10 Best Spice Boxes & Containers of 2021

Spices are an integral part of Indian cuisine. Indian dishes are recognized globally for their rich flavours and aromatic spices. Just a pinch of flavourful spices can elevate even a simple dish. Every traditional Indian kitchen is stocked up with a variety of spices in the spice cabinets. Indian delicacy is packed with a unique blend of different masalas. So, it is important to store them closer to each other to be way more convenient while cooking. This is where the spice boxes come in handy. Also known as “masala Dibba” locally, the spice boxes will allow you to store the spices in separate partitions so that you can have access to all of them at the same time. These masala dibbas are must-haves in every Indian kitchen. 


ExclusiveLane brings you a wide range of handcrafted spice boxes that will help you store numerous spices. These boxes not only serve their storage purpose but also are beautifully designed. Now, storing spices in large quantities is not only more accessible but visually pleasing too. These wooden spice boxes ensure that the spices don’t get mixed up. Spice boxes are available in all shapes and sizes and are elegantly designed to match the aesthetics of your kitchen space. Here are the top 10 best spice box for the kitchen and containers that will steal your heart:


"Twelve Blends" Spice Box With 12 Containers & Spoon In Sheesham Wood

Beautifully handcrafted in Sheesham wood, this multifunctional spice box comes with 12 containers to separate your favourite spices. Additionally, it can also be used for storing medicines after removing the detachable containers. The box has a lustrous metallic finish on the outside that gives it a sleek and sophisticated look. 


Sheesham Wood Square Spice Box With Spoon (9 Compartments)

Organize different varieties of rich Indian spice blends in this handmade designer square spice box. The glass lid for easy viewing ensures that you can identify the spices more conveniently. This compact brown coloured box with natural finishing ensures that the Fragrance of the spices remains intact for a long period of time. 

Floral-Etched' Handcrafted Spice Box In Brass With Spoon (7 Containers, 100 ML)

Handcrafted in pure brass metal, this lustrous multipurpose tableware will make sure to turn heads. The spice box comes with 7 containers of 100 ml capacity each for the convenient storage of spices, medicines, refreshments, and many more items. Elegant floral pattern, natural matte finish, radiant golden colour are some of the features that make this tableware one of a kind. 


'Floral-Etched' Handcrafted Spice Box In Brass With Spoon (7 Containers, 40 ML)

Matte polished brass on the outside, shiny golden containers on the inside, This attractive piece of tableware is a must-have in all Indian kitchens. This beautiful hand-etched spice box can be used in multiple ways, such as storing jewellery, medicines, spices, refreshments, etc.


Sheesham Wood Circular Spice Box With Floral Work (9 Compartments)

With minimalist floral pattern on the exterior surface, this unique wooden spice box can be used to store nine different types of spices and preserve the essence of the rich flavors of the traditional spices for a considerable amount of time. Bring home this hand carved wood spice box and add a classic touch to your dining rooms. 


Hand Engraved Rectangular Spice Box With Spoon In Sheesham Wood (12 Partitions, 90 ML)

Handcrafted with love and ultimate precision, this rectangular box with 12 non-detachable containers is made for all spicy food lovers. Now, you can easily store 12 different spices and stop worrying about them mixing up or losing their fragrance.


'Masala Blends' Handcrafted Spice Box In Brass With Spoon (7 Containers, 40 ML)

If you love antique items in homes, this brass hand-crafted spice box is an amazing addition to your collection. The magnificent golden matte finish gives this tableware a classy and sophisticated look. A unique blend of golden and brown colour on the lid gives it a unique look. 

'The Elephant Warriors' Hand Carved Spice Box In Sheesham Wood (7 Containers)

Handcrafted in Sheesham wood, this elegant paisley leaf-shaped spice box is a perfect addition to your tableware collection. Add a dash of elegance to your kitchens and dining rooms with this beautifully designed box with an elephant motif on the outside. This intricately designed spice box signifies that the Indian craftsmen have paid meticulous attention to every hand-carved element of the storage box. 

Sheesham Wood Square Spice Box With Spoon (9 Containers)

This unique square-shaped spice box is ideal for storing spices, medications, sugar, earrings, rings, and many more items. With 9 detachable containers, this wooden spice box has a natural matte finish. Add uniqueness to your kitchen with the beautiful spice box. The natural brown colour adds a rustic appeal to the overall design.

'The Elephant Warriors' Hand Carved Chapati Box In Sheesham Wood

The unique octagonal shape of this beautiful wooden box depicting an elephant motif makes it one of a kind. It can be used as a Multi-utility box to store jewellery, chapatis, spices, medicines, etc., ideally made for storing chapatis. This box can store up to 10 chapatis. 

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