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Home is where the heart is. Everyone looks for positivity in every corner of their home. That is why we look for Vastu-compliant homes. Did you know choosing your kitchen disha as per Vastu can bring peace and harmony to the family? Yes, the kitchen location plays a significant role in every household. According to Vastu - the Indian science of architecture - when you build your living space according to rules and techniques by aligning geometric patterns, symmetry, and directions, you optimize the benefits of nature's positive energies. In this post, let us look at the importance of kitchen facing as per Vastu and some Vastu tips for home kitchens.

Importance of Kitchen Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture and design that emphasizes the principles of harmony and balance between nature and human life. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen is considered one of the most important areas of a home because it is the place where food is prepared, which sustains the life of the occupants. Thus it is of great importance that the kitchen is in the correct direction.  

A kitchen should be positioned in the southeast direction of your home according to Vastu Shastra since Agni, the god of fire dominates this direction. Another good kitchen disha as per Vastu is the northwest direction in case the southeast corner is occupied by some other room.

Vastu tips for Kitchen

In addition to kitchen facing as per Vastu, there are several other Vastu tips for the home kitchen that can help promote positive energy and good health in the household. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. The direction of Cooking: The person cooking should face the east while cooking. This is said to promote health and positivity in the household.
  2.  Cleanliness: The kitchen should always be kept clean and free from clutter. A dirty and messy kitchen attracts negative energies.
  3. Ventilation: The kitchen needs to be well-ventilated to ensure the free flow of fresh air. The kitchen in the west direction as per Vastu usually gets proper ventilation from the north and east which helps to maintain the positive energy flow in the kitchen.
  4. Colors: Best colors for the kitchen according to Vastu are yellow, peach, orange, brown or light green. Avoid dark and bright colors like red or black.
  5. Gas stove: The gas stove should be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen. This is said to ensure a constant flow of positive energy while cooking.
  6. Washing Sink: Another important Vastu tip for the home kitchen is the location of the washing sink. The sink should be in the northeast direction of the kitchen. This is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the household.
  7. Kitchen entrance: The kitchen entrance should not face the main door of the house. It should also not be located in the southwest corner of the house.
  8.  Lighting: The kitchen should be well-lit with bright lights. This ensures good energy flow and helps to create a positive atmosphere in the kitchen.

Vastu Shastra suggests this style of dining room

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture the ethos of which still stands true. According to Vastu, the dining room is a space where the family comes together to share a meal and create happy memories. Here are some Vastu tips for the dining room:

  1. Location of Dining Room: Your dining space should ideally be located in the west or northwest part of the house. This is said to promote positive energy flow in the dining area. Look for the best dining accessories that go with the positive flow.
  2. The shape of the table: The dining table should be square or rectangular in shape. Round or oval- tables are not recommended in Vastu.
  3. Colors: The walls of the dining room should be painted in light, soothing colors like white, yellow, or light blue. Avoid dark or bright colours.
  4. Lighting: The dining room should have bright lighting. Use a combination of natural light and artificial lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  5. Decor: You can decorate your dining space with natural elements like plants or flowers. Indoor plants like Sansevieria, Pothos, and Peace Lily can be placed in and around the dining space. You can use decorative ceramic planters or metal planters to place your plants.
  6. Entrance: The entrance to the dining room should not face the main door of the house. It should be located on the side of the room.
  7. Mirrors: Mirrors should be avoided in the dining room as they are said to reflect negative energy.


Vastu Shastra is the Science of Architecture which is being practiced in India for centuries. This science believes many energies exist in a home. Importance of the kitchen has been explained extensively in Vastu. Because the kitchen is one location that attracts the most incredible energies - both positive and evil. While building or designing a home look for kitchen disha as per Vastu to attract positive energy. You can follow Vastu's tips for home kitchens to create a stable, happy environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best kitchen position as per Vastu?

The kitchen disha as per Vastu should be in the southeast or northwest direction of your home. Try to design the kitchen in these directions while building your house.

Which direction is not good for the kitchen as per Vastu?

According to Vastu kitchen location should never be in the north, northeast or southwest directions of the home. It is believed that wrong kitchen positions can drastically ruin relationships between family members.

Which direction should you face when cooking?

Vastu tips for home kitchen suggests that the stove should always be positioned to the southeast because the fire element rules that direction. The stove must face the east as it is considered lucky.

Which Color is lucky for the kitchen?

The kitchen wall color as per Vastu should be orange, brown, white, yellow or green.

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