Inspired by the Imperial age of the Mughal art and culture, The 'Dawat-e-Khas' is a wide range of cutlery sets handpainted with so much consistency and elegance by our artisans in Mughal-Zahri, Mughal-Patti, Mughal-Aakar and Mughal-Paich Daar patterns with an impression of transporting your imaginations to the royal era while at your tables. Handcrafted in stainless-steel with ceramic handles, the range is inclusive of spoons, forks, knives, scrapers, servers etc. The 'Dawat-e-Khas' as a perfect range of home-products is waiting to elevate your fine dining experience with a tinge of rich old dynastic culture and shine your tables with its never-wearing designs and details.
The Mughal Zahri' from the collection 'Dawat-e-Mughal' is a tableware set comprising of 1 serving spoon in an elongated oval shape and 1 serving fork with 3 broad prongs made in food-grade stainless-steel with their respective handles handcrafted in ceramic. Hand-painted and handglazed with so much elegance by our artisans, this set of cutlery is designed with unique Mughal Zahri Patterns on the handles making it a suitable and marvellous gifting option. 'The Mughal Zahri' as a perfect set of cutlery items is ideal for serving or mixing salads, noodles, vegetables, rice or pasta and also for decorative use in dinner parties or special occasions for setting the groove and welcoming yourself and the guests in a remarkable yet stupendous manner.