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Add earthiness to your living space with beautifully crafted terracotta vases. Explore the amazin...Read More

Add earthiness to your living space with beautifully crafted terracotta vases. Explore the amazing collection of exquisitely designed terracotta vases at ExclusiveLane.Read Less

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    56 products
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    Buy Terracotta Pots Online in India

    There is something ineffably magical about decorating your home interiors with hand-crafted and hand-painted earthen pots that spells absolute oneness with the creator and the creation. Stock up on decorative terracotta pots for bedroom and unique terracotta floor vases that match your vibe and compliment your personal sense of interior décor. 

    Looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your bestie? May we present the exquisitely crafted 'Matki & Matka' Vases with Intricate Madhubani Hand-Painting in Terracotta (Set of 2)? This combo is a set of two beautiful matki-shaped vases that also doubles up as an ethnic tabletop accessory. The bases of the vases have been hand embellished with the indigenous Madhubani painting in a circular patch. The rich jet black on the base, its artistic form of a body is complemented magically with golden and white-colored borders.

    Unique & Quirky Artisan Made Handcrafted Terracotta Vases Online

    The all-time elegant combination of black and white finds a resplendent expression in the Combo of Terracotta Handpainted Vases. A set of 2 beautifully handcrafted wholesale terra cotta vases, in a versatile MATKI & Tumbler shape, handpainted with a patch of beautiful Madhubani art & Warli Art, it makes for the perfect housewarming gift for friends and family. 

    Have friends come over this weekend for a fun session of Netflix & Chill?! Add a dash of ethnicity to the chill vibe with the Madhubani Handpainted Bottle Shape Terracotta Vase Set. Painted with Madhubani art, the piece of ethnic handcrafted goodness will surely be the star attraction and spark lots of conversation!

    Exclusive Lane: A Unique Online Store Of Handcrafted Products

    Often we are on the lookout for something unique, a piece that is prepared with human endeavor and talent when shopping for items to decorate your home space with. Should I go for the metallic wind chime which I saw on display in the store last week or should I buy something more bespoke and handmade? Presenting the end to your entire handmade goodies dilemma with a plethora of options in an equally wide range of product types and collections! 

    Still, wondering why you should choose handmade goods over machine-made ones? Read the blog titled – 7 reasons to say yes to handmade products

    When you shop with Exclusivelane.com, you can be assured of three things, premium quality, genuine handcrafted goods, and timely delivery. So whether you are planning on buying kitchen accessories like unique jar containers or ceramic salt and pepper shakers and dining gifts for your newlywed daughter or you want to give your garden décor a fresh look with ceramic pots, you know where to go! 

    Shop for ethnic bohemian jewelry, relics inspired by the Mughal era, or exquisite lamps, lighting, tea-lights, and diffusers. Every product you bring home encourages the talented artisans of India to believe in their legacy of generations-old art forms and to make an honest living out of it. Choose earthen and feel the difference! Creative, unique & a plethora of bespoke products are waiting to be explored.

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    Why should I use terracotta vases?

    Terracotta is by far the best material out there for vases. First, unlike plastic, glass etc., they are environmentally friendly. Second, terracotta clay vases are porous, hence allowing for excess moisture to simply evaporate, preventing the plant roots from drowning or becoming too clumsy. Third, it allows for air to penetrate and seep deep inside the soil and roots. Fourth, terracotta vases wholesale are durable and have thick walls that can insulate the plant from extreme temperatures, preventing any damage. Finally, using it as a flower vase is even more beneficial as the flowers get a continuous air supply. 

    Do terracotta vases have any disadvantages?

    Anything made out of terracotta will be quite porous. Terracotta vases online India are quite porous but must be taken care of properly. You will have to look after how you’re treating them around water. Apart from this, usually, terracotta vases differ in their quality based on where they come from. If they are made by some inexperienced potter/artisan, they’re bound to be of bad quality. The large terracotta vases at ExclusiveLane are handmade and hand-painted by skilled artisans from the interiors of India. We have personally picked the best artisans for this job, and hence, we can assure you of the best quality for our products.


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