'The Finch Twins' Handmade & Hand-painted Decorative Wall Hanging In Terracotta (Set of 2)

SKU: EL-002-173

'The Finch Twins' Handmade & Hand-painted Decorative Wall Hanging In Terracotta (Set of 2)

SKU: EL-002-173
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  • COLOUR: WALL HANGING: Multicoloured, BELLS: Golden
  • MATERIAL: Terracotta
  • ART FORM: Hand-Painted
  • Made in India
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Handmade and Hand-painted in Terracotta in shape of a finch bird

WALL HANGING: Terracotta, BELLS: Copper

TOTAL: (H) = (16.5), BIRD: (L * W * H) = (4.8 * 1.1 * 6.0), SAIL: (L * W * H) = (1.0 * 1.0 * 4.6) Inch

WALL HANGING: Multicoloured, BELLS: Golden

259 grams

2 Wall Hangings

- Comes in a set of 2.
- Comes with bells.
- The paint used is eco-friendly, weatherproof and water resistant.
- This product has been made by hand and may have slight colour or design variations that are natural outcomes of the human involvement in the process.


Amidst the wheat, amidst the soft golden crops, moves the unseen wind and rises the hot red sun. The rooster crows starting the day at dawn and torch-bearing the daily chores at the farmyard for other creatures of the farm. The chipping sparrows come out of their nests in pairs to get their share in the chirping too. The owls go back to their humble abode, as though being chased by the sunlight right into their nests. The song sparrow starts to fly gracefully with its most colourful wings to the infinite sky. The finch birds flaunt their majestic yellow wings out into the air. The robins open their feathers out to dust out specks of its vibrance and excitement. The fish family begins to flap their fins and start feeding itself wiggly worms in the pond. In these moments on the farm, there is an eternity in each second, a joy that comes with the free birdsong and the steadiness that connects to the heart and the soul.

"˜The Farmyard Sunrise-3"™ is a collection inspired by the vibrant farm life, comprising of wall hangings and wind chimes carefully handcrafted from terracotta, this range successfully manages to capture the pastoral essence of a simple farm. The neon and dim colours along with the vivid patterns teleport the innocent, lively spirit of the farm to your very homes, while also adding a touch of rusticity and quirkiness to brighten up your garden, balcony, or other rooms.

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The Finch Twins€™ from the €˜The Farmyard Sunrise 3€™ collection is a set of two wall-hangings depicting a pair of finch birds, handmade from Terracotta and hand-painted, reminiscent of the rustic farms we all visited as kids. Ideal to be used in your balcony, terrace, garden, homes or your kids€™ rooms, these wall-hangings can also be hung from the ceiling. The almost abstract portrayal of the flocking birds combined with multiple hues along with bells, adds a quirky touch which brings about a sense of innocence in one€™s mind, while also kindling a childlike spirit. Since these are painted with eco-friendly acrylic paint, they aim to preserve the nature that it depicts. This pair of wall-hanging would be a perfect addition to the monotony of urban life and a model gift for near and dear ones.


- Handmade in India by artisans.
- Inspired by the vibrant life of the farm yard.
- These wall hangings come in the shape of a finch bird pair with handcarved spotted patterns and few terracotta pieces attached as feathers on each bird's body.
- Depicts beautiful multicoloured hand-painting done on each hanging in bright colours.
- Each hanging comes with bells which creates a soothing sound when the wind blows.
- Ideal for beautifying your wall with their vibrant colours and unique shapes.
- Ideal to be used in your garden, terrace, balcony, home or in a kids' room.
- Also acts as a decorative hanging.
- Each hanging can be hung individually or can be paired with each other to enhance the look.
- The paint used is eco-friendly, weatherproof and water resistant.
- The hangings are handmade in Terracotta while the bells are handcrafted in Copper.
- Handmade and Hand-painted in Terracotta.
- Each wall hanging comes in off-white colour with black & yellow tints and golden bells.
- Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: (H) = (16.5),
BIRD: (L * W * H) = (4.8 * 1.1 * 6.0),
SAIL: (L * W * H) = (1.0 * 1.0 * 4.6) Inches in size.
- The weight of each Wall hanging is 259 grams.
- Comes with 2 Wall Hangings.


Handle with care.


First the artisans clean the clay to remove the impurities. Then they make a clay dough which is given different shapes and is kept outside for drying. After drying, it is baked at a high temperature and kept to cool. The artisans finally hand-paint the piece with eco-friendly and weather-proof acrylic colours.

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