bring home a rich and vibrant ottoman to add a wonderful accent to your tonal setting or stick to natural coloured ottoman which would add wonderful visual detail to the surrounding. To make things more interesting, get a few different types of ottomans.

 5. Hang Bedside Lamps


A sure-fire way of creating a new atmosphere in your room decor is to hang bedside lamps. Just flank your master bedroom with two hanging pendant lamps. They will look very chic and make quite a statement without distracting you from the graphic art positioned above the bed. You can also install rustic lamps to the contemporary Indian setting of your room to showcase a traditional silhouette with carved mouldings.

 6. Eclectic Elements


While your bedroom is the most personal space in your entire house, it also makes it the perfect setting for expressing the disparate facets of your very unique sensibilities. Club your Art Deco dresser and rustic bed with some of the Indian handicraft pieces you love, even if they aren’t traditional matches. Your furnishings may not come from the same source of style but they still need to be in the proper scale to your aesthetic room decor with beautiful desk accessories and also to each other to give them an eclectic appeal.

 7. Make the Walls your Gallery


If white walls are your reality— consider the effect of a perfectly hung gallery wall. Whether you want to display your artistic abilities or want to showcase your memories, your wall gallery will create an aura of comfort, love and serenity within your bedroom. Don’t you want to radiate your bedroom with this energy? You do, right! So, stop worrying and start hanging them!

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