Four Mediterranean Bowls' Handpainted Serving Bowls In Ceramic (Set Of 4)

SKU: EL-005-401
Four Mediterranean Bowls&
Four Mediterranean Bowls&
Four Mediterranean Bowls&
Four Mediterranean Bowls&
Four Mediterranean Bowls&
Four Mediterranean Bowls&

Four Mediterranean Bowls' Handpainted Serving Bowls In Ceramic (Set Of 4)

SKU: EL-005-401
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  • MATERIAL: Ceramic
  • ART FORM: Hand-Painted
  • Made in India
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Loved It

We loved the bowls. You cans erve snacks in it. Looks lovely too.



Handpainted With Moroccon Pattern


(H * DIA) = (1.9 * 4.1) Inch

Blue, White & Yellow

720 grams

4 Bowls

- Comes with 4 Bowls.
- As this product is handmade there might be a slight color, shape or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.


Morocco, an ancient North-African country with a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, has forever been a thriving hub of culture, art and diverse landscapes. Leather tanneries of every pastel colour imaginable, speck the horizon with old stone houses, along the uneven semi-mountainous seaside. A signature language of geometric motifs used in architecture, textiles and artefacts alike, arches and domes decorated in mosaic and glass painted windows and doors are visual elements that put together Moroccan towns. Back in the 90s, Moroccan shores were bustling with steam ships leaving and docking at ports; beaches with a yellow-white sand colour touching the beautiful blue waters of the oceans. A land of mystic wonder, Morocco has been, is and hopefully will continue to be a wanderer's paradise of beauty, colour, art, food, culture, history and infinite stories.

"˜The 90"™s Shores of Morocco"™ is a range of home products, handcrafted with so much love, by craftspeople from the interiors of Uttar Pradesh in India, celebrating some of the many beautiful aspects of Moroccan Culture. Inspired from the indigenous Moroccan geometric-repeat patterns and the enchanting hues of Moroccan coastlines, this collection of simple yet vibrant home items, is handcrafted and hand painted in ceramic; an earthen family of products, where the same Moroccan motif in a typical pastel coastal colour palette has been used in different compositions, with details and exclusive finishes, by skilled artisans. The use of pastel yellow minimally as an accent and the blue on white geometric pattern hand-painted on ceramic bases in this collection, teleports one to the historic country of warm yellow beaches and cool blue waters. "˜The 90"™s Shores of Morocco"™ is indeed a fable of travel, wonder and art, made to fit into any space for your cozy, warm home, inspired from a mystic land from long ago.

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€˜Four Mediterranean Bowls€™ from the collection €˜The 90€™s Shores of Morocco€™, is a set of four bowls, handcrafted in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh, inspired from a bygone era of a beautiful oceanside country; beaches with a yellow-white sand touching the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The story of the mystic land of Morocco, with a signature language of geometric motifs used in traditional art and architecture, is translated into ceramic, with an indigenous Moroc-can geometric pattern on a white base hand-painted in ocean-blue of the simple, round-bellied bowls with minimal sand yellow rims, capturing the essence of Moroccan seasides enigmatically. Indian craftspeople have crafted €˜Four Mediterranean Bowls€™ by hand, with so much love, to transport us back to times of enchanting wandering in a thriving historic seaside country, to your table tops and favourite home and kitchen spaces.


- Perfect to serve snacks & refreshments to your guests.
- Comes in a set of 4.
- Handmade in Ceramic.
- Hand-Painted With Moroccan Pattern.
- Comes in Blue, White and Yellow Color.
- Comes in the following dimensions: 1.9" (H), 4.1" (DIA) Inch in size.
- Volume 180 ml


Handle with Care

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