11 Exclusive Must Have Dinner Sets in Your Kitchen


Over the years, people have always created traditions, such as holidays, around dining by advancing cultures and generations. The dining experience is a real integral part of our everyday lives, and neglecting it absolves us of the honour of contributing to good living, good food, and good company. Hosting dinner parties for family and friends is a good way to embrace and use this privilege. The first thing that would come to mind when preparing for a dining experience is tableware. When we are seated around a dining table at a dinner party, the very first thing we notice is the kind of tableware used because the food has not yet been served. Food presentation on a platter and plate is half the battle won for the affections of diners and their stomachs, as chefs and culinary experts always say. In addition to adding visual appeal to the food, the right tableware also extends the theme of the dinner. Take a look at the top 11 dinnerware sets you can find online on the Exclusive Lane handicraft store for your next dinner party.

Moroccan Dinnerware complements 'The 90's Shores of Morocco' collection. It consists of four dish sets of 180 ML each and four katoris of 180 ML, handcrafted and hand-glazed in ceramics in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh. It has hand-painted landscapes of a bygone era, the yellow sand of white sand touching the beautiful blue Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. The four dinner plates with four Katori dishes and four dinner plates are perfect for serving daily meals, curries, vegetables, curds, and desserts to four people. 

"The Hut Dining", a compact dinnerware set of four dinner plates and four katis, each 170 ML, is hand-painted in ceramics with an old, rustic, and serene village scene inspired by Puducherry in south India, with a hut landscape. It is ideal for serving daily meals to four people with four dinner plates and bowl set ideal for serving vegetables, curds, curries, and desserts. 

To help raise awareness about bee protection, a collection of ceramics called 'The Bee Collective' was developed. Dinner plates, trays and serving bowls are excellent kitchen Serveware pieces for serving large portions of salad and rice, dal, or vegetables with the katoris suitable for serving curries, dal, vegetables, curd, dessert, and more. These unique dinnerware sets are handcrafted from Indian clay and then hand-painted with floral patterns and bees. At last, a 1200 degree Celsius fire is used to heat up the final pieces.

A set of four dinner plates, four-quarter/side plates with four katoris of 160 ML each made of ceramic by Indian artisans from the collection "The Indigo Chevrons" is a premium dinner set.  Dinner plates are used primarily for serving main meals, whereas quarter plates are commonly used for serving bread, appetisers, or desserts. The katoris are ideal for serving curries, dals, vegetables, curd, and desserts. It is hand-painted in blue on white with inverted Chevron patterns, it has a glossy finish and comes in an indigo blue colour. In addition to being lead-free, it can also be microwaved and dishwasher.

Mughal Bagheecha' is a collection of dinner plates, side plates, and katoris handcrafted in ceramic, inspired by the intricate flowers found in Shalimar Bagh in Kashmir. This crockery set caters to serving meals for four people, and the dinner plate is ideal for high-volume meals, the quarter plate is perfect for serving bread, Katori for serving curries, dal, vegetables, curd, etc. We make the products by grinding clay for 24 hours, then throwing it onto a wheel and shaping it. Afterwards, they are painted and glazed at 1155 degrees Celsius in a kiln. 

 The Moroccan Blossoms collection includes 'Moroccan Floral', a set of four dinner set online, each with two spoons and four bowls, each with a capacity of 500 ml. This ceramic dinner set was designed and created by Indian artisans. Dinner plate sets make a great way to serve large or main meals to 4 people, while serving bowls are perfect for bringing salads, vegetables, rice, or dal in large quantities and the Katori for serving curries, vegetables, curds, and desserts. The set comes in a glossy finish with a white base, featuring a beautiful Moroccan floral pattern and painted in a dark midnight blue colour. As well as being lead-free, this set has microwave and dishwasher compatibility.

This 'Earthen Turquoise' tableware set from the collection 'Goan Paradise' comprises four dinner plates, four-quarter plates, and four katoris, each 180 ML in volume, each handcrafted and hand-glazed by skilled artisans in India. This painting shows a beautiful combination of glossy turquoise colours in a pastel tone and a sober earthen brown colour in a matte finish. The dinner plates are perfect for serving main meals, desserts, and puddings to 4 people. These quarter plates can serve chapatis, bread, appetisers, or desserts; the katoris can be used for serving curries and dals, vegetables, curd, and so on. Microwave and dishwasher safe, this set are lead-free.



'Mughal Gardens-2' dinner plates with katoris are handcrafted in ceramics designed after the enchanting Aram Bagh in Rajasthan-One of the oldest Mughal gardens in India. These tableware items make it easy to serve your main course and its accompaniments, such as curries, dals, vegetables, curds, and desserts. Using clay ground for 24 hours, best dinner set products are then thrown onto a wheel and shaped. Then the painting is done by hand, and they are fired to 1155 degrees Celcius before being glazed.

In the 'Daawat-e-Taj' tableware set collection, dinner plates with katoris feature a natural white base and a portrait of Shah Jahan surrounded by multicoloured blooms. Every Katori has a capacity of 220 ml and can be microwaved and washed in the dishwasher. Suitable for serving meals to four people. 

Designed and hand-painted by Indian artisans and inspired by the warm nights in Jammu and Kashmir, especially in the gardens of the Pari Mahal as the sunset fills the air with sunlight, love, warmth, and serenity. These 6 Pottery Dinner Plates feature the sunset painting of the Pari Mahal as it fills the air with sunlight, love, warmth, and serenity. With earthy colours, sophisticated textures, and floral prints that are inspired by Mughal art, your dining experience will certainly gain an air of elegance. The classic fusion of traditional aesthetics and classic style of these dinner plates is perfect for your next family dinner and will amaze your guests. 

The Hand-Painted Dinner plates in the 'Peacock Boulevard' collection represent the mystical feathers of peacocks. Clay is ground for 24 hours before being thrown onto a wheel and shaped into pieces. Then they are engraved by hand and then glazed at 1280 degrees Celsius in a kiln.


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