10 DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

With environmental issues overgrowing all over the world, people are becoming more and more conscious about greenery. Many people have taken up home gardening as a hobby to contribute towards environmental sustainability. One of the many gardening methods is vertical gardening, which involves growing plants vertically using support. They not only contribute towards a healthy and green environment but also serves their aesthetic purpose. Otherwise known as living walls or green walls, people also grow vibrant flowers, vegetables and fruits on the walls using hanging pots, trellis, etc. The vertical gardening technique has become quite popular these days as it consumes less space and beautifies your outdoor spaces. Let us look at a few advantages of vertical gardening:

1. Useful for the ones with small outdoor spaces

People living in small spaces often face problems in setting up their garden and eventually give up on the idea of growing a garden altogether. A vertical garden wall uses less space as you can arrange many plants at a time, one above the other. This kind of gardening is perfect for people living in small apartments or less outdoor spaces. These gardens can be grown on walls, fences, terraces, balcony, indoors, and yards. You just need to make sure that the place is suitable for the healthy growth of plants.

2. A large number of plants

One of the main benefits of vertical gardening is that you can grow a wide variety of plants in a vertical row and enhance the look of your outdoors. Different types of herbs, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruits can be grown over the walls. They are easier to maintain in comparison to the bigger plants.

3. Setting up is easy

The vertical gardens are elementary to build. Even a layperson could set up these gardens with the help of online tutorials and blogs. You only need to decide on the type of plants you desire to grow and the raw materials required.

4. Insulates your surrounding

Vertical garden balcony absorbs the harmful UV rays and air pollutants. It gives you a cooling effect as the green walls absorb excess heat and control harsh weather.

5. Aesthetically pleasing

With vertical gardening, you can transform your walls into a beautiful space. Any space will turn into an aesthetic vision. It will enhance the look of your empty spaces and spread greenery around your homes.

Here are some DIY vertical garden ideas that you will find helpful while organising your vertical garden:

  1. Bamboo pot: You can use a bamboo pot to hold your plants. These bamboo holders look classy and are significantly cost-efficient.
  2. Plastic bottles: Recycled plastic bottles can hang with plants in them. You must be having numerous plastic bottles lying idle in your homes. Use these bottles for the productive task of growing plants.
  3. Old pallet: Vertical gardening is cheap and less time-consuming. You can use an old pallet and build your DIY garden.
  4. Shoe organiser: Even a simple shoe organiser can be used to make your outdoor spaces elegant and beautiful. Fill your favourite plants in the shoe organizer gaps.
  5. PVC Pipes: You can genuinely use anything to decorate your empty spaces by setting up a vertical garden, even the PVC pipes.
  6. Wood: Wooden racks can be used to grow plants in vertical columns. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
  7. Hanging pots: You can simply grow plants in a pot and hang them on fences on your balcony walls.
  8. Cans: Small colourful cans can be used to grow herbs, plants and flowers on your garden walls.
  9. Metal containers: Planting in the metal containers give a rustic appearance to your outdoor spaces.
  10.   Gutters: Using gutters for planting is a great idea to turn your outdoors into something beautiful.


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