Best Khurja pottery products list


Have you ever asked a friend from where she bought that exclusive tabletop tissue roll holder? It is commonplace to spot exclusive products and enquire about them. Of course, not every beautiful product holds our attention, but exclusive products do. And who would not like to buy a similar one to decorate their own home?

Blue ceramic crockeries and decorative pieces are in great demand. Along with their aesthetics, these pieces are artistic as well as budget-friendly. Hence, Khurja ceramic is in high demand in India and different parts of the world. For amazing pottery, products check our collection.

Historically associated with Khurja city, Uttar Pradesh, India, Khurja pottery dates back to more than 600 to 700 years. It gained popularity during the British regime. During World War II, the British Empire ordered loo seats for its soldiers. And the products were made by the people of the Khurja district in Uttar Pradesh. It is widely known that the British were amazed to see such loo seats. They even compared the same with the one which they use. In the end, they end up promoting Khurja pottery.

Best Khurja pottery products list

Khurja pottery resembles ancient artefacts in recent times. You can own a pride by possessing a tabletop or night lamp or many other Khurja pottery products at your home. The Khurja artists have not limited their product range to one or two. On the contrary they Khurja pottery offers a wide range of products such as

We must admit that today the imagination of Khurja pottery artists has gone a long way. However, they have been creating art pieces that satisfy the taste of modern art lovers.

Khurja products is in demand

Ceramic crafts have been popular for ages. Khurja has been famously known as glazed ceramic pottery for a long time. However, the demand for Khurja pottery has increased on a large scale, and therefore, the Uttar Pradesh government has mainstreamed the work by developing a factory for Khurja potters. Blue pottery khurja is one of the most demanding pottery.

Despite the factory setup, the pottery gives in physical labour to make each craft stand out. As a result, the completely handcrafted khurja pottery products are lovely and exclusive. Unlike factory-produced ceramics, which makes Khurja ceramic pottery complete.

It takes a lot of hard work

Starting from procuring the raw materials to delivering the finished goods, Khurja products are all hard work. The raw materials for manufacturing the pottery products are brought in from different parts of the world. Next, each Khurja pottery product is handcrafted by our unique Khurja potters. Baking is done with a special technique to temper the ceramic in the right way. The glaze of every Khurja product makes it special and unique. Check the beautiful Khurja ceramic pots.

After baking the products, the next step is to hand paint every piece carefully. The potters select colours for every detail uniquely and paint every individual piece with their hands. Then, careful brushstrokes and striking colour combinations make every Khurja pottery from Uttar Pradesh a masterpiece.

Transporting the Khurja products

In earlier days, Khurja pottery products were limited to a particular demographic. But with the help from the government and other industries along with the growing demand for handcrafted pottery, Khurja ceramic artwork has been made available in different parts of the country online.

How can you buy a Khurja pottery product?

You don’t need to travel to Khurja City, Uttar Pradesh to buy Khurja pottery products. We can bring it to your doorstep. Picking and delivering Khurja pottery products is no easy job. First, we collect your product from the renowned Potters in Uttar Pradesh. A lot goes into inspecting for any defect or damage. Then we carefully pack and deliver your product with care to your doorstep. After that, you can easily purchase khurja pottery online from our website.


If you love ceramic pottery, then Khurja pottery is the best match for you. It will enhance the beauty of your house and add a hint of artistry to your dwelling place. 

You can choose Khurja pottery products like khurja plates in different shapes and sizes. It can be as small as a tabletop paper towel holder to a tall flower vase. So, decorate your bathroom, living space or kitchen with a wide range of Khurja pottery products and earn an appreciation from a friend or family member when they visit you next. Choose from the best ceramic items online.


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