Add beautiful colors to your home decor this Holi

The interiors of your homes should modify according to different occasions and changing trends. India is a country with diverse traditions and rich cultural heritage. We celebrate different festivals to embrace our cultural customs. Indian art forms and handicrafts have gained worldwide popularity in the last few decades. With people across the world getting more and more serious about the environment, Handmade eco-friendly products have become a huge part of our everyday lives. From decorating our houses to fashionable jewellery, the handmade products that depict the wonderful artistry of Indian craftsmen have taken the world by storm.

With Holi right around the corner, people are redecorating their houses with different vibrant colours. This festive season, decorate your homes with colourful and unique decorative products that catch the eye of your guests. Let your ambience feel happy and a bright pop of hues around you. Check out some holi home decoration ideas and find something that suits your style. If you are looking for elegant home décor items that will lighten your mood instantly and make your home festival ready, we bring you a gigantic range of handmade products that will enhance the beauty of your homes.


Handmade and Hand Painted Wooden Peacock Showpiece

What could be more colourful than a beautiful peacock figurine spreading its bright coloured feathers. Decorate your home interiors this holi with this wooden hand painted showpiece that has intricate designs and eye catching features. You can place it on your centre table, TV shelf or any corner of your living room. This showpiece will be a perfect addition to your Holi table decoration. The product is handcrafted on a single piece of wood and is painted with completely eco-friendly colours. You can’t possibly ignore how much effort is given into the significant detailing of the showpiece.



'The Early Morning Owl Pair' Hand Carved & Hand Painted Showpiece In Eucalyptus Wood

The radiant yellow colour of this showpiece will soothe your soul and will leave an impression on its viewers. “The early morning owl pair” depicts an age old folklore and symbolises patience, knowledge, wisdom and femininity. Made with Eucalyptus wood, these pair of owls add a beautiful touch to the aesthetics of your living rooms. Painted with purely natural colours, these are a perfect home décor product for the festival of colours. These make your interiors look sophisticated and stylish.



Terracotta Handpainted Baby Ganesha Rolling On The Matki

This beautifully handcrafted baby Ganesha figurine is a cute and classy décor product to enhance the look of your houses. Use this vibrant blown coloured painted matki as your pen stand, a small vase or just put it on the top of your centre table as a showpiece. This marvellous piece of art will attract the attention of your guests due to its unique design and sleek appearance and is a beautiful holi table decoration piece. You might put it anywhere in your house, be it living room or dining room or bed room, this piece of décor will make sure to make a statement at your house.



Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging

Gayatri mantra, regarded as one of the most powerful hymns in Hindu mythology that depicts the purpose of life by teaching us that if you carry on your life by doing the work that is destined for you, your life will be filled with happiness and glory. Hang this beautifully painted Gayatri mantra hanging on your doorstep and catch the undivided attention of your visitors. This showpiece doesn’t only serve its aesthetic and decorative purpose but also has a spiritual significance. The ghungroos placed at the bottom of it adds elegance to the overall piece.



9 Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots With Sheesham Wooden Frame Wall Hanging

Warli art form is one of the most alluring artforms of India depicting the diverse cultures and their way of living. This set of 9 Terracotta pots will add a beautiful touch to your living room walls. The multicoloured fancy appearance of these pots is a perfect addition to your homes' interiors in a special festival like that of Holi. These are placed on a sheesham wooden frame and attract the immediate attention of the viewers. Made with terracotta, this set is durable and looks elegant in your walls.



'Five Tuskers In Blue' Hand Carved & Hand Painted Showpiece In Fibre

This unique set of hand-painted elephants is a graceful and majestic addition to your homes. This piece depicts the ancient folktales of Indian subcontinent. The vibrant multicoloured showpiece symbolises dignity, wisdom and kindness and takes you back on old rich Indian culture and tradition. Painted in dark royal blue colour and has shades of yellow, green, red and white in it, this set is a must-have in your décor list for this Holi.



"Chirping Songbird" Handmade & Hand-Painted Garden Decorative Wall Hanging In Terracotta

This unique piece of wall hanging captures the viewers' attention with its exquisite design and colourful appearance. Ideal for hanging in balcony, garden walls, kids room, terrace and bedrooms, this wall hanging has beautiful flower decoration. Gift this showpiece to your loved ones this holi and add elegance and bright hues to their home interiors.



Select decorative colourful showpieces and wall hangings from our impressive variety of decorative items. You can find pieces of different shapes, colours and designs. Use your creative sense of styling and decorate your home with love and warmth and a pop of colour, this festive season.

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