Ideas To Style Your Own Home Office And Inspire Productivity

Some days, it gets harder than usual to gather enough motivation to get down to work, but we bet that you wouldn’t mind rolling up your sleeves if you had a home office that looked amazing. After all, setting up a home office for remote work ought to be a place that inspires the flow of creativity and allows you to get down to business, innit? When you have ample sunlight seeping in, uncluttered surfaces, actually-comfortable furniture, rejuvenating wall colour, and minimalistic yet expressive best home office setup decor, it will make you want to buckle down and get to work.


You’re in luck because your wfh home office setup is about to become your new favourite room which will inspire productivity. Whether you’ve got an airy room or just a tiny corner to yourself, we’ve got just the right inspiration to turn your home office into a creative haven!

Minimalist Work Space


Minimalism is trending right now. Choose a strictly white palette, keep your desk clutter-free, strategically place accents of colour throughout, add in some simple furniture and just watch how inspired you’ll feel to get down to doing your work. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean you make your room feel bland and sterile, instead keep the decor in line with the rest of the place by adding a plant or sizable macramé hanging.


Consider Scandinavian Style Desk


If you’re planning to keep your aesthetic clean and calming, then you sure should consider a Scandinavian style work from home office setup. Pare your way down with a simple Swedish desk and place it right by the window which gives way to a beautiful seafront. The overall decor of the room is mostly neutral but you can add some pops of blue to keep the room feeling fresh and invigorating. This is one of the home office decor ideas that's non-negotiable!

Midcentury Loft Office

You would instantly fall for your mid century-modern motivations which come with a great pack of sleekness and colour. You can decorate the space with colossal pendant light and pair it with some gold accents of Navajo rug and Moroccan kilim and some modern wall art.

Space-Saving Study


Next on the list is a space-saving study room which digs in minimalism with a drop-front desk that not only saves space but also highlights the adjoined sculptural accoutrements - giving a sense of personality to the room. Not to forget, this poof can also multitask and take-up many jobs like being a footstool, bookendsdesk organizer, a bookshelfmagazine stands and even an extra chair for a work buddy. 

Pops of Color

One way to sew that your office isn't a total snooze is to add pops of colour. Even if you prefer to have a minimalist setting, a bright pop of colour in your home office space will help keep you motivated—even in times when you're bogged down with work. You can add vintage brass-and-leather accents and accentuate it with a silk rug and a splash against those white cabinets.

Sunny Workspace


Now you can maintain a cheerful workspace which is full of sharp angles and also offers a lot of fun. All you need is an acrylic desk, some side table with flower vases, 2 larger than life lounge chairs, a print-graphic cabinet, a large photograph to centre the room, a magnificent floor lamp and an easel of magazines that show your interests.

A Neoclassical Nook


Just stick with a theme and follow it - preferably muted colours like Whites, creams, greys can be accentuated with pops of black, yellow or green. You can add a lounge chair and art which will instantly add the pop of energy to the overall setting. Make your surrounding calmer by keeping flower pots and planters.


Kick-off your newfound inspiration to style your best home office setup for productivity and get started!


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