'Beautiful Birdies' Handmade & Hand Painted Garden Decorative Hanging In Terracotta

SKU: EL-021-201

'Beautiful Birdies' Handmade & Hand Painted Garden Decorative Hanging In Terracotta

SKU: EL-021-201
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  • COLOUR: Blue and Multicoloured
  • MATERIAL: Terracotta
  • ART FORM: Hand-Painted
  • Made in India
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The ‘Forest Fables’ is a collection inspired by forests – lush green jungles teeming with wildlife and flora that seem to be lost in time. The sunshine and air intermingle together in the forest clearing, as the first rays of the sun light make their way through the thick canopies. The animals come one by one to drink water in the forest lake at the cusp of dawn. The wild cats and foxes chase each other around the lake, and elephants are playfully bathing their young ones, bears lazily sip honey from honeycombs and the birds chirp in lively chatter, perched on branches. The aura of the jungle, of a million wild souls living together under nature’s caress is one that is bound to fill heart with longing for harmony and calm, far away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

The ‘Forest Fables’ collection features an assortment of garden décor articles. From beautiful planters to decorative hanging, this entire collection has been handcrafted in Terracotta and skilfully hand-painted by talented Indian artisans. Depicting a variety of animals in vibrant hues perfect to bring your garden and home spaces to life, this collection of garden décor is a timeless must-have to bring to your home the spirit of the jungle.

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The ‘Beautiful Birdies’ stunning decorative hanging from the 'Forest Fables' collection has been handmade and hand-painted by skilled Indian artisans in a special Terracotta blend. Depicting a vibrant blue dome with pretty yellow birds perched on top of it, the hanging has been hand-painted masterfully. The dome also has dainty dotted detailing on it. It also has oval slits that beautifully elevate the hanging. The special Terracotta blend used in making it gives it strength. This bright-coloured handcrafted ornament is a must-have that can be hung anywhere
- from balconies and garden spaces to living rooms and bedrooms. It is destined to bring happiness to your home. It is also a perfect addition to the monotony of your house, and a model gift for near and dear ones.

- Handmade and hand-painted by skilled Indian artisans.
- The beautiful dome-shaped decorative hanging has two tiny birds perched on top of it, and oval slits.
- It can be used as a decorative hanging in your living room or workspace.
- Comes with oval slits and dainty dots all over it.
- Comes with a non-detachable rope for hanging purpose.
- Crafted in Terracotta.
- Handmade and hand-painted depicting two small birds.
- Comes in a Blue colour with Multicoloured detailing.
- Comes in the following dimensions: Total 19.3"(H); 4.5"(L), 4.5"(W), 5.9(H) Inches in size.
- The decorative hanging belongs to the 'Forest Fables' collection.



Handmade and hand-painted depicting two small birds


TOTAL: (H) = (19.3), PLANTER: (L * W * H) = (4.5 * 4.5 * 5.9) Inches

Blue and Multicoloured

458 grams

1 Decorative Hanging

- There might be slight irregularities in the hand painting or variation in the colour done on the terracotta as this is a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.


- Gently wipe with a clean, dry cotton cloth.

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